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"Oh hey Scott, Antony " Darla says then loops her arm through mine and starts guiding me to our next class, Antony quietly follows but keeps glancing back to the forest,
"So did you miss me?" Darla asks on a sing song voice
"Yeah sure " i say sarcastically, wishing she would listen to me when i said it was over, just then Bella came into view "oh hey Bella" Darla says her voice dripping sarcasm
"Oh Darla, great to see you, didnt Scott dump you before your holiday or has the message not sunk in yet?"
"Haahaa oh i know Scott didn't mean it, come on Scott " she said then pulled me away.
I sat in English wishing i would just die and if im honest Antony didn't look much better either, Darla sat at the desk in front of us and started talking with her neighbour the second her arse touched the seat, i wanted to rip her tongue out of her pouting mouth and rip the blond hair from her scalp,
"You do know i can read your thoughts" Antony whispered smirking
"Well you forgot to stab a sharp knife into thoughs crazy arse blue eyes" he said laughing causing me to laugh and Darla to turn to us
" what are you two laughing at?"
"Nothing" we both say together and laugh again,
Darla rolls her eyes and carries on with her conversation with her neighbour
"So yeah theres two rogues, they somehow escaped and nobody knows where they are"
I roll my eyes and tuned out, i didn't want to listen to Darlas drama, it was irritating and her voice made my ears want to bleed.
By lunch time me and Antony were exhausted but neither of us had a clue why, we were both still sweating and couldn't settle down to anything,
Bella tried her hardest to get us to eat to keep our spirits up but you could see concern in her eyes,
"Maybe you two should just go home" she said
"No our parents will be all over us like a rash" i replied
"Besides" Antony says "we only have p.e. next the fresh air will probably do us good",
"What are you two mopeing about " Darlas screechy voice whailed
"Oh shut up Darla " i snapped and headed out the door
"Bu...bu...Scott" she said unsure of herself ,
Bella smirrked and said "did you get the message that time Darla?"
Causing Antony to roar with laughter before they both follow me.

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