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This story is about fantasy and royalty. It about a girl who doesn't know how she is the most powerful princess in the kingdoms of the sun and moon. She has so many changes that she hates like that she can't die.

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Chapter 1/3

Hears voices, start getting louder and louder " princess wake up" the lady says loudly. Wakes up surprised and hits my head on a hard board, screams " what was that for" hears giggles running out of my room. " I hate though girls more then anything thinking they are perfect and" mumbles, see my dad walk in "you look like a mess Casey" my dad says, "because of thoses brats, you should have had those killed before marrying queen Mack" I say mad. He looks at me smiling and then starts laughing, " hey am not joking I like queen mack but her daughters our just mean ugly princesses" i say to him mad, " oh come on I know that but just let them think they our perfect until a boy rejects them off the bat alright" as my dad whispers it.

After a few hours later had pasted I was in a pink and white puffy dress, my hair in natural curls and walk out my room going to the garden part of thr castle, i then see my four young sisters they noticed me and start to walk towards, I turn around and try to walk the other way but they catch up to me and one of the sisters grab my left and right arm so I don't move. " what do you want sisters, and if you ask me to sneak a boy in you know am answer is a no" I say straight to them without them asking, " well that's mean come on please your our only hope older sister" all four say at the same time and make baby faces at me, "fine let me say my answer is still no" I say straight to they're faces and get out of there arms and walk the other way to meet my best friends Jack and Alex. All my sisters stand there in disgust looking at me and angry, one of them use their ice power to make me slip, but I hear it coming and turn and use my power to stop it. I looks at Jen and she then looks surprised and they all run off. I laugh a little and walk toward to garden to see Jack and Alex.

I lift my dress up a little going down the stairs into the garden, i turn my head and see two boys smiling looking at me like I was the world to them. I smiles that the fact they think am the world to them but might never merry them because if I merry Jack, Alex would feel hopeless and if I merry Alex, Jack will feel the same, so I could never and I mean never do that to them.
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