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He’s not just an Alpha, he’s THE Alpha. The one they fear. The one they whisper about. The one they call The Rogue King. Every King needs his Queen and Cassiopeia happens to be at the right place at the right time. They can’t help who they are - He’s the Rogue King and she’s unlike anything he’s ever met. The golden prophecy has been passed down for nearly a century in the LaRue family and is coming to fruition. The Moon Goddess has really outdone herself this time as a tangled past clashes with this unlikely mating. With the fate of shifters in their hands, they must connect the pieces of the prophecy delivered to four corners of the world. (Golden Prophecy is the first book in the Golden Series and a spinoff from the Broken Trilogy – Broken Luna, Broken Alpha & Broken Omega.)

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It’s good to be back with you!!

FIRST - I just want to say I LOVED MEETING SO MANY OF YOU DURING THE ONLINE ZOOM PARTIES. It was truly my pleasure meeting and seeing so many faces from around the world! Such a wonderful time. I CANNOT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!

As most of my readers know, I started my writing career here on the Inkitt platform & Wattpad. My previous books were all written and developed here when my writing was discovered and received several offers. I started writing during the pandemic lockdowns and it has been an amazing journey thanks to my readers.

Your engagement, comments and feedback is what make this such a rewarding and fun experience. I read every comment and love your reactions with every chapter I post. I’ve even used many of your names as characters in my books and will continue to do that on this adventure as well!

I typically write ONE chapter per night and post it the following day. This journey will take us about 6 weeks and when the book is complete, it will move from this platform under contract with Kindle (End of April 2021). SO, for those of you who find the book late, read quick - or else find it with my other books on Amazon/Kindle.

Thank you to all who have supported and loved the Broken Trilogy. The Golden Series is a spin off from the Broken Trilogy with an intertwined back story.

Broken Luna

Broken Alpha

Broken Omega

Golden Prophecy

Golden Wolf

Golden Wars

Coming 2022 – The Alpha Chronicles

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