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Sunlight peeked through the window, i sat up and rubbed my eyes, looking at the clocki noticed it was 7.45 am
"Damb" i was going to be late if i didn't hurry, ok so sitting at my desk for an extra five minutes would hurt i thought to myself as i rushed out of my room to the bathroom
"Hi son" mom said spotting my on her way to the kitchen
"Mom" i say going to dash past her but she steps in my way "are you ok?"
She raises an eyebrow
"Im running late ok, i fell asleep at my desk doing the homework you forced me to do " then i dash past her and slammed the bathroom door feeling guilth for snapping at her.
After a quick shower i chuck some clothes on, grab my stuff and run down the stairs, as i head to the front door mom calls "scott"
" mom im gonna be late"
"But you haven't had breakfast "
"I dont have time"
The next thing i see is mom rushing towards me with a hot bagle in her hand, i smile "thanks mom, i love you"
She brushes her hand down my face "i love you too babyboy",
"Oh hey can i get a lift?" Jerry says rushing our the kitchen with his mouth stuffed full if bagle, i rollmy eyes "yeah if you hurry, wheres christie, does she want a lift too?,
"Naaaa she left ages ago with grace so its just us bro"
"Oh good lord, please dont ever call me broor i may make you walk" i say heading to the door whilst mom headed back to the kitchen laughing.
As soon as we get to school Jerry gets out and heads to the canteen, i swear all that kid does is eat, i park the car and spot Antony and Bella waiting for me on a bench "hey" i say as i join them
"You ok?" Bella asks
"Yeah why?"
Antony laughs and Bella says "we just saw Jerry, he said he heard you yelling at your mom, somthing about falling asleep at your desk"
"Well yeah i did bu....."
"Well thats not nice to yell at your mom ya know" Bella cut in
"I know and i sorted it ok, sheesh get off my back"
"Ok i was just saying "
"Well dont" i snap
"So dude did you finish your homework?" Antony asks trying to change the subject
"Yeah you?"
"Nope i fell asleep within the first five minutes "
"You know we have old Fisher first dont you?"
"Come on, we dont want to be late, if your lucky he will forget to ask for the homework " Bella says.
As we enter the classroom Mr Fisher says "morning all, i want all your homework on my desk before you take your seats please or its detention after school",
I start laughing while Antony turns to Bella " i swear your a jinx"
She just shrugs, places her homework on the pile on the desk and says "well next timedo the work and there wont be a problem will there" then she skips off to her seat while Antony scowls after her.
Through the lesson im feeling kind of edgy i cant explain why but my wolf Colt is feeling the same its like he just wants to run but i dont know why, when i look at Antony i expect to see him asleep as he usually is during first period but instead he is up and alert, hes shaking his foot as though he is also agitated, its as im frowning at him that i notice my hands are shaking,
"Hey are you guys ok?"
I look over to see Bella watching us with concern on her face
"Seriously guys whats with the two of you your both sweating "
Antony looks at me,
" is your wolf itching to come out?" I ask
"Yeah but why?"
I shrug not knowing the answer,
"Well it looks like my class isnt interesting enough for you boys" we jump as Mr Fisher raises his voice to us,
"Sorry sir"we both say
Mr Fisher looks at us "are you boys ok?"
"Yes sir" we say together,
Just then the bell rings and we are both out of our seats and out the door before most people have moved,
We head out of the school building not really knowing where we are going and i walk smack bang into Darla.

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