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Scott ends up in a whole heap of trouble when he puts himself and the whole pack in danger trying to protect a rogue, so to protect the pack all he has to do is get rid of the rogue, simple, right?

Fantasy / Romance
Colleen Haynes
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Chapter 1

"Turn around and get back here"
"But mom", i whine
"Dont you but mom me"
"Whats going on?" Dad asks coming into the kitchen
"Moms stopping me from going out with my mates" i quickly say hopeing dad would take my side but as soon as i close my mouth mom jumps in "no Scott, when you do your homework then you can go out "
I roll my eyes making dad chuckle but he soon stops when mom starys scowling at him so he coughs, looks awkward for a moment then says "now Scott you know we cant let you out until you have finished all your work",
"No buts, upstairs and get on with it" mom snaps
"Fine" i say then head to the stairs but as i get to dad i look at him and whisper "coward "
He shrugs as if to say "what can i do?"
"I can see you both" mom says and the last thing i hear as i run up the stairs is "Beth, princess ",
Then she chuckles "hes right ya know you are a coward ".
After i shut my door i video call my two best friends Antony and Bella,
"Oh hey im not gonna make it tonight, mom busted my arse for not doing homework "
Antony looked gloomy "so did mine, i got the how will i ever achieve anything speach"
"Wow sounds though" i reply
Beth scoffs so we turn to her
"What?" We say at the same time causing her to giggle
"Well you both deserve it ya know, why didn't you just do the work ",
"Remind me again" Antony says ""why are we friends with you again?"
"Well" Bella says "i have the brains and the looks and obviously I'm full of charm, so i should really be asking why i hang with you two losers"
"She has a point ya know" i say to Antony
"Yeah i know, i just hate it when shes right"
" ok night night beautiful people, see you at school tomorrow " Antony says
"Yeah catch you later" i say and log off, i smile to myself thinking about my friends before i start the long slog of doing my school work,
God knows how long i sat there but eventually i was done, after an exhausted breath i plonked my head down onto my desk thinking id give myself five minutes then get a quick shower before bed, it was 11.55 pm so five minutes wouldn't hurt.

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