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ANSWERS - pt 2

Amaya's POV:

My brain was literally scrambling to form a sentence, while I looked at her dumbfounded. Her brows crease with worry as she takes in my reaction. "Amaya ...are you okay!" She asked, while my face contorts in confusion.

"I...ah....I..." Was all I could get out as the weight of what she told me starts to sink in.

I must be dreaming!

Yeah that must be it. I'm at home asleep in my bed, dreaming that my dead grandfather, died and left me a shit load of money. I try convincing myself of this, but the occasional squeezing of my hand felt too real to ignore.

My eyes look down at Jenny's hand in mines, then set upon her face which looked a bit older as lines of distress crease on the corners of her eyes and forehead.

Damn...I wasn't dreaming!

"!" She slowly asked again, placing emphasis on each word. "Look child, I know this is a lot to process but this isn't a joke or a prank or anything of the sort. It's all true." She tries reassuring me but my mind was incorporative.

She let out a long, exasperated sigh, looking at the ceiling. "Hear what...why don't I drop you home and you can come back when you're ready to listen, okay!"

With a robotic nod, I agreed with her. She then stood up and put the papers back into the briefcase and walk out the room, after saying she be back in a second. I stay rooted to the couch, my eyes followed her until she disappears from my line on sight. She return a few minutes later in a different top and set of keys jingling in her hands."Are you ready?" She asked and I nodded in response.

I stiffly stood up, grabbing my bag and slinging it over my shoulder before looking at her expectantly. She nods at me in acknowledgment, right before leading me to a door on the opposite side of the house. She opens it, allowing me to pass first before locking the door behind her. The door leads us into a huge garage that could hold at least four cars at a time but it only had two. Two expensive looking, luxury vehicle. A Mercedes Benz and a Toyota SUV, looking like it has never been used.

Ms. Jenny opened the door of the SUV and gesture for me to enter, then walk to the drivers side and got into the vehicle. After putting on her seat belt, she turn towards me with a weird expressions on her face. It was a cross between curiosity and knowing a secret.

"Before I drop you home, I want to show you something.....if it's okay with you." Ms. Jenny say after starting the car and backing out the garage. I wrack my brain with a suitable excuse to not go but couldn't come up with any so I agreed reluctantly. I don't know why but I trust Ms. Jenny. Even though I don't know jer that well, I feel somewhat safe with her.

After a few minutes of driving in complete silence, I notice we were heading in the opposite direction of my house. "Where are we going?" I skeptically ask. But she shrug off my question and said its a surprise.

Five minutes later she pull off the main road onto a deserted street lined with poui trees in full bloom. It would've been beauitful sight if my anxiety wasn't at an all time high. My got sweatier the further she drove. Just when thoughts of my ultimate doom surfaced, the trees cleared and a castle like house came in view. It was neatly nestled in the center of a well groomed lawn, decorated with colourful plants and trees, making it look even more sofisticated and classy. Whoever lives there must be filty rich.

The car slowed as we drove up to a metallic gold monstrosity call a gate. Its span was wide enough to fit three cars at a time. Jenny stopped at a speaker and say her name into it and a few minutes later the gates opened. She drove up the driveway which was lined with beautiful flowers and palm trees and stopped in front of the house.

It was ridiculously huge, spreading as far as I can see. Majority of the house was meticulously hidden by large trees and colourful croton plants giving it an almost tropical oasis effect. If the house wasn't so big you'd think that was the effect they were trying to achieve. Its massive structure looms over us as we stopped in front of the house. It wasn't that tall since it only had three flooŕs, but the width of the entire house was ridiculous. I wouldn't want to be the owner of this monstrosity when it comes to cleaning it. One person would take days, even weeks working non-stop to finish this house.

"Rich people!" I scoffs to myself as I step out of the vehicle, following Jenny's lead. I stood beside her as she stopped at the doorsteps and look towards me. "Impressive isn't it."


"Do you know who owns it."

"No who?" I answered, wondering why she's acting weird, by asking me that question. How would I know who owns this house? I don't really know anyone, much less keep up with rich people's lifestyle. I could care less about who own this house.


The look I threw her, made her smile falter for a few seconds but then it grew wider. "You're joking right?"

She shook her head. "This house belonged to your grandfather and since you're his only living family, this and everything he owns is yours." She looks at me with a sad but hopefull expression. It's like she knew that this was too much for me to handle but was hoping I accept it. And she was right, this is too much.

"Come, there's someone I want you to meet." She gently took my hand and pull me towards the door. I stood back, still in a daze as she knocks the door. Seconds later the door swung open and the most handsomest guy I ever seen stood in the doorway, clad in a white vest and black tracksuit pants. His short, curly hair looks messy, like he just woke up. With squared jawline, full, pouty pink lips and a diamond stud piercing on his straight, pointy nose, he is the epitome of a teenager's wet dream. I tried my hardest not to stare but I couldn't look away. Our eyes met briefly but then he looked away towards Jenny, making me feel a bit self-conscious, like I wasn't worth his time. I not sure why it bothered me a little.

"Jenny!" He exclaimed with the most breathtaking smile I've ever seen before throwing his arms around her in a big hug. Jenny laughs joyously at his playful demeanour, hugging him back immediately. Our eyes met over Jenny's shoulder, making his smile fall instantly. Instead a smirk quickly replaces it when he catches me staring. My face burns in embarrassment but my eyes didn't waver from his. Jenny pulls away and pinches his cheeks. "Look at you! You grow even more handsome everytime I see you." She then turn towards me. "Oh! Where are my manners? This is Stephen's granddaughter, Amaya. Amaya this is Emillio, Stephen's adopted son. He stays here when he's visiting."

He scratch his head, looking a bit embarrassed and strected his hand towards me to shake. "Hi! Nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you and it's nice to finally meet you in person." He said in a deep, gravely voice that rattles my senses as I slip my hand in his.

The warmth of his hands seeps into mines and spreads throughout my body. It felt electric, so intense I didn't know how to react but to pull my hand away. "Nice to meet you too." I say and push my hands in my jeans pocket. I caught the way he looks at me before he looked towards Jenny. I don't know how to explain it but I get the sense that he doesn't approve of me being here.

Ms. Jenny interupted my thought when she grab my hand and pull me towards the open doorway. "Come, lets show you the inside of the house." I reluctantly let her guide me into the house.

I can hear Emillio footstep following behind us. It takes every fiber of my being to not look back at him. They gave me a tour of the entire first and second floor of the house before Jenny said she was too tried to move any further.

In summary, the first floors of the house contain five bedrooms, each the size of the house I am currently living in. Each bedroom has its own completed bathroom attach, with built in closet. The entertainment room was the size of a cinema and was decorated like one which is a shitty concept in my opinion. Whoever decorated it clearly lacks imagination. Who wants to be separated by armrest, instead of a big fluffy couch. You can cuddle, relax and watch at the same time.

Anyway, it had a huge gym, fully furnished with everything needed for a complete work out. What was a bit strange is the various weapons that lined the walls of the gym. Not sure why anyone would need so much weapons in their house.

The state-of-the-art kitchen is my favorite part of the house. With stainless steel appliances and beautiful granite conter-tops, every surface was gleaming. I can see myself in a kitchen like this but not if it comes with this house. Its too big and cold for my liking.

I mindlessly follow behind Jenny as she lead me into the living room. She sat beside me while Emillio stood perch on the armrest of the opposite couch. They were both staring at me, like they was waiting for me to say something.

"So...Amaya! What do you think of the house?" Jenny asked looking at me expectantly.

"It's nice!" I responded but she didn't look to please with my answer. She stood up, excuse herself and walk out the room. My eyes followed her until she disappear from my line of sight. I really don't know what she was expecting me to say. The house is nice but not something I would want to live in.

Right now I too physically and emotionally exhausted to give my honest opinion. I just want this day to end and to forget about everything that has happened.

"You know, Stephen was really hoping you'd accept his legacy. You are all he spoke about, even when he knew there would never been a relationship between you and him. He still had hope that one day your mother would have a change of heart and he'd get to see you." I turn towards him and his sad expression, say he was sincere with his words. I was tongue tied. Emillio is the second person to speak nice things about my grand-father and everytime its like a stab to the heart. Why does everyone gets to know him and I didn't? I was a child caught in a tug of war between adults. Now I will never get the chance and that makes me angry. At him, my mother, my father, anyone who ever had a relationship with him. I don't want to hear nice things about him, I wanted a chance too.

"You speak so highly of him. I wish I could do that too, but I can't. You all made sure of that."

"Look I know this might be a little tough to digest but what happened between Stephen and your father had nothing to do with me. Anyway, where is it?" He ask and stretch his open palm towards me.

"Where is what?" I asked clearly confused.

He loudly sigh and ran his in frustration. "He sent it for you! Where is it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about! Where is what?" I replied, getting frustrated with him and his condescending attitude.

"The fucking key! Where is it?" He curse at me and I snapped.

"Who d fuck yuh cussing? Doh play up in yuh mothercunt and think you cud talk to me like dat. Yuh know what, fuck you!" I curse back at him which stunned him into silence.

I loudly steups and grab my bag to go look for Jenny. The time to leave was long overdue. If I stay here one more second, I will trip the fuck off. This day has officially gone to shit.

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