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The Truth


My dearest Amaya,

How have you been my beautiful granddaughter? You've grown into such a beauty, just like your late grandmother Claudia. Claudia looked exactly like you at her age, such a stunner.

You didn't just take her beauty but her reading habits as well. The both of you have the same reading addiction. If she was still here, she would say its just a hobby but I call it an addiction.

I know you cannot remember me because you were only a baby the last time I saw you. I truly wish we could have gotten to know each other better, unfortunately destiny had other plans.

I have tried mending my relationship with your mother but she wanted nothing to do with me. We've always had a strained relationship, my son and I. Honestly I was the one who drove him away, which I immensely regret. It's something I wish I could change but now its too late.

I have tried being reasonable, even understanding towards your mother but now, I have no other choice but to come directly to you. Amaya, you my child is the sole benifactor of all my assets. I hoped to present this to you in person but if you're reading this before meeting me, then I fear it was not ment to be. This letter is to be delivered upon my death and for that I am sorry.

You need to take this letter to the below address as soon as possible. Its the address of my lawyer , who has already been instructed to sign over all my assets to you. I hope you accept my peace offering. It could never make up for my absence but I hope you accept it anyway. I will always love and protect you, even if it's from afar.

With all my love,

Robert Steven Harrington II

PS: Enclose is a ruby encrusted key, please keep it safe and out of sight. It's the key to your addiction. Don't worry, you will understand when its time for you to. Until then don't show it to anyone or let anyone know you have it.

I was lost for words. Confusion and angst filled me as I read and re-read the entire letter, but can't seem to make sense of it. So many questions bombarded my mind until I could feel a dull ache forming behind my eyes.

I really didn't know what to think about this letter. Clearly this must be a sick joke, or prank, something, anything, but it couldn't be true.

I know for a fact that my grandfather is and have been dead for years now. I refuse to believe there's any credibility to this letter, there no way my mother would ever lie about this. She, herself told me my grand-father died years ago and I believed her. My mother is not a liar and I know she would never lie to me about this. Never!

Wouldn't she tho!

"No, she wouldn't. She would never lie to me!" I kept affirming this to myself, over and over again, dismissing the thought. I was practically burning a trail in the wooden floor as I pace back and forth.

If this letter held any truth to it, it means that my grand-father has been alive all this time, which could also mean one thing. My mother has been lying to me.

I really hated that I am doubting my mom but everytime my eyes land on the letter, it taunts me further. There's too much facts in this letter for it to be a mere coincidence or a prank. And why would they leave a name and contact information. Was it to send me on a wild goose chase, to waste my time, or to piss me off. If so, then this prank sucks ass.

This situation is messing with my mental. In moments like this, I really wish I had someone to talk to. Someone who could at least help me think about this with a rational point of view. I on the other hand is far from being anything close to rational. I'm an overthinker, hot tempered and fast to jump to conclusions, all in which is not ideal to deal with this situation.

I really hate being left alone with my thoughts. It somehow always seem to get me in the worst trouble. That is all I'm left with right now, my thoughts and so many unanswered questions, with no one to answer them.

I have....well had a grandfather, who my mom said died years ago, but from what this letter states, he died only a few days ago, which means he was alive all this time and in close proximity too.

To me it didn't look like he cares, even if my mother told him to stay away, why now. Why did it take seventeen years to make himself known to me, when he could've done that years ago? And why would he leave his entire fortune to me when he barely knew me? This just don't make any sense at all, yet I can't seem to let it go.

I loudly sigh and carelessly flop myself on the porch swing. Looking at the time on my wrist watch, it's already eight o'clock. The bus would be long gone by now and travelling was not an option. The amount of time it would take to get a taxi to reach to school, is absurd. Sometimes it takes almost an hour or more just to get a taxi and today I am not in the right mindset for that. This letter just fucked up my entire day.

My mom would be pissed I didn't go to school today, but she herself also have some explaining to do. I wasn't expecting her to tell me everything but I was also hoping she would respect me enough to do so. In Trinidad, parents are a dominant force you don't play with or even disrespect. You can get your ass whooped for just looking at them with an attitude. I've earned my fair share of ass whooping and know how to thread lightly when it comes to questioning her. Just thinking about how wrong this can go have me breaking a sweat.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mom dearly but I also know she will not tolerate disrespect from me or anyone. She the nicest, most sweetest person you'd ever meet but that persona can flip with the slightest inkling of disrespect. And you do not want to witness that side of her.

The vibrating of my phone, snap me out of thoughts of how wrong this could all go, if I ask the wrong questions. I quickly pull it out of my uniform skirt pocket and answer it without looking at the caller ID.

"Amaya, whey yuh is child? Why is your school calling me tuh ask why yuh not present today?"

Shit! I forget school would call if I was absent. Its a shitty rule but an effective way to ensure all students have regular attendance. "I....I...I started feeling sick, so I decided to not go." I lied through my teeth.

" ....but yuh was good this morning before I leave, so don't try to lie to me!"

Fuck! I knew she wouldn't believe me. Why the fuck did I stutter? Think Amaya, think fast or she'll beat your ass. With the thought of the out come if caught, I remember there's only one excuse I could use. "My periods came and I was in a lot of pain, so I didn't go."

" why didn't you call me and say something?" She ask in a softer tone.

"I knew you'd probably be driving and I didn't want to distract you." I lied again, like a professional.

Oh God! I'm so going to hell for this.

"Well....don't let that stop you next time eh! You need to call me and let me know these things, before your principal calls me to talk nonsense. Don't worry I will call your school and let them know, alright!"

"Thanks ma!" I sigh in relief.

"Are you in a lot of pain?"

" stomach is killing me!" I replied, fraining sickness.

"Okay....well take some pain killers and drink a cup of lime bud tea it will ease the pain until I reach home." She said, sounding concern.

The genuine concern she showed was making my conscience bother me. I'm such a hypocrite, asking for respect when I'm lying through my teeth. "Okay, I will!"

"Okay baby. I will call you back in a few hours to check on you, okay!"

"Okay!" I say softly, bowing my head in shame for lying to her. That's when I saw the letter peaking out from under my thighs where I tucked it from being blown away. Only then did I remember what I need to ask her.

" to you soon!" She said and was about to end the call.

"!" I called out to her before she hang up.

"Yes baby!" She immediately responded, waiting for me to talk.

I had to phrase my questions properly, otherwise she will become suspicious. " my grandfather still alive?"


"Ma....are you there?" I ask, looking at the phone to see if she hung up on me.

"Ah...yeah, yeah I'm still here!" She laughs nervously. "Um....why did you ask?"

"It ah....It's just something I heard, nothing serious." I played it of nonchalantly. With every lie uttered, the more astonished I became. Since when was I such a fantastic liar?

"Oh...well no need to worry about that, he's dead!" I sense a hint of nervous in her response, like she was unsure of her answer.


"No buts Amaya!" Her voice raised in anger, which surprised me. "Look....I don't have time to talk about this now. But we will when I get back." My mom ordered, leaving no room for discussion. The finality in her voice was abundantly clear, hinting a taste of trouble if I push too hard.

Sighing for the umpteenth time, I decided to not push the issue further. I know better than to do that when she gets like this. Its damn near impossible to crack a dent in her resolve, which can also lessen the possibility of her even continuing this topic.

The thought of her brushing off my questions, makes me a bit suspicious of her. As I said before, my mom's usually a straight-forward person, but the way she was avoiding answering me, tells me that she know it's true.

I really hate going behind her back, but I need to know the truth, even if it means disobeying my mother. I would have to do my own investigations into this letter, whether she like it or not.

"Alright ma, see you later!" I say before ending the call.

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