Mae's Flowers

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This is my first short story. I am dedicating this story to my mother Maesue (Susie Q) lover of reading and writing. she has always been an insperation to me, and stood behind everything I have ever sat out to do. I will always be greatful that I was blessed with such an amazing woman as a mother. I love you mama always in all ways

Fantasy / Romance
Tia Michele
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The Call

Mae is a twenty year old werewolf. Standing at five foot four, with emerald eyes given to her by her father. Soft caramel skin, with freckles outlining her high, full cheeks. ample breast and a full figure complete with thick thighs and a well round bottom. A spitting image of her mother.

As a young pup she was always the most outspoken of her three older brothers, as well as the most adventurous. She always had a knack for following her father and brothers out to hunt. She was small in stature compared to them but she was brave.

Mae never had an eye for the more feminine tasks the women had in the pack, she wanted to be a hunter, a warior like her father and brothers. This wasnt surprising being that she was the daughter of the Alpha. Mae just wanted to be as respected as the males knowing that she could never be an alpha, she only wished to be just as strong and nothing more.

As her twenty-first birthday was just hours away, that only meant that she would find her mate. This was another thing she knew for sure that she'd always wanted. She just hope that her mate wouldnt be the boy next door. Miles, he had always had a thing for her and her brothers would always tease that when she turned twenty-one that he would be her mate. Miles wasn't so bad, he was just overbaring. Always two steps behind her almost lurking. All throughout school he would chase other boys away like he had already staked his claim. They had been childhood friends for as long as she could remember, they'd even kissed once under the bridge at the streem. She didn't care much for it thought, it was sloppy and he kind of smelled like wet dog, Which clearly says alot for a werewolf pup.

As she lay on her bed this night mind rushing with thoughts of every memory since her memory begain to form. She rolled over and looked at the analog clock on the wall the time was 9:37p.m. She rolled to her back, closing her eyes hoping that the soft ticking of the second had would soothe her to sleep as its has lulled her everynight, but tonight was different. Tonight was the end of childhood and the beginning of everything.

Knowing she'd get no sleep tonight she slipped out of bed, raised the window, and lept out. Before touching the ground the sound of cracking bones and the sting of the shift rolled throught her body. Standing tall and prideful she shook out her solid white fur as if it'd been stored away for the winter and full of dust. The smell of the dew and damp moss on the fall forest floor was calling her name, she started to sprint forward.

Jumping over fallen trees and bursting throught bushes, she came to a claw digging halt. Mae lifts her snout and takes a full wiff of the air around her, picking up the scent of a deer near by and the sound of its grazing she starts her sprint again. Not denying her goddess given thrill for the hunt, she gives chase to the animal that is now running for its life from the predator that will soon claim its body. With one mighty leap Mae takes fight through the air landing on the frightened doe clamping on her neck with her mighty huntress jaws, dragging it to the ground suffocating its final fighting breaths untill it's motionless.

After eating her fill of her hunt, Mae looks to the sky. 'The moon is directly above, its midnight if not long after. Its time to return home.' She thinks to herself. As she turns to the direction of home, she can hear the stream near by. 'I should stop and rinse myself befor i walk into the pack house covered in blood, 'we dont bring our hunt home if we didnt want to share.''She mimics her fathers voice in her head, she rolles her eyes as she shifts back to two legs.

As she rinses in the stream in the distance beyond the pack territory lines, a howl could be heard so loud and dominate, fearce even. The hair on her neck though wet, she could swear was standing on end. Being that it was beyond the lines, wondered who would be out there. pushing it to the back of her mind she continued to clean herself before trecking back home. the walk was chilly with no cloths on but enjoyable none the less. After putting on new shorts and a baggy shirt Mae crawled into bed still hearing the longing howl of the stranger on the other side, and drifted off to sleep with only the ticking of the analog.
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