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Guard dog

Jessys p.o.v

Once he pulled me back outside he hands me the black rucksack that i had left behind at the school and as luck would have it he had grabbed the bottles that i had left on the side, i grab the bag with a mumbled "thanks" and sat down beside a tree and started reading through the bottles, eventually i come to a bottle "amoxicillin yes" i shout leaping to my feet i then run inside the camp only to find the boy still there and still growling at me, within seconds Scott is right behind me, i look at him and roll my eyes while his friend still growls at me "tut move" i say and brush him aside to get to my sister, the boy comes towards me with his teeth showing then i hear an almighty growl and turn to see Scott getting ready to transform
"Boys" i mutter
I hear a snort making me look up "hey Dawnie, your awake "
"Yeah, are you ok Jess?"
"Yeah, I've got some medicine but you seem to now have a guard dog"
Dawn looked towards the boy who was hunched over and ready to attack, and smiled "Antony please stop, Jess is my sister she wont hurt me "
And to my amazement the boy ,Antony as Dawn called him lays down beside her and snuggles into her as if trying to keep her warm ,
"Here Dawn take this " i say as i offer her medicine, once Dawn has taken the medicine she doses off in Antonys arms so i leave her to get some rest.
"So what are you two doing out here all alone?" The boy asks me to which i just roll my eyes and ignore him so he trys again "I'm Scott and him in there is Antony "
Still i ignore him so he chuckles "Haahaa its ok beautiful you dont need to talk to me now, we will have plenty of time to get to know eachother"
"Yeah" i say "as long as it takes for Dawn to get better because then we are gone so you have about 24 to 48 hours at most"
"What? You can't leave " he says shocked "no, i won't let you"
"Oh yeah and how are you gonna stop me"
"Ill stop you alright, ill tie you to a tree if i have too"
Just then i hear a noise like a stick snapping and all the colour drains from my face, the tracker has found us "shhhhhh" i whisper to Scott, he scrunches his eyebrows at me
"What the matter? Beautiful "
But im not listening as i pull a sharp knife out of the waist band of my jeans and bend low looking for the hunter among the trees but i cant see him, just then another twig snaps behind me so i whip round to find the source of the noise only to see a deer looking straight at me, i breath a sigh of relief, "right beautiful i think you need to tell me whats going on don't you?".

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