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Jessy and Dawn

Jessy p.o.v

We watch the three wolves dissappear through the trees from our vantage point high in the tree
"They could smell us" Dawn whispers
"I know" i whisper back
"Jess they could smell us even though we have hid our scent"
"Yes Dawn i know" i slightly raise my voice, im feeling nervous, we have rubbed ourselves down with wild flowers, rubbed mud into our skin and rolled around in grass and leaves and yet they could still smell us, i dont say anything to Dawn but i also felt a pull to one of the boys, i noticed he had black hair with the bluest eyes, just watching him made me want to run into his arms, for the first time in a long time i felt safe but that's stupid, its too dangerous to think like that, he could be anyone, no our best option is to get out of here as fast as we can, we already know the tracker was here looking for us and we dont know if hes still around so the best thing Dawn and i can do is move on,
"Dawn, come on we need to move before the tracker catches up to us"
I jump downfrom the tree and Dawn jumps a few seconds after me, and we start to head back to the make shift camp we have made
"Hey Jess do hou think mom and dad would be proud of us?"
I look down at Dawn and feel bad, loosing our parents hit her harder then me, its not that i didn't care but all of a sudden it was my duty to take care od Dawn, so i guess all of my energys were focused there and then there was the tracker, he wasn't content just taking mom and dad, nohe wanted me and Dawn tooso for the past three yearswe have been moving from place to place, i thought i had found us the perfect place to hide up in the mountains, even our wolves loved it but somehow the tracker was on us again.
A loud snap and Dawns scream pulls me from my thoughts
"Ahh Jess it hurts "
"Ok ok stay calm" i say as i look around me incase the tracker is there but there is no sign of him,
"Shhhh Dawnie its ok" i look at the bear trap clamped around her ankle and sigh loudly
"Ok Dawnie i need to get this off so on the count of three im going to separate the teeth and free your leg...ok?"
Dawn looks at me white as a sheetand nods so taking a deep breath i start to count
"One........two.......... three"
And with all my strength i pull the trap apart and away from her leg, once i throw the trap aside ivdee Dawns face, tears of pain running down her cheeks, wrapping my arms around her i sooth her as best i can then help her up and help her to stumble back to our makeshift camp where i bandage her ankle, once that's done Dawn looks at me and says "thanks sis"
I shake my head
"You do know we can't go anywhere until your leg is healeddont you?"
"How long do you think it will take?"
"I don't know usually awolf can heal in about a day but the tracker puts silver on the tips of his weapons so im guessing about two or three days"
"Errrrr" Dawn groans before saying "im sorry "
"Dont worry we will figure it out ".

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