Shadows vs Vampires

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Broehain is a prince of the once vibrant Ainsley Kingdom, unlike most princes he was born both blessed and cursed since birth. He was born with a then-unknown condition which later was either considered to be lung cancer. Meanwhile, he has the powers of Nadur which allows him to wield all the natural born elements. This is a world where vampires and shadows exist but most don't believe in such creatures that lurk in the dark and assume that the killings and disappearances were man-made or even the result of wolves.

Fantasy / Drama
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The setting for this story begins with a place called the Ainsley kingdom, an old kingdom that’s been around for hundreds of years and was ruled by the Ainsley family, specifically Queen Catrina Ainsley and her husband Prince Nicol Ainsley. Due to the kingdom being so very old it had plenty of enemies both human and non-human, while the human enemies were easy to reconcile with and release tension the non-human enemies would not forgive so easily for they were victims to the Ainsley kingdom’s wrath and bloodlust induced violence that resulted in bloodshed, death and misery.

The current rulers of the Ainsley Kingdom Queen Catrina and Prince Nicol had two sons, one of the sons the oldest son Broehain Ainsley unbeknownst to them was blessed with a magic power that was rivalled by few. The magic is called Nadur and grants the control over every single element of nature from its most basic form to it’s more complicated form.

The sons were twins, the second son was named Kay Ainsley. Sadly Prince Brohain was born weak and ill. the royal doctors predicted he wouldn’t survive and would surely die young due to this. The royal family announce that Kay was the firstborn son and would be the next ruler of the Ainsley kingdom.

The year is 1816 and the sons are sixteen years old having reached that age on the 4th of January, a month later is when the real story begins.

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