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Blood Moon

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I've known all my life that being me would bring destruction to my family and pack, can I really save them? What is my destiny supposed to be? Can I rewrite my path, or be forced by the Gods to do their bidding? Can I save everyone I love, or will failure become me?

Fantasy / Erotica
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First Day

“Snow hurry up or you’ll be late!” I hear Jaz yell from her room into mine. “Remind me why I agreed to conjoin our rooms again?” I groan as I stumble out of bed. “Because I’m your twister and you love me!” She says poking her head in on my side. “Now hurry up, Alpha Phelan and Hayden are waiting!” and she disappears back into her room. I roll my eyes and hop in the shower before our meeting with the Alpha.

I’ve known Alpha Phelan my whole life, he’s more like a second dad to us, since my dad is his third in command, and his son Hayden has grown up along side my siblings and me. I throw my hair up into a long pony tail and throw on my training gear since I plan on training with Hayden after the meeting.

‘What’s taking you so long slow poke? Don’t tell me you forgot about me?’ Hayden teases in the mind link, ‘I’m walking through the door now goof, calm down’ I say chuckling at him. When Jazmine and I enter the conference room we are greeted by our Alpha and Luna pair and our parents the Gamma pair, along with my brother who is also acting Beta.

“So nice of you girls to join us.” Alpha Phelan says as he gestures for us to sit down. Jaz and I take a seat next to each other across from Alpha Phelan and Luna Adira. “Sorry we’re late Alpha” I say bowing my head to him and he chuckles at me. “Snow, you weren’t late, everything is okay and this meeting isn’t because you girls are in trouble. This time.” He says looking between us and Hayden tries to hide his laugh behind a cough.

“What we have to discuss is your eighteenth birthday coming up in two months, which means you’ll officially be taking over the Gamma role in the pack.” We nod and he continues, “But both of you can not be Gamma as it becomes a mated pair, so only one of you can take the title.” We nod again, “We’ve known this Alpha. Has a decision been made on who it will be?” “Yes it has.” He answers and the anticipation is killing me.

I’ve worked so hard in training my Alpha side, my strength, my mind I was always studying and even graduated this past year early with a 3.9 GPA, I basically have this in the bag, though I don’t want Jaz to be hurt by the decision. “Snowdrop, Jazmine, you both have proved yourselves to be amazing leaders and I was impressed at how much you guys have stepped up. The decision was fairly easy though.” I nod along waiting for the official announcement.

“Jazmine,” He says turning to my sister. “You are to be the official Gamma of the Blood Moon Pack. Congratulations!” I’m shocked, “What?!” I yell looking around the room, “I’ve surpassed her in all the trainings! I got better grades in almost every subject! I work with Hayden and Taz every day on training not only myself and wolf but also my Alpha side and have become stronger than her!” I can see a smirk appearing on Hayden’s face.

“Told you she’d react this way,” He says and I growl lowly at him mocking my outburst. “Snow honey, let the Alpha finish the meeting before you over react.” My dad says calmly and grit my teeth and look back to my Alpha. “Sorry Alpha” I mumble. He clears his throat before continuing.

“As you so graciously pointed out you did go above and beyond, and you do possess more Alpha blood and traits than your sister. That is why you will be training along side Hayden.” I raise my eyebrows at him questioningly. “Snow in this room alone we have four Alpha Males, Two Luna’s and an Alpha female and somehow we work together and can be in the same space.” I nod, “You do know how we became the Blood Moon Pack right?” He asks and I nod.

“My parents were an Alpha and Luna to the pack for a few decades and you and Luna Adira had become the new Alpha and Luna pair of a pack they had a treaty with so you guys worked together and during the war both territories were almost completely destroyed. My father lost his Beta and Gamma, you had lost your Gamma and Delta as well. You decided to join packs and since my father and mother had felt they were Alpha and Luna for long enough they became your Gamma pair, letting you and Luna rule over the now conjoined pack.”

He nods, “And now how is our pack?” He asks, “It’s one of the largest packs, many fear us because we allow many different species into the pack to make it diverse and have so many Alpha’s in one place. And they don’t want to kill each other all the time.”

“So we have many enemies yes?” I nod, “Since you were young you always possessed more Alpha traits than your twin sister, which is strange seeing as you are the second born, we’ve watched you guys your whole lives. We know the dangers of having such a large and diverse pack, so we want to put into place a position for you to be our Alpha female.”

“What about when Hayden finds his mate?” I ask looking over to Hayden and he looks away, not letting me see what he’s feeling. “What about it?” Alpha asks, “We would have an Alpha, Luna and me?” I question. “Hayden doesn’t intend on looking for his mate right now so I don’t think we need to worry. Though he will address that when the time comes. For now you will train with Hayden, attend Alpha meetings he does, meet with our allies alongside him, and if anything were to happen you would take over as Alpha immediately, to protect our pack.”

I nod in understanding. “Yes Alpha, I won’t let you down. I apologize again for my outburst.” He smiles and chuckles at me, “Snow, I’ve known you your whole life, if you think I wasn’t at least a bit prepared for how you were going to react then you don’t know me too well.” I laugh at his statement. “Now that that’s out of the way, we have other matters to attend to, like Delta Andre’s birthday coming up and we must prepare for the ceremony of him searching for his mate since he is a higher level wolf in our pack.”

I growl lowly at the mention of Andre, I can’t stand him. Just the thought of him is putting my wolf and vampire side on edge. “We will hold it where we will be holding the Full Moon Dance in a few months, and since you two are becoming official members in the hierarchy of our pack and are so close to eighteen you shall meet him privately along with our Omega’s daughter.” Jaz and I nod, ‘I don’t want to be in a private room with that slime ball!’ I say to Jaz in our twin link. ‘At least they’ll be there too se we won’t have to be completely alone’

“Well that was a fun meeting! But can I go train my dear Snowflake now father?” Hayden asks smiling at me and turning towards his father. He doesn’t answer right away, I can tell they’re mind linking about something. “Of course, you all may go, Luna will get to you about the details for how you want your room in the pack house Snow.” Alpha says as we’re walking out.

I look towards Hayden and go to say something but he picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder with ease. “Nope, time to train Snow not fight with my father!” He says as I start to argue I feel a sting on my ass, and it send a special kind of shiver down my spine. “Hayden!” I yell as I regain my composure but he just laughs at me.

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