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Dan H Elsing

Dan H Elsing p.o.v.

I head through the trees whistling to myself, it shouldn't be too long now those girls are running out of places to hide and when i get ghem thats gonna be another family wiped off the earth, i just wish my Lucy was here to see it, i try not to think about it too much but sometimes i think about what life would have been like if she was still here, if it was her that told me not the medics, if she just hadn't gone to the store to get the steak that i like,

My phone ringing irritates me until i see whos name pops up on the screen
"Hi Lucy darlin, is everything ok?"
"Yes its great"
She sounds breathless which concerns me abit
"Are you sure? You don't sound right"
"Yes im fine, what time are you going to be home? I have somthing for you"
"Im not telling " she says laughing
" ok darlin but i wont be back for a few hours, iv got a meeting that starts in about 10 minutes and i dont expect it to finish until 4pm at the earliest"
"Its ok iv got to go to the store anyway, i think ill make you a special meal tonight "
Smiling to myself i say " ok ill look forward to that and be there as quick as i can "
I hang up and rush to my meeting now in a hurry to get home to my beautiful wife,
Little did i know that it was the last time i would hear her beautiful voice and little did i k ow that the medic would not break my heart but shatter it into a million pieces by telling me what Lucy was going to such an effort to tell me, not only had i lost my beautiful wife but she was also pregnant with my unborn child.
I couldn't get over my anger that wolves had dragged her out of the parking lot into nearby trees before tearing her apart and through my anger i started hunting wild animals and the more digging i had done the more i found out about them, and it wasn't just wolves i was hunting but the filthy creatures could turn into people so with my darlin wife and unborn child in my mind i made it my mission to wipe out every last filthy wolf on this planet.

I jolt out of my memories as i get back to my truck, then i consult my map on the local area with fresh anger causing through my veins.

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