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Alpha or Luna?


Be selective with your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right...

"What I am hearing here is not one of you want a woman to rule over you? Hmm I didn't realize we were back in the old ages" I rubbed my temples with the tips of my fingers.

I so need a drink

"Well traditionally the Alpha role is held by a male which would make you a Luna"

The sarcasm dripped off that sentence, my eyes snapped up to meet the one who spoke it "What's your name and ranking?"

"Finn, Warrior Guard"

"Finn? What?"

"Pierce" His jaw was clenched his teeth grinding harder with every word.

Pierce.... No wonder...

"I see, and so if I am correct in assuming. It was your son Samson who challenged for the position of Alpha?" He looked murderous as he nodded, his hands in tight fists. I noticed Jordan shuffle slightly to ready himself for a fight if needed.

"Condolences for your loss" I meant it, despite my tone stating otherwise. The atmosphere in the room was tense, I stood to my feet everyone's eyes followed my movement.

"Tell me Finn, What made Samson believe he stood any chance challenging a wolf of my caliber?" A gasp flowed through the room. "Alpha Reign-" Jordan began to speak, I silenced him with a look.

"Axel and Myself are not only the children of an Alpha, We are also the children of a Princess. The grandchildren of the Alpha King and also a High Priestess. That makes us Royalty in many aspects. We can do things that would make even the best warriors amongst us dizzy. So I'll ask again, What made Samson believe he could possibly have won? Against myself or Axel?"

I realised the insensitivity of the question but I had a reason, Jordan shot me a shocked look before quickly composing himself "Your Alpha asked you a question Finn, I suggest you answer her"

"I raised my children to believe they could succeed at anything they put their minds too"

I smiled softly "So did my father"

The words crashed through the air like a bucket of ice, I sat back down in my seat. Fingers under my chin while I thought.

"Ok with all due respect Finn I believe your time on the council has come to an end. I feel the conflict of interest will affect your judgement and advice towards me. I send my deepest condolences to you and your family. You will remain a valued member of the warrior guard. You and your mate have a week away to recharge and recuperate. On me"

He nodded grimly "Thank you... Alpha" I nodded silently in response. He exited the room. I looked around at the others "Anyone else have any problems?" they shook their heads staring at the floor in silence.


"Thank you Alpha"

As the door clicked shut I slouched back in my chair letting out an exasperated breath I hadn't even realised I was holding.

How did he do this every day?

"Drink?" Jordan pulled the stopper out of a bottle of bourbon with a cheesy smile. Dad's favorite drink. "Large please"

I took the glass off of him and downed it in one gulp holding my hand up for another. Jordan obliged "You doing ok kiddo?"

I laughed at my childhood nickname, my cheeks flushing slightly "Yeah I think I am. I dunno how he did this every day" I waved my hand around the office. Jordan had sat in the seat across from me slouching down low, he spread his legs slightly, resting his glass on his knee.

"Admittedly he had good council" He winked at me, his eyes met mine, not as challenge more as a friend. It was the first time I had noticed the specks of yellow mixed in with the brown, I felt my cheeks flush, glancing down coughing slightly.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I crossed my legs, adjusting my dress over my knees. Jordan cleared his throat and continued "It's not all drama, actually most of the time it's boring" He laughed "This will all die down soon Reign" My name sounded beautiful rolling off his lips.

Cut it the fuck out!

He is mated! He's also LITERALLY old enough to be your Dad.

"I miss him" His words snapped me out of my naughty daydream, I glanced up at him "Me too" He smiled, leaning forward he poured another glass of bourbon. My eyes roamed over his body watching his shirt stretch over his muscles, the baby blue fabric clinging to his strong lean frame. Even for his age he's remained incredibly strong and fit.

I imagined his arms wrapped around me as we rocked back and forth in pleasure. My fingers running through his hair, his thick brown hair. His mouth on my nipples, sucking them as he pumped in and out of me. What the fuck? Stop it!

Guilt formed in the pit of my stomach as I watched his movements. I shifted in my seat clenching my legs tightly together. I really hope he hasn't noticed anything. Or scented anything.

"How's your family been? It's been a while since we've all had uh dinner" I hoped changing the conversation to one that actually included his wife would put a damper on what's currently happening in my mind. They would come over to our house regularly with him being Dad's Beta and his son Arlo being Axel's best friend.

Shaking my head slightly I sipped my drink, watching him taste his words before he spoke "Arlo's good, doing well in his studies. He's hoping to become a warrior soon" He smiled mischievously, I returned his smile "I'm sure he will do well. He has very impressive genes"

I mentally facepalmed myself for that. Nice one Reign you dumb idiot. "How's Hayley?" Here we go, I took another sip from my glass but he never took his eyes off of my mouth. His eyes dark and glazed over, he blinked rapidly at my question. Swirling his drink in his glass "We've uh separated... permanently"

"Jordan I'm so sorry to hear that" Am I?, I shook my head "That's awful I- How have you been? Silly question sorry" I giggled slightly. That's enough drink for you.

"It's not silly" he whispered so quietly I almost didn't hear him "I've uh been coping. She's a witch you know? She grew tired of my job and duty coming first I guess. Your Dad understood, gave me one of the guesthouses here in the grounds. Kept it between us, news is trickling around of course. Almost twenty years mated down the drain." He clenched his jaw before swallowing back his drink and pouring another.

I clenched my legs tighter feeling an intense fire in my core one only he could put out, I gripped the glass so tightly it smashed causing us both to jump.

I jumped up reaching for a nearby cloth to cover the bleeding while I waited for it to heal. Jordan gripped my hands in his "You alright kiddo?" He looked into my eyes, his own filled with desire. He sniffed, his pupils dilating "You're" I swallowed thickly "Yes" I whispered.

He took a step closer still holding my small hands in his, our breaths mixing as we leaned in closer "You smell amazing" He sniffed my neck running his hands up my arms towards my waist. My skin delighted in his touch, I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding as his lips grazed over the spot where my mate's mark would go.

His lips worked their way up my neck finding my own lips. The kiss started off soft and slow but soon we were sinking into it, our tongues dancing. I could taste the bourbon on his breath, his hands found my butt and squeezed tightly. He growled in appreciation as a soft moan escaped my lips, lifting me off of the ground he placed me on the edge of the desk.

Wrapping my legs around him I grinded against the bulge in his pants as his hands explored my body, massaging my breasts, his lips fluttering kisses around my neck "Jordan" I breathed clutching him tight tugging at his hair, my core now throbbing with desire, my panties soaked through.

His hands wandered down my body and up my legs, he looked me in the eyes his pupils so dilated his eyes were almost black "Please" I almost begged him. I bit my lip to silence the moan trying to escape me as he pushed my light panties aside slipping a finger into me. Stars danced around my eyelids as I threw my head back, he slipped a second finger in and I began to shake as he swirled them around hitting just the right spot.

"Reign" he moaned his lips back at my neck again, blindly I reached out for his pants. Shoving my hand down I began to stroke and pull him. Shit he's huge. The thought of having his member pounding inside me made me gush more as his fingers set me over the edge. Tugging him quickly he soon followed, shaking we stayed entwined for a couple of seconds.

The haze lifting from our minds, we visibly came back to our senses. My eyes searched his as we regained our breathing, he fixed his pants "That was"

"Wrong" I finished, he paused but nodded "I'm sorry Reign I shouldn't, I- I dunno" I held my hand up "I said it was wrong because of our age and positions. Not because I didn't want it or regretted it. We just can't do anything like this again"

He nodded in agreement "I'll see myself out. Goodnight Alpha"

I bowed my head slightly in response "Goodnight Beta"

After he had left I plopped into my chair, that was divine, and that was only with his fingers. I drooled at the thought of what his strong dick could do when set loose or that mouth. What the actual fuck is wrong with me?

I pulled out my phone checking the date, feeling chills. Haze season was right around the corner. Due to start within the week.

Great a whole season hazed, where all I want to do is fuck my Beta and my Dad's best friend...

I think I need therapy...

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