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"What are you?" I manage to get out, still too stunned to comprehend what just occurred a few minutes ago.

Fantasy / Action
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Mysterious Letter




"Child yuh better get yuh backside down here now, before ah have tuh come up there for yuh!" My mother shouted from down stairs.

I could have swore she was right outside my door. That woman has the biggest mouth I have ever heard. I can bet the neighbours are awake by now with all that shouting, but I am also sure they are use to it by now. Its only five-thirty in the morning, way too early for me to be up. I was really hoping to get another few hours of sleep, but no.

My mom and I live in the southernest part if Trinidad called Siparia. Trinidad is a small carribbean island, located just of the coast of Venezuela. Port-of-Spain is the capital of Trinidad and is in the opposite direction of where I live. My mom has to be in Port-of-Spain for eight o'clock, so she has to leave a few hours before to reach on time for her appointment. I was really hoping to get a few more hours of sleep before I have to leave for school.

I feel so sleepy. I was up until three this morning reading a book I downloaded on wattpad yesterday evening, after school. Its called The Elemental Heir by xKJFERGUSONx. It was so good. I've only read up until chapter twenty-three and so far it was quickly becoming one of my favorites.

I was hooked. I kept telling myself I would stop at the next chapter but I didn't. I think I fell asleep when I was somewhere around chapter thirty-one, I'm not sure. Thank God wattpad automatically save the last chapter you've read and updates your reading position. It the first book app I tried and I fell in love with it. It was really impressive.


I need to shut the fuck up. I am starting to sound like a cheesy wattpad advertisement.

After falling asleep, I had some pretty explict dreams about Driston (the character in the book). He is soooo fucking hot, and worst yet, a dragon shifter.

Can you imagine the size of his cock! It must be humongous!

Ugh! What the fuck? I think I need to see a therapist ASAP about these fucked up fantasies my mind has been recently concocting. It's starting to become a norm now. Or, maybe I just need a boyfriend, which in my opinion is too much trouble, but, what the fuck would I know about boyfriends.

I'm just saying that because I have never had one before. I don't even have a social life. The closest thing to a boyfriend I ever had was in my dreams.

Ugh! I don't even want to think about this shit right now. Just thinking about it is depressing.

I prolonged getting up for a few minutes more. After all, I still have a lot of time left before school calls. School calls at eight thirty, which give me a little more than two and a half hours to organize myself.

If I leave home early, I would be able to catch the school bus. That would save me some time and money from having to travel. Plus I can read some more chapters while waiting on the bus. Yes.... that sounds like a good plan. A light knock interupted my thinking plan, pulling me out of my mental planning.

"Amaya...baby....yuh up as yet!"

"Yes ma, I'm up!" I responded, right before my mom opens my door. She stood in the doorway fully dress in a navy blue skirt suit that fits her petite form perfectly. The skirt was a bit too tight for my liking, showing off how fit she looks at forty-five. She wore minimal make-up, just enough to enhance her facial features, making her look way younger than her actual age.

"Well ah looking to leave now. Since yuh up already, you will wash the dishes and put out the trash before yuh leave for school."

"Okay ma!"

"Thank you baby....well ah have to leave now. I will be home before yuh reach back from school, just be safe eh. I love you!" She finished and smile at me.

I get out of bed and gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek. "I love you too ma and have a safe journey."

She pull away and smiles at me. "I will!" Right before turning and walking down the stairs. I stood there looking at her retreating form and sigh when she close the door behind her.

Turning and looking at my bed longingly, I contemplated on whether I should take a quick nap or do my chores. I choose the latter.

I took my time as I made my bed and tidied my room a bit, then headed to the bathroom to take a nice, long bubble bath, seeing as I had extra time. I soak for twenty minutes, then got dress and head downstairs to do my chores.

After washing the dishes, I put out the trash, swept the floor and made a sandwich for myself. By then I still had an hour left before leaving to catch the school bus.

All I had to do now is wait for the time to pass but its not as easy as it sounds. My phone lay on the kitchen counter, tempting me to pick it up and read a few chapter. It's a good way to pass time but I know myself too well. If I give in and started reading, I will quickly lose track of time. Most time I tell myself that I would only read a chapter but then ended up reading much more than that. By then hours have passed and I'm thinking it was only for a few minutes.

This is my problem, I get so engross in books that I don't notice time passing. I could read for hours without stopping. Books for me is the best way to get lost in my own world. A place where fantasy meets reality. A place where my imagination transports me in alternate dimensions and I can witness details of each book comes to life. With every detailed description a character is form vividly in my mind. I don't if everyone has the same experience as me but I know it has to be as similar as mines.

Why else would so many people love reading as a hobby?

I have been getting lost in books for as long as I can remember. My mom said that I need to socialize more because I do not have any friends. I think she's a bit worried about me being a loner. Or that I might never grow out of this phase and will end up old and alone.

Not having friends bother me sometimes but the thought of building a friendship with anyone who might hurt or betray me in the long run, didn't sit to well with me. In school, this is the norm. A day cannot pass without drama. To me they are all stuckup, hormonal teenagers with a knack for drama (or baccahnal as they say in the Caribbean)

Even though I am also a hormonal teenager, I am not stuck up and hate drama, which is why I am a loner. And because I am shy and is clueless on how to start a conversation with anyone unless they speak to me first, which is never. I am invisable to them and I like it that way.

With a forlorn expression, my eyes drops on my phone in front of me. The temptation was getting to me beforw I decided to take a nice cool walk to the bus stop. It was only quarter mile away which will take about twenty minutes to reach on foot. Usually I do it in less but today I have more than enough time.

After ensuring the house is secure, I grab my bag, phone and keys on my way out. I was about to lock the door when male voice startled me. "Good morning miss....I am looking for Amaya Reign Harrington, does she live here?"

I shreik loudly out of fright from the unexpected intrusion. I slowly turn towards the voice to see who it is. As my assessment of him began, the first thing that came to mind was a butler. He was overly thin with hallow, sunken cheeks, beady black eyes and a long pointed nose. Cheekbones as sharp as a knife, punctuate his features creating an almost sinister effect. I involuntarily shudder from his piercing gaze which only seem to creep me put further. His thin, short, lifeless hair was neatly comb to the side, slightly hiding the baldness he was trying to conceal.

The longer I look at him, the mire frightened to became. I'm home alone and not sure how many people are too. If something were to happen, no one would know.

He cleared his throat to get my attention and said again with clear irritation in his voice. "Is this the home of Amaya Reign Harrington?"

"Ah... maybe, who wants to know?" I answered with scepticism. I didn't know who he was and was not about to tell him its me he's asking about.

"I was sent to deliver this letter personally." He replied, while taking out an envelope from his jacket pocket. "It is of the utmost importance that no one other than her collect this letter."

I looked at the letter in his hand comtemplating whether to reveal my identity to him. He must've already figure out who I am and the letter has to be something important for it to be send by personal messenger.

"Well you found her." I responded sarcastically.

"Oh thank God!"He tiredly sigh and rudely chuck the letter in my hands, right before turning to leave.

"Wait....who is it from?" I ask, but he was already a few feet away.

"I am not at liberty to say, open the letter and you will know who its from." He stopped and say, but then continued on his way. My eyes followed him until he was out of sight tgen dropped to the envelope in my hands.

Well that was weird!

My curiousity was piqued and the longer I looked at the envelope, the more my restraint dwindle. It held something bulgy inside but the outside was almost blank. Just my full name was neatly written in cursive at the front of it and nothing else.

Why would someone send this letter specifically for me? I don't have friends and I hardly knew my family. I don't even know if they knew I exist. Not once in my whole life can I remember my family ever visiting us, so I assume I didn't have any.

I had to be someone who knows me because they knew my full name. No one knew my full name other than my mother and late father.

The more I try analysing the situation, the stranger everything seems.

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