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Into the forest

"Come on chop chop, time to get changed, i want you all on the field in five,now go" Mrs Calver yelled to us all so we headed to the boys changing rooms while Bella headed to the girls.
Five minutes later we were standing in the field with Mrs Calver telling us we were running today but to be honest i wasn't really listening, i was again agitated "what is up with you two?" Bella whispered i look around and see Antony is just as agitated as me, " do you smell it?" he asked then we both spoke at the same time
"Chocolate "
"Banana "
We look at eachother confused then try again
"Vanilla "
"Butterscotch "
"What are you two on about?" Bella whisper yells
"Wait "i say "i smell Banana and Butterscotch and you smell chocolate and vanilla "
"Ok now off you go" Mrs Calver yells, forgetting what wevwere talking about me ans Antony dash into the trees, we dont care about the lesson we just wasnt to find the source of the smells,
"Where are you two going?,its this way" Bella yells, our wolves have taken over we want these scents bad,
Then we smell something else tobacco and sweat i look at Antony confused
"Wait theres something here" Antony says "watermelon and pear ewwww thats gross " he says following his nose, just then Darla jumps out from behind the tree Antony was just sniffing
"Ewww no wonder it smelled off, seriously how did you ever go near this,the smell of watermelon and pear are gross and i know you hate both so don't bother lieing "Antony asks
"I hels my breath " i say shrugging
"Oh wait" Bella says "is that why you started putting onten ton of aftershave?"
"Well yeah"
Antony and Bella burst out laughing as Darla stands there red in the face, for a second i felt bad for her and was about to tell them to knock it off but then she says " oh good joke guys, so where are you taking me for dinner tonight Scott?"
"I'm not"
"Oh come on"
"I said no Darla, you may have forgotten but i haven't "
"Oh come on i said I'm sorry"
"Oh well all is forgiven " i spit
"No Darla not really, i walked in on you getting it on with Gareth from the football team, so no not really, why dont you go find Gareth?"
Darla shrugs "hes weak"
"Youean since since i kicked his arse you dont want to know, get lost Darla"
Before she can utter another word Bella is in her face "move it bitch" she sputs, Darla stumbbles backwards before disappearing through the trees
"You ok?" Antony asks
"Yeah, thanks" I say.
After another hour we still havent found the scents so we have to conclude the we are not going too so we head back to class not realising there are eyes watching us.

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