The Guardian Demon

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Cat's Kiss

Matthew sits at his desk. His spirit runes are on, he is leaning on his chair in such a manner that his face is pointed upwards. His grimoire is open but the page is empty.

*How am I supposed to find these goons?

He opens his eyes, turns off his spirit runes and gets up. He picks up his phone and his keys. He puts the grimoire in his bag and wears the bag on his back, puts on his shoes and leaves the house.

*If I’m going to do this, I’m going to need some more things.

He arrives at a mall.

*I can’t keep having my clothes torn every time I go out.

He goes to one of the stores and buys some elbow and knee pads.

*Or even wear the clothes I usually wear for that matter.

As he walks towards a clothes store to do some perusing, he passes a group of ladies.


He looks back, his eyes brighten.

“I’ll meet up with you guys later, I need to go annoy someone,” she bids her friends goodbye and approaches Matthew. She hugs him.

“Still a vampire or this time it’s a superhero?”

*You don’t know how right you are.

“Are you omnipresent or something? How are we always running into each other?” he asks.

“This place is practically my natural habitat, you’re the one who seems out of place.”

“I came to do some shopping, new kicks, a new hoodie, a new pair of trousers maybe?”

“A whole new look?”


She turns around, “then follow me, I know all the best places.”

“I could probably do this myself you know.”

“You owe me one remember, so you have to let me help.”

*It’s not like she’s ever going to see me out there kicking ass.

My emotions grope...

They go into one of the stores and Julia finds a hoodie she thinks he’d like and wears it so she can model it for him. Matthew approves of it albeit with a funny expression on his face owing to how cute she looks in it.

I am blind.

They find a trouser to Matthew’s taste somewhere else and Julia jokingly replicates Matthew’s hoodie reaction face to show approval. They laugh.

Or is it dark...

They simultaneously find some shoes fitting the black and red colour scheme of the first two and they both make the face at each other.

In my heart.

They are seated on a bench at the shoe store while Matthew admires the shoes.

“I want to see how they look,” she says.

“The shoes?

“No,” she takes off the hoodie, “Everything we just bought, to see if they go together.”

“Sure, I was kind of itching to do that myself.”

He takes off his bag and places it next to Julia, he takes off the hoodie he is wearing and takes off his shoes. He picks the pants from the bag and signals Julia to throw him the hoodie, then he walks away with the new stuff. She watches him go. After he’s out of sight her eyes drift over her surroundings and finally settle at his bag. She picks it up and sees the safety pads and the grimoire inside. She takes out the grimoire, opens it and sees the collection of intricate patterns drawn there.


She flips through the pages.

“Do you see something you like?”

She turns her eyes to the voice, he's come back.

“Yes, I do.”

*Is she talking about me?

“I was talking about the book.”

“Oh!” She blushes, “yeah… me too.”

A bit of awkward silence ensues.

“Umm, you look pretty good,” she eventually says.

“Thanks, but I think it looked better on you.”

She smiles.

“Come here.”

She takes out her phone and takes a selfie with him.

They both fruit drinks as they walk out of the mall, Matthew having changed back into his original clothes.

“So, what are you doing about your grocery lady’s situation?”

“What can one man do against an army?”

“So, you aren’t doing anything? That doesn’t sound like you.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“So, what are you doing? Maybe I can help you out with it?”

“It’s a bit... complicated.”

“Then that’s more reason to let me help you. You need to let people help you once in a while, you can’t do everything on your own.”

“I know, it’s just… ”

“You don’t trust people anymore?”

“I trust you and Brian.”

“Do you, do you really, because if you actually did, you’d let us help. You can’t keep people from getting close to you just because you are afraid, you’ll end up lonely and angry at the world, even though you’re the one who didn’t let us in. And besides, that risk is what makes trust so precious, but it’s not much of a risk with us since you already know us. We won’t betray you.”

He smiles at her, “when did you get so grown up?”

“I’ve always been. You two dunderheads would have gotten into a lot of trouble if it weren’t for me.”

“Actually it’s more like Brian was always getting into trouble and I was always backing him up, and you were always having to pull us out of the fire when it got too hot,” he reminiscences, ” we were a well-oiled machine the three of us.”

“But I wish I could read your minds or feel other people’s emotions like you can, maybe that way I could understand you two better. You don’t tell me things these days.”

“Feel other people’s emotions?”

“Yeah, that thing you do when you get so angry about another person’s situation as if you are them.”

*Feel other people’s emotions…

He suddenly drops his free hand on her shoulder with a rapturous look on his face.

“That’s the answer!”

“The answer to what?” She asks, startled.

He starts running off.

“Say hi to Brian for me!”

She watches the grown man run like a little boy.

‘You feel for the whole world, except for me.’

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