Cepheus (BoyxBoy)

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“Where’d he go” Maeve asked worriedly.

Blaise swore and ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head in disbelief.

“I told you guys this was a bad idea. Now who knows where he fucking went.”

Maeve’s eyes grew wet and she bit her lip in angst.

“Oh my gods. Bay is lost in the forest.”

Blaise rolled his eyes at her waterworks.

“Yes, that has been established.”

Sole wrapped an arm around his mate and his eyes glowed bright blue.

“Watch it.” He snapped.

Blaise rose his arms in mock defence.

“We were meant to jump from the bushes and surprise him. He wasn’t supposed to run off.” Maeve mumbled, still in shock.

Sole rubbed her arms comfortingly but he too was distressed for the poor nymph, his heart picking up in his chest.

“Poor kid.” Blaise murmured morbidly.

He wouldn’t last the night.





Bay trembled in fear, goosebumps creeping up his skin.

Sounds that he’s never heard and forestry that he’s never seen surrounded him and he couldn’t help but cry out every time he heard a rustle or saw the slightest movement.

Why did I have to be so curious? He thought with regret.

He continued to walk blindly through the forest until he stopped, realizing that he was walking in circles. The tree to his right was the same fallen one he had passed a while ago.

Bay’s breathing picked up and a whimper lodged his throat when he realized that he was truly doomed.

Suddenly though, an eerie silence overtook his surroundings and all he could hear was his ragged breathing.

He turned in paranoia, his eyes flickering left and right to try and find something when he didn’t even know what he was looking for.

A sudden hot breath on his neck had Bay frozen in fear and his hair standing on edge.

“My beloved” A strained voice whispered in his ear.

Bay jumped when cold hands touched his waist before visibly shuddering at the sparks that erupted over his skin.

What is going on? He wondered confused.

Suddenly, he was spun around in the strangers arms and he gasped loudly.

Before him stood a tall, handsome man. He had never seen one of his kind before.

Without a doubt he was a vampire. His skin was pale but still luminescent, not a mar or blemish in sight. Black markings littered his skin, although his eyes fixated on the small cross like shape right beneath his right eye.

Without thinking, his small arm reached up to touch the strange shape. As his finger warmed the cool skin a hiss sounded from the stranger making Bay stumble back in shock.

Sharp fangs rested over his bottom lip, his eyes blood red.

Now Bay was scared.

“P-please.” He whimpered, as the creature stalked closer.

His black hair fell over his eyes as he tilted his head in confusion.

“I would never hurt you my mate.” He murmured lowly, his eyes flashing back to brown and his fangs slowly retracting.

Bay’s mouth opened in realization. This was his mate.

The vampire smiled at his beloved’s expression, a knowing look befalling him.

He continued to move towards the smaller boy, his hand coming up to rest on the side of his face.

“Beautiful.” He whispered. His hand rising to run through his messy curls.

“A water nymph?” He hummed in question, his fingers tucking a few strands behind his pointed ears.

“Yes” Bay whispered, his eyes entranced by the brown’s of his mate’s.

“I’ve never seen a vampire before. My mama says they have sharp teeth.” He blurted without thought.

His cheeks reddened when a laugh erupted from the tall man in front of him.

“Yes we do.” He said in amusement.

“Today is my birthday.” Bay spoke again. He could feel his ears heat up at his actions. Why couldn’t he control himself around this man?

“Is it?” The vampire smiled, an eyebrow raising. “How many summers?”

“18” Bay shared eagerly, his chest puffing with pride.

“Happy birthday my sweet beloved. It seems the gods have decided to bring us together on your special day.” He spoke, his voice a calm melody to Bay’s ears.

Bay grinned sheepishly before speaking again.

“What’s your name.” His hand came up to rest on the arm that was gripping his side.

“Cepheus.” He ended with a slight hiss to his tongue.

Bay’s eyes widened in realization. There was only one creature he knew of that name and he, Bay Kleia of 18 summers, was his mate. He was mated to a King.

Should he bow? Drop to his knees, he wasn’t sure.

His feet fumbled as he tried to bend down, although a large hand stopped his movements.

“What are you doing?”

“Y-you’re a King and I-I”

“You are mine. My beloved, my mate. My small prince.” He interrupted, grinning as the nymph’s eyes widened and his bluish skin darkened with a blush.

“You will never bow to me.” He finished, his eyes flashing red as his mate nodded to him obediently.

“Come now.” He urged, after a second. Grabbing the smaller boy’s hand to lead him in another direction.

Bay stumbled slightly and his ears twitched.

“W-where are we going Cepheus?”

A low hum sounded from the back of the vampire’s throat at the use of his name by his mate.

Bringing the boy even closer to his body, his nose ran over his brown hair, his teeth gently nipping at his right ear.

Bay yelped and flushed at the feeling. His ears were very sensitive and he knew that the vampire would be able to smell even the faintest traces of arousal.

“You smell delicious my sweet.” Cepheus rumbled as his nose rested at the dip in his neck.

Fangs elongated as Bay’s racing pulse teased the vampire.

“Wh-what?” He stuttered, his mind clouded from the proximity of his mate.

Cepheus hummed as his fangs gently nipped at the soft skin, a couple drops of blood escaping the small wound.

Bay whimpered at the pinch but his legs weakened as he felt a tongue lick at his neck.

“A delicacy.” Cepheus murmured, licking at his fangs.

There was no mistaking Bay’s arousal now and Cepheus’ nostrils flared as he took in the sweet scent of his mate.

“How am I to walk in my castle with you smelling so sweet my beloved.” He continued, his words causing Bay to flush even more in embarrassment.

“I-I’m sorry.” Bay stumbled, a flustered mess.

Cepheus grinned, his fangs sharp against his bottom lip.

“You’re too precious.”

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