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My forbidden

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⚠️mentions of @bus3 please do not read if this causes any sort of triggers⚠️

When Valerie was 6 her mom disappeared. No-one knew why of course, they all thought they were a perfect little family. That couldn't be more wrong.

Even before her mother went missing everything was still toxic. From an arranged marriage with her mother and father, her mother being forced to have sex with Valeries ~sperm doner~, but through all of that Valerie will always be eternally grateful for having her mothers love and affection as child.

Everything went even farther down hill when her mother left. The sun was dull, the flowers wilted and the air seemed colder. Her father was more abusive since most men like to think they can do no wrong so it was her fault. Valerie became week, the exhaustion of having to do everything on her own with no support was taking a toll on her. Her friends left her. Except for one. Someone who she owes the world to. Callum.

The boy she loved since...forever?

Of course she was only six and he was seven but that doesn't mean she still didn't love him. He was there for her. He helped her. He... was everything anyone could be. But maybe that was only because she was young and had no real standards. But your first love was not something you can forget.

She thought with him, it was going to be ok, the would get married like they do when they play family. Have a dog and 1 girl and 1 boy. But no. Because life fucking sucks and there's nothing you can do about it...

He moved away.

No goodbye hug. No letter. Nothing. Total silence.


fuck gotta go

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