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Scott's p.o.v

I stand there confused, she left, she actually left just like that, on the side behind where she was standing i see some medicine bottles and the way she was rummaging through the cupboard meant she was desperate for it, i spot a black rucksack on the table and on closer inspection i see its filled with bandages and plasters so i put all the medicine bottles into the bag and hope one of them is what shes after then i follow the way she went using her scent to make sure i didn't lose her.
"Hey, wait " i call as i follow her into the forest but she doesn't even look back so i pick up my pace and when im close enough i grab her hand but at the contact i feel a jolt like electricity sap through me and from the look on her face she felt it too, im stund for a second and just when im about to ask what the hell that was she shakes her head and moves on, now shes starting to make me angry so i chase after her and push her up against the nearest tree to stop her walking away from me again, but if i thought that was the easy solution i was wrong, as soon as my hands touched her i felt the electric shocks and rather then pulling away from her i had the urge to be closer so i caged herin with my body running the length of her and my arms on either side of her head,
It felt as though time stood still as i looked into her chocolate brown eyes and before i knew what i was doing i leaned in and kissed her as soon as i realised what i was doin, i expected a slap but instead she kissed me back and from the moment she raised her arms and ran her hands through my hair i was lost and knew that i needed to make her mine,
When the kiss ended i just kept looking at my beautiful mate in wonder but after a moment she shakes her head and says "Dawn" before shoving me away from her and running off leaving me stunned.
After a few minutes i finally come to my senses again and chase after her again with a plan to tie her to me so she cant run off again.
I try calling her but she has ignored me everytime so i just keep going keeping her insight and if i do lose sight of her i use her scent to find my way to her, after a while she stops and i use that moment to catch up to her,
She is staring into a make shift den that has been made "what is it?" I whisper, she looks over her her shoulder directly at me before ignoring me completely and heading into the den with me hot on her heels but the sight we stumble on stops us both dead in our tracks because there on a make shift bed is a sick looking girl and beside herwith arms wrapped around her is Antony and its at that moment he looks up and we see his eyes flick between his and his wolfs then he releases a growl and says "mine" leaving me and Jessy stunned.

Jessy p.o.v

Im furious i only left for a little while to get Dawn some medicine, im not really sure how i should proceed with the situation so i turn and shove the boy who has been following me back the way we had come and when we were out of the way i demanded "who the hell ate you?" And why the hell are you following me?"
"Well beautiful my name is Scott and it would seem that we are mate's " he said with a smirk which made me even more angry
"Im not your mate"
"You keep telling yourself that beautiful "
"God your such a pig, now get your friend away from my sister"
"Firstly " he chuckled "hes my cousin and secondly you saw him and theres no way we are getting him away from her without a fight "
"Thats not my problem, get him away from her"
"I seem to like my life thanks so ill just leave him be and besides what would you do without me?"
"Errr your such a jerk, ill do it myself pussy" i spit and storm back towards our camp, as i get to the entrance i storm inside but the male with Dawn is glaring at me growling ready to attack me, just then i feel the electric shocks as the Scott boy wraps his arms round me and starts pulling me back out the doorway
"Shhhh ok beautiful i think we need to leave them for a bit, its not safe fore you to try to separate them just yet and i really dont want to fight my own cousin but if he touched you i would have to kill him.".

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