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Tis the season


There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable...

"Hey girlfriend! How's life now you're an Alpha?" My friend Brie squealed out as she plonked down into the empty seat beside me.

We were sitting in our usual meeting spot, the booth opposite the front window tucked away from prying ears. It was a plush type bar, you know the ones that serve cocktail towers and "street food" snacks like popcorn chicken and such. We'd been hanging out here since high school, I had pre ordered our cocktails. I was gonna need a drink for this conversation.

Brie had been my best friend since we were pups, we shared our deepest darkest secrets with each other and made a blood oath that we would take them to the grave. She removed her jacket and got comfy taking a sip of her drink "So come on girl! How's things been?"

I popped my head up above the both to make sure no one was around to over hear us, but just to be doubly sure I cast a silencing spell around our booth. Bless Grams and her lessons.

"I have to tell you something and as always I'm evoking the blood oath but I am also commanding you as your Alpha to never repeat this information to anyone outside of us. Got it?"

Her eyes went wide and she nodded, clutching my arm "Reign what is it?" she sounded worried.

I swallowed thickly trying to force the lump in my throat "I fooled around with my Beta on my desk in my office two days ago"

She spat her drink onto the table, getting us a couple of looks from others in the bar "Is everything ok?" A waitress appeared out of nowhere with napkins "Yes yes perfectly, fine thank you. I'll do that thank you, Leave" Brie swatted the waitress away taking all of the napkins off of her she dabbed at the table.

I wonder how long it will take her to put the pieces together.

"Reign you're acting like it's a big deal, haze season is coming soon and you know sex is a part of our nature we are primal creatures. The haze happens every year Reign it's not like it's love or anything it's just se- OH MY GODDESS!" There it is, her eyes almost came out of her sockets "We are fine! Go away!" She barked at the waitress.

I shot the poor girl a sympathetic apology look, half smiling "OW" Brie's rough smack to my arm brought my attention sharply back to her.

"Have you lost your damn mind? Please tell me you did not almost sleep with your brother's best friend's Father! Oh my Goddess I'm gonna throw up" She put her head in her hands rubbing her temples.

"I couldn't help it Brie we were having a couple of drinks, the first trickles of the haze had begun. I broke a glass and cut my hand and one thing lead to another and-"

"-and you just let him play fiddle in your vagina? Are you hearing yourself? He is mated Reign. Mated! Not even that, He was your Dad's best friend! Reign!" She looked at me exasperated.

I wiggled in my seat taking a large gulp of my drink, she was right. What was I thinking?

"He and his mate separated permanently. She couldn't live with his lifestyle as Beta anymore" I mumbled my pathetic excuse, like that makes it ok, honestly I knew this whole situation would bring shame to the family. If Pops didn't kill Jordan then Uncle Diego definitely would. My stomach dropped at the thought.

Brie reach out for my arm clutching it gently "I get it Reign, with everything you've been through I'm sure his presence made you feel comfortable. But this is lust not love, whether he and his mate have separated or not any relationship you have with this man will ruin your chances at finding the mate actually granted to you by the Goddess. Please don't do this Reign"

I gulped back the rest of my drink, she was right. We drank in silence for a couple of minutes before the conversation changed to who she had chosen as her partner for this year's haze. I nodded along my mind elsewhere, Why was it so hard to shake off this sudden feeling of attraction towards him? Is it because of the haze? Or is it because it's frowned upon?

"Reign? Are you listening?" Brie blinked at me, I snapped out of my daydream "Yeah I was sorry I was thinking about uh Milly. Just wondering how she's doing"

Brie nodded but I could tell she didn't really believe me "Well Roberto and I are gonna go to a movie tomorrow night, are you free to come?"

"I'll have Rita check my schedule and let you know by lunch time tomorrow"

The rest of the evening was pleasant nothing more was said about what happened with Jordan, Thankfully.

As I got home I pulled out my phone to text Milly.

Me: Hey, How's your mission going? Are you due home soon?

I paced the floor of my room waiting for her response, Milly and I have always been close and if ever there was anyone who would understand and take my side, it would be her.

I jumped out of my skin when my phone buzzed, sinking onto my bed I opened her message

Milly: Hey there Miss Alpha ;) Yeah it's going good, few ups and downs but nothing I can't handle. I should be home next week why? What's up?

Me: I might've done something I shouldn't have and I kinda need your advice.

A few minutes passed and my phone buzzed again

Milly: .... I'm coming home

A feeling of relief washed over me, I just hope I was right about her being understanding. Cause I'm really screwed if she isn't.

What a great start to being Alpha.

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