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Jessy p.o.v.

I have sat up all night watching Dawn toss and turn
"Im here Dawnie"
"I don't feel good"
" i know, im gonna have to leave you for a bit, to get yoy some medicine, your well hidden here so you'll be safe ok"
"Ok , ill just sleep "
"Good, please just try to be quiet and stay here until i get back"
Im not sure if Dawn heard the end of what i said because sbes already gone back to sleep but if im quick i can be back before she wakes up, im not going far, just to ghe local school and as its still early i will be in and out of therebefore anyone arrives so i grab my rucksack and head off before Dawn wakes up.

Scott's p.o.v.

I have spent the whole night agitated and unable to settle to anything so eventually i just decided to go to school early, i grab my stuff and tip toe out so i dont wake anyone.
As i pull into the parking lot i spot Antonys car already parked so comfused i park next next to him and hop out, as i turn i see him entering the forest and am about to call out to him and follow when the most divine scent hits me ,banana and Butterscotch and as much as i know i should follow Antony and see if hes ok the smell is just pulling me in the opposite direction and after a moments hesitation i decide i just have to find out where this tantalising scent leads so i head towards the first aid bay following the only thing that makes sense to me.

Jessy p.o.v.

Finding the first aid bay was pretty simple, lucky for me they felt it necessary to put big signs everywhere so as quickly as i can i get into the first aid bay and start hunting for anything that will help Dawn, i throw bandages, plasters,cotton wool and some painkillers i found into the bag but what i really need is some antibiotics for the infection and all i can think is its inside the cabinet that is too high for me, so i jump onto the side and start rummaging through what is thereand to be honest i havent a clue what half of the stuff is, im getting really frustrated reading all the long names because i dont understand what any of them do so i have the tedious task of reading the back of every bottle.
I have been doing this for a while when i feel as though im being watched so i whip around and there in the doorway is one of the boys that was in the woods yesterday
"Oh im sorry " i quickly say looking down
"Mate" he says looking straight at me
"What, no no im not"
"Please im not, im nobody" i say afraid of these feelings im now feeling, its silent for a few moments before he says "whats your name?"
"Jessy" i whisper "i have to go"
"No you dont, my cousin i think he has gone to find your friend ",
My eyes widen in fear "what" i say shoving past him i needed to get to my sister.

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