Cepheus (BoyxBoy)

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A water nymph and the vampire King. A more perfect pair had never been made by the Gods.

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Delicate, soft and painstakingly beautiful, water nymphs were a sight to see indeed. In the densest area of the Valerian forest, these creatures called the river Phael their home. They lived in the water but preferred to spend most of their time surfaced in the streams, where the faun and fauna were bountiful in colour and numbers.

Bay was among those who favoured playing above water, though a little more than his fellow nymphs. The young boy’s desire to venture past their streams only grew as he became of age, but his mother scolded him every time he voiced those thoughts.

These creatures specialized in manipulating water and its inhabitants, including some plant life and trees. Although these nymphs were quite crafty with their abilities, these same gifts left them vulnerable to anything with an intent to hurt. Thus, this remains the primary reason why most water nymphs never left the safety of their river, lest they sought certain death.

Not too far away from the playful creatures, a vampiric empire held strong. King Cepheus ruled over the territory; a vampire so old, not even his earliest friend knew of his age. He was a compassionate sovereign but ruled with a strong hand. Any sane man would chose an eternity in hell with the daemons before they crossed the King himself.

What his clan didn’t know was the King’s ever-longing hope for the delivery of his beloved mate. Cepheus had been alive hundreds of centuries and yet, he remained without his other half. To many he seemed put together, stoic and hard, yet his mind continued to untether at the possibility that he would continue through life alone.

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