It’s a Journey

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Meet Sam and Jo. They’ve been best friends for 8 + years. When the world turns on the girls what will they do? Join the girls on their long journey of self discovery.

Fantasy / Humor
Nessy and Jo
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Chapter 1


There are very few things I like about school especially when I’m stuck sitting behind a freakishly six foot tall girl who stands over me like the Eiffel Tower. My best friend Jo and I call her slender woman which is totally dumb but we call her it anyway and avoid contact with her just in case she starts wearing a suit and hiding in the woods to steal children. No thank you. I would rather get kidnapped by a creepy guy in a white van than get my soul eaten by the slender woman. I wonder if they have kids? Oh my god, is slender woman the kid? That would make her like slender woman II.

I feel a pointy paper object hit the left side of my face and look over to see my best friend Jo looking at me like I’m stupid. Did she hear what I was thinking or something? Can she read minds!? I do the “what do you want look?” And leaned over to hear what she has to say which apparently got me spotted by Mr. Kelton A.K.A. Mr. Baboon, because he calls on me and I have no clue what to say or what he even asked. “I’m sorry what’s the question again?”. At this point I’m straining to see past slender woman II like damn girl, you should be sitting in the back, us short people can’t see over you.” The number of chromosomes in a human body?” Okay, I know this one. I look over to Jo who puts 4 fingers up and then makes a 6 with her hand. “46”. I say . Luckily it’s the correct answer and class is dismissed and Jo just laughs at me and says “Dude you really need to get Baboon to let you move seats, you look like a peeping tom looking over a fence.” I scold her and say “Haha very funny, but I don’t need a new seat I’m comfortable with the one I currently have.”

“Besides don’t you have better things to do than lecture me?” She thinks for a minute” mmm not really Nessy.” Great I swear this girl exist to make my life a living hell which is cool cause who doesn’t love being called Nessy all because of a creepy obsession I had with the twilight series in the fourth grade. Yes I was one of those girls. I was the girl that wore hideous flower dresses from the drift shop, wearing big glasses and reading the twilight series and never stopped taking about them non stop. Now I can never look at a dress the same way again. No , this is Sam 2.0. Flannels , contacts , shorts , and high tops with long mis matched socks. Some may call me gay well their right, the biggest gay person at school in a town full of religious people who happen to be homophobic. Luckily Jo stuck by me. She’s a Christian and a loving person with a kind heart but if someone messes with me she loses her shit, and they might as well step in front of a semi cause at least then their death would be quick.

She is pretty awesome, the best of the best really. She tells it how it is and does what she wants. That is until long haired, slim built Ace walks by and greets her and she melts like a popsicle. “When are you gonna make a move already?” I say. It’s been months since she met Ace and yet she hasn’t even tried. “ Look at me Sam. I’m ugly and fat. No boy wants me. And besides you shouldn’t even be talking.” She rolls her eyes I hate it when she does that. “First of all, no body shaming, you’re beautiful, love yourself, your worth it.” Again with the eye rolling.” I think it would be healthy for you to let someone in. I mean there is always a chance they’d break your heart but we’re teenagers our hearts are meant to be broken a few times. Gets us ready for the real world and all the heart break it will bring along with it.” I should be a therapist. She sits in thought. I know she struggles with things. Sometimes I wonder if she’s afraid to tell people cause they might judge her. I mean I get that but harboring isn’t going to help her. I think she just needs time to learn how to love herself in every way. I think she would understand if she could see herself from my point of view. Sadly , I’m not Bella Swan and I can’t SHOW her. But I hope she sees herself as a beautiful human being with lots of potential one day and not just a piece of shit no one wants.
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