The Guardian Demon

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Fight Night

The night sky is clear over a warehouse with a large compound and people all over it, numbering in the hundreds. Stars spread over the dark blue dome in streams, clumps and a few lonely dots.

A ripple moves through the sky over the warehouse, barely visible, collecting starlight and using it to draw white lines and letters of a strange language that flow with the breeze of the night in two different streams. Other small dense white lines appear where the two branches of the flowing letters seem to emerge from creating three distinct, pattern types; the uppermost triangular, the middle square and the lowest circular patterns. A pair of white ovals waxes into existence between the triangular and square patterns like a pair of opening eyes, triggering the materialization of the dark figure of a young man in a hoodie. The white and the black become the one known as the Guardian Demon.

The demon flies to the centre of the dome of the sky and hovers there among the stars in full view, its white eyes looking down at the people as if waiting for something.

*I could have just stayed invisible.

An alarm starts blaring.

*Gone into the building unnoticed and found their leader.

The people start running around pulling out guns and cocking them.

*Beaten him to a pulp and put the fear of god in him.

The King looks out through a window of the warehouse and smiles underneath his mask.

#Like a moth to a flame.

*But I want them to see me coming.

The people scatter to various covers and they point their guns such that the extrapolated trajectory of all their guns meet at the Guardian Demon.

*I want them to fight me head-on and lose.

Their index fingers slowly curl and linger over their triggers.

*So that they realize that I’m a god to them.

He darts off to the side and they start shooting up towards his direction. The bullets fly past him as he zigzags, loops and arcs through the sky.

*Go ahead, waste all your ammunition so that the fun can begin.

A bullet grazes his arm.

*Lucky shot.

The gunfire abruptly stops leaving a sound vacuum that almost makes his ears ring, then the sound of rattling metal parts fills the air. The men are reloading.

*My turn.

He swoops down like a bird of prey and stretches out his arms. He flies across the compound clotheslining and knocking them down like bowling pins. One of the men follows his trajectory and manages to hit him in the head with the butt of his gun making him roll and tumble on the ground. He summons the cat and plants his feet to the ground to regain his balance, he then summons the gorilla and starts fighting those around him in hand to hand, rarely taking more than one punch to knock any of them out. Someone draws a gun and shoots, the demon dodges the bullet but it hits someone else. The man cocks his gun again undeterred.

*They are willing to kill their own colleagues!

The demon grabs the gun from his hand and tosses him at a group of men that was charging at him. On doing so he sees that there was an armoured vehicle with a mounted turret aimed at him. It starts shooting prompting the demon to draw his tortoise shield. The bullets ricochet off it hitting the people to either side of him.


He charges the vehicle with his shield and on reaching it he summons the elephant and overturns it. Before he becomes aware of everything around him, he gets shot in the leg. He yells out in pain and then turns invisible. The men reach into their pockets and produce high-tech monocles with straps to go around their heads like an eyepatch. They look around and spot a limping reddish figure that they can’t see with their naked eyes. They shoot at it. A bullet hits his back.

*How can they see me…

He draws his shield again and looks in their direction.

*Infrared goggles.

Someone takes out a grenade and throws it at him. It lands at his feet and explodes sending him into the wall behind him. Several men around fall with him.


Someone grabs his scarf and pulls it off, and then someone kicks him in the head as he tries to get up sending him on his back. Someone else tries to kick him but he catches his foot and using his gorilla strength he spins him around by his foot knocking down everyone that is around him.

*I have to get out of here, where’s my scarf?

He looks around and sees another vehicle with its turret aimed at him. He produces a long quill and holding it like a spear he throws it at the vehicle. It pierces its engine and the occupants jump out before it explodes. Suddenly, a car crashes through some men on the other side and crushes him into the wall.

The car reverses and backs away revealing that the demon had made a shield around him although it had been squeezed close to his body by the car. The car’s driver’s side door opens and the King steps out. He is wearing a brown t-shirt that shows off his muscular build and cargo pants with military shoes. On his sides, there are modified gun holsters that support two sheathed double-edged swords, in the style of traditional African weaponry. He walks towards the demon and stands looming over his tired, injured form.

“What do you think of my army?” The King asks. “Terrorists at the same time hostages. They are at the mercy of each other’s animosity which is ultimately aimed at you, but you…”

He gets close and squats near him.

“You don’t want them to die, do you? Here they are trying to put as many holes in you as possible but you’re still trying to make sure that they all make it safely home afterwards, plus or minus a few broken bones that is. That’s a pretty stupid way of doing things. But I have to give you credit though, there are about eighty men who can still stand right now, before you arrived, I had counted four hundred, you were very close to taking us all out. You even destroyed two armoured vehicles. That’s very impressive. Some of my men are dead of course but that’s not your fault, is it? They were my bullets ricocheting off your shield, my men trying to shoot you but you dodging for dear life. You were just trying to stay alive; your hands are very clean.”

He pauses and they stare at each other.

“But that’s not important, what’s important is why? Why do you go out there to risk your life for other people?”

The demon’s wrist glows and a green lizard blinks into and out of existence around him. He needs time to heal so he has no option but to indulge the King.

“Because… it’s the right thing to do.”

“The right thing to do.”

The memory of himself saying that to his father after refusing to lie to Julia flashes through his mind.

#Why did it say that, can it read my mind?

The King stands up. He slowly looks around at the criminals and then starts laughing.

“Then what do you think I am doing?” He asks after he calms down.

“...Extortion, revenge, murder”

“And you think what you do is better? The right thing to do is breaking a few bones here and there in hopes that the victims will be appeased or is it scaring the bad guys so bad that they never even think of doing anything wrong?”

The demon just stares at him.

“You think reminding me of that cowardly sense of justice is going to do anything?”

The King pauses and stares back.

“If the right thing is so important then why do you abhor killing? Is killing someone never not the right thing to do? Why should we abdicate the power to right the wrongs done to us to people who only pretend to care because they are paid to do so? Why are you here doing this when there are those who are supposed to do it? If this ‘right thing’ of yours is so important that you would take responsibility for it, what is the difference between you and me? Is it that I’m more organized? Is it that I use guns? No, you and me? We are the same. We don’t wait for lazy gods or indifferent devils to sort our issues for us, we do it ourselves. And when you take up the responsibility for yourself, it stops being responsibility and becomes selfish intent. You become the god or the devil that is blamed for anything that doesn’t go the way the cowards want it to. So don’t berate me with that ‘right thing to do' bullshit, I will kill you like I killed the idiot that used to believe that crap.”

He pauses to catch himself. He didn’t think a single sentence could wind him up that much. Only two people in this world could do that and the demon, by reading his mind to do it as well, was cheating. But even so…

“What exactly is it that you’re offering the world? Another phoney legend to get their tongues wagging? Because if you’re only doing this for yourself that’s the only thing you’ll achieve. Me on the other hand…”

He spreads his arms referring to their general surroundings.

“Look around. Each and every person around you is a criminal or was on their way to being one. Murderers, thieves, former street children, each and every one of them has committed a crime or would have probably ended up committing one. I bring them together, I give them food, an income and purpose. Take this fellow for instance… “

He pulls at one of the people around him.

“What’s your story?”

The man looks at the King and then at the demon. The King gestures at him to go ahead.

“I… I have killed five people in my lifetime, I got charged all five times but was set free because my brother has... connections.”

The King points at another man in the crowd.

“What about you?”

“I used to collect trash and scrap metal for a living, but since I have a wife and four children, it wasn’t enough. I have a degree in marketing. I had tried getting a job but you never get employed unless you are someone’s nephew or sister-in-law or some other affiliation. So eventually, due to the pressure of the economy, I got myself a gun. I never got to use it, all thanks to the King.”

“And we could go on and on. The psychopaths are used as expendable law enforcement, the victims of unavoidable circumstances earn something to feed their families and the people out there can walk freely knowing that all the monsters in society are on a leash, a very strong unbreakable leash that tightens and chokes them if they step out of line. That, is my self-regulating organization, my snake that eats itself. My Ouroboros.”

“The girl in the market fire,” the demon interrupts while he stands up, fully healed, “if I weren’t there what would have happened to her?”

#Strange question, if the demon could read my mind then it would already know why I lit that fire in the first place.

“If you didn’t exist, there wouldn’t have been a fire. I used it to smoke you out. But thank god you were there; you saved a little girl’s life but hundreds of people lost their livelihood. Bravo.”

“What about the woman I saved from the rapists- “

#Is he just…

“A prostitute, she usually drugged her customers and stole from them, took more than they were willing to offer.”

The demon looks confused.

#He is. He’s just a naïve brat struggling with the intentions of his actions. So, he can’t read minds, alright. But that was therapeutic, at least now I know the old Brian is dead, long live the King!

“You see? You are causing more problems than you solve. I’m the only one here who knows what I am doing, I am the only one who understands what needs to be done. All you are is a naïve idiot who thinks defending the status quo is the same as ensuring justice, a little man who is frustrated at the world for not noticing how special he is.”

The demon charges the King and tackles him to the ground. He gets kicked in the head by one of the henchmen sending him on his back. The King pushes himself off the ground with his hands over his head and kicks at the air with both legs and lands on his feet. The demon rolls to his stomach and pushes himself up to a squat.

“I have been training my body ever since I was twelve, let’s see how I fare against a demon,” the King says and draws both his swords and holds them at his sides.

#Let me put him out of his misery.

The demon looks at the King.

*Just because he can explain his stand better doesn’t make him right. He kills people, I save people. If that’s not a difference then I don’t know what is.

The demon draws a long quill and holds it like a spear.

*You can’t win in a one on one, it’s just impossible. I could draw the air out of your lungs and end this in an instant and what’s more, the universe is on my side as I will prove by beating you, but I’ll try to make this fair.

They fight.

A sword streaks through the air making a silver sector as it reflects the starlight. A green spear jabs the air in front of it and then withdraws, jabs and withdraws. The silver and green clash, yellow sparks fly.

#He’s fast, faster than me even, but he’s predictable, almost as if he’s choreographed.

Kicks, flips and somersaults ensue. The henchmen are having the time of their lives, watching this match between two undefeated gladiators. But the King has the upper hand. Everything the demon tries is caught before it is fully executed. The demon keeps coming in for the offensive but it’s just a matter of time before… The King trips the demon and pins his right hand down with his foot. The demon tries to draw a quill from that hand to stab him in the foot but the King brings a sword down on his wrist.

The pain travels up his nerves as if acid had been poured down his veins. It causes him to instinctively summon the shield which rapidly expands outwards like an explosion pushing everyone back. He brings his hand to his chest and feels warm liquid.

The King picks up a hand from the ground.

“Did you lose something?”

Matthew looks down at his hands, one is missing.

*How did this…

He looks to the side and sees the King approaching.

*I have to get out of here.

He summons the frog and vaults away. He sees the scarf in the corner of his eye. The King grabs a gun from one of his men and starts shooting at him. He gets him in the leg. He summons the hedgehog and rolls towards the scarf. As he goes to grab it, he gets shot in the back. He yells again and grabs the scarf. It starts glowing and he starts rising…

The King turns his face to the sparkling floating sea above him and yells.

“Run away coward! And don’t ever show your shiny face around here again. This city isn’t big enough for two saviours!”

A shooting star with two tails streaks across the sky.

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