The soul of a Witch

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(Cover Art Undead Priest by Katty Haven on ArtStation) The story of a black male witch with unimaginable gifts.

Fantasy / Adventure
Douglas Rashad
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The Rise of a Witch

When a witch is born some say the Gods of witches place bets over the natural gifts the child will have. The Natural gifts being powered by the soul, will, and power of the witch and the God associated with the element mentoring and favoring said witch to advance in skill. Some witches' are naturally gifted with multiple gifts or have the will power to master other elements while some simple aren't made to physically, mentally, and spiritually to handle the mastery knowledge and power of multiple gifts.

November, 11th, 2000
The room burned with magic and pain as the couple Martin and Felicity scream while they both go through the pains of labor. (through of course a bonding spell that splits the pain of labor in half and the couple share it) "Push," yelled the nurse helping Felicity give birth "He's almost out your doing amazing." The nurse smiled up to Felicity. A sweet but passive aggressive smile slips from Felicity's white teeth contrasting with her caramel skin smooth as the Nile river. Martins voice flowing through her head "Don't curse her she's trying her best to be nice" He nods to her as the last contraction comes. Finally their child is born Douglas R. River born to the River family a Black American family apart of the coven of Maleficite. One of the more progressive covens with morals of unity, love, knowledge and Disciplined power. Douglas had his eyes from his fathers side of the family all having eyes light brown that swallowed the innocent gaze of onlookers whole in awe of the color and shine and glow. He had his mother’s nose, round but defined cheeks bones pronounced but soft and a jawline that was defined but not overly sharp.

August,18th, 2005
“Douglas wake up.” His mother warm toned and gentle called to him as she stepped into his room to wake the 5 year old Douglas up. “Today’s the day kiddo” his father in fancy orange and gold robes decorated with runes symbols jewels and silver while his mother was dressed similarly but in her own way with many shades or deep mesmerizing green like the forest itself danced across her body. “It’s time for you to start to learn and understand our covens history, and understand the words magic, and your own magic.” His father said with excitement and a touch of worry in his voice. Although Douglas was 5 he was intelligent most witch children where. Douglas sprang out of his bed to get dressed for the day wearing Rich black and purple robes that fit him well along with jewelry although he lacked ornate symbols on his robe the outfit was still beautiful. His locs where freshly re-twisted like his mother for the special occasion of a greater step towards knowledge.

The Ceremony
The whole coven was there all wearing similar styles but individual and unique garments. The ceremony was held at one of the covens most sacred places the place where all witches of the Maleficite coven displayed and harnessed there magic and where the covens oldest and most sacred ritual took place. The area was built into the ground with stone stairs down to a focal point of the half circle multi leveled theater. The ritual was called “Siphon of The Lost” the ritual connected the magical and spiritual essence of each member so that as witches in the coven die the power of those witches in some way shape or form siphoned back into the coven. It was now Douglas’ turn to present himself before the elders to see if he was worth of being part of the magical union. He walked up the stone stairs feeling generational magic and magic in the air fill him to the brim and flow around him.
Around Douglas where all things intended for magic water, fire, air, plants, rocks, light, shadows, animals, and he felt it all. The flicker of the fire, The movement of the water, The whisper of the air the weight of the rocks but what was easiest to harness? Raising his hand straight into the air and stretching his fingers out wide as if high-fiving the air above him the air crackled with magic and the water rose shooting through the pools whipping in spirals to clash at the point above him lowering his hand and then breathing the water flash froze. Looking at the elders yearning for approval at the display he focused again. This time on the burning inside of him his inner fire feeling the burn in his left hand and the water in the right he broke the ice causing it to gravitate towards him in fragments while fire gravitated towards him too eventually the firebolts and ice-shards becoming one while the fire stayed consistent and the ice did not burn he then dispersed the fire and sent the water back to the pools and was now ready to be judge by the elders...

End of chapter 1

(Note from author Hello thanks for reading chapter one this is my first ever story I’m publishing I’d love feedback and constructive criticism and honest opinions on the feel of the story and story in general)

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