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Answers- pt 1


The scorching, hot sun shone down on me, as I hurriedly walk to the bus stop to get a taxi. It was only a few blocks away from where I live but it felt like I was walking for forever. The heat of the sun penetrates deeper into my skin, leaving a never-ending sting wherever it touches.

It was unbearable and bearable at the same time. Even though it burns my skin, the cool breeze soothes it momentarily. Thankfully, God created me with enough melanin to protect myself from it ultraviolet rays. It felt like my skin would've slowy melt, if I didn't have any.

I should be accustomed to this heat by now. Afte all, I am from a tropical country and there's only two ways this could go, it's either raining or it's sunny. It shouldn't surprise me at all but the heat of the sun was fucking up my thinking space. Sweat slow crawl down my back and between my cleavage, creating a pool which soaks through my clothes. The last thing I want is to reach my destination looking and smelling like a hot mess. But...I could do nothing about it now. It's either I stay home and do nothing, while I fester about the letter or I face the brunt of the scorching sun to find out the truth.

A sigh of relief left my lips as the bus stop comes into my line of sight. I quickened my pace, determination strengthening my will power to reach my destination. I will gladly accept whatever punishment I get for my disobedience, even if she grounds me for life. My mind was made up and I can be just as, or even more stubborn than my mom. The need to know the truth was more stronger than her disappointment in me. Even if it's a wild goose chase, at least my mind will be satisfied.

Ten minutes later, I got a taxi which was surprising. Usually it takes hours but not today, why? Maybe it the universe giving me a sign that I'm on the right path. I gave the driver the address and sit back, trying to relax a little.

The scenery flew by in a blur as the car sped of, leaving my rural community behind, not that I noticed. My mind was too preoccupied with thought of the letter, my mom and claming my racing pulse. I was a nervous wreck, my heart was trumping wildly as I fidget restlessly in my seat. I shouldn't do this alone, who knows if it's a rapist or serial killer who sent the letter. I could be heading to my death and not even know. They really say curiousity killed the cat. I guess I'm the cat in this instance because my curiosity was getting the better of me.

Taking a deep breath, I try calming my racing pulse when the street sign came in view. I sat in the car for a few minutes as doubt and fear crowded my mind. The driver cleared his throat to get my attention, indicating that I was wasting his time, without say so directly. I took his subtle hint and pay him before getting out. I didn't have to look at the letter to figure out the address. It was already engrained in my mind from the amount of time I re-read the letter.

My footsteps haulted in front of the house of the address. It was a simple but big, two storey, white concrete structure. Its built had a modern finish, with huge glass windows, black panel double doors and a roof-top patio. The owner must be loaded, is all I could think. This house screams money.

My heart was racing erratically as I gingerly walk up to the huge, double doors and stop on its doorstep. Using the gold knockers on the door, I knock once, then twice and was about to knock again when an old woman swing open the door. She look at me curiously at first but then her face morphed in a warm smile. "Good afternoon dear, how may I help you?" She said in a sweet, airy tone. The warmness of her voice brought an instant relief, only then did I finally started breathing.

Her dark brown eyes sparkles as it look at me over the rim of her glasses, which was perched halfway on her straight, pointy nose. Her hair is grey and in a sleek bob cut, making her look way younger. If it wasn't for the gray hair and the glasses, I'd say she was in her early forties. She was a bit shorter than me but the way she carried herself with poise and grace, you'd barely noticed the height difference.

"Good afternoon! I...ah I'm here to speak to a Mrs. Jenny Ramberose." I stutteted like an idiot, feeling a bit intimidated by her. "My name is Amaya Harrington and I recieve this letter which send me to this address. Can you please help me?" I rambled feeling my nerves taking over.

Her serious face morphed into a smile. "Oh, you must be Steven's granddaughter! Oh my, please come in!" She said excitedly and moved away from the doorway, allowing me to pass.

I look at her skeptically, wondering who the heck is Stephen. But then I remembered that she call me his granddaughter and I suddenly knew who it was. "I was expecting you, I just didn't know when you'd show up." She said, after closing the door. She then lead me to her spacious sitting room and kindly instructed me to take a seat.

She was expecting me!

"You were!"

"Of course I was! After all, I was the one who sent you the letter. Well...I didn't write it but was instructed by Stephen to deliver it on his behalf incase anything happened to him."

I looked at her with crease brows, clearly confused. "Wait, he was alive?" I ask, wanting to know the answer.

Her mouth opened to respond but no words came. She then looked at me with a pained expression, like she was having a hard time telling me. "Yes, he was!"

I looked at her perplexed. I didn't know what to think or how to feel about this information. The only thing I could feel right now is overwhelmed. I felt robbed. Robbed of the opportunity to have a relationship with my grandfather and pissed with knowing I was not enough for them to put their differences aside. I grew up my whole life thinking my mother was the only family I have but that was so far from the truth. Every Christmas, every hoilday, it was just me and my mother when there could've more.

My eyes followed her as she excuse herself and began walking towards the stairs. As her foot land on the first threader she paused, like if she now remember something. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Yes thank you, I'll take some water."

"Okay, I'll be right back!"

A few seconds later she came back with a tray holding a glass, a bottle of water and plate of chocolate chip cookies. After carefully resting it on the table in front of me, she excuse herself and left. My stomach embarrass me by growling loudly, only then did I realise how hungry I was. Thankfully she had already left before it happened.

As I sip the water, I took the opportunity to fully take in the decor. The inside was as white as the outside. Multiple pieces of African themed paintings lined the spacious walls throughout the room. Plush, white sofa neatly arrange with gold accented throw pillows. My jaws dropped at the sight of the huge crystal chandelier above me, creating a very luxurious feel to the room.

She must be loaded.

As soon as I done with my assessment of the room, Jenny walked in with a briefcase and took a seat next to me. She then proceeded to open it and took out a large brown envelope and rest it on the edge of the table, right before loudly snapping the briefcase close.

I look at her curiously as she carefully opens the envelope and took out a thick stack of papers and rest it on her thighs. "I am not only your grandfather's friend but also his attorney." She say, turning towards me. "This document contain every single piece of asset, your grandfather owned, all of which... is now yours." She smiles at me expectantly.


My jaws were literally on the ground. Words seem to evade me as my brain scramble for something to say. "Huh!" Was all I could manage. She must be pulling my leg, there's no fucking way she's serious but the look on her face says otherwise.

"This is your grandfather's will. It contain billions of dollars worth in assets and since you are his only living relative... it was all left to you Amaya." She repeated, slower this time but my mind still couldn't comprehend it.

Well... fuck me silly!

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