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The attractive blond knows that young women should never venture into isolated Bars on dark and gloomy nights, and out in the middle of nowhere, this Bar couldn’t be any more isolated; so the attractive blond smiles, and her dark eyes glint. She knows that the men in the isolated bar have been responsible for three gruesome murders, and her Dark Demons begin to stir. She understands that to get to Point B, her next few hours could be very unpleasant with violence and physical abuse flying at her from everywhere, so she giggles. The three men are stunned when the pretty blond strolls into the bar, although quickly they realise that they have found their latest victim. Somebody is in big trouble. The young woman just happens to be Doddie, the prettiest DemGel of them all; and she knows that three somebody’s are in big trouble. As the night rolls on, Doddie’s mother Lilith and her new concubine Chrissy will pop in to join in the carnage, and even Doddie’s father Raum (a Great Earl of Hell) will drop in to collect the souls of the evil men. Chrissy (a former homeless street kid) loves being Immortal, and Lilith (the very first female Angel) just loves blowing evil men up, and Doddie likes to set her Dark Demons free … Ohhh golly gosh, it’s just so much fun being me!

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1

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