Nocte Dormis

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Vocabulary Clarification

1- Football/Soccer reference relating to the French player named 'Alexander Lacazette'
2-Check out Uchiha Itachi taking off his akatsuki cloak. Anime reference
3-Look up Roberto Firmino's teeth on the Internet. Yet again another footballer reference!
4-Yoruba: A language spoken by the members of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria.
5-Otaku: Basically 'nerd' in Japanese
6-A reference to the debut album of the now deceased rapper, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy popularly known as XXXtentacion. May his soul rest in peace🙏
7-Wetin dey occur: Translates to 'What's going on?' or 'What's happening?'
8-Pidgin English: Is a style of English used widely in the Western and other parts of Africa for easy communication among people who don't speak the same language. The phrases in [7] and [10] are from this language
9-Oreno kachi: Japanese for 'I win'. Often used in anime
10-Abeg stop na: Translates to 'Please stop' in a whiny tone
11-ReZero: An anime/light novel where the protagonist goes back in time anytime he dies. It's an amazing story!
12-Oluwa: The Yoruba word for 'God'. The way Brizzy uses it in the story can be read as 'God please tell me I'm hearing things right' by a Nigerian
13-Mayowa: The short form of a Yoruba name. The one the narrator was referring to when [4] was used
14- Please note that single quotes '...' were used to convey the narrator's thoughts at the time of the event

Now that you know all this, you can go back to have another read and maybe you would see some things a little bit clearer or even the story as a whole in another light.

I hope you have a good day, stay tuned for more of my pieces😉. See you guys later. Please leave a like and comment when you're done. Good or not, it would definitely help me improve on my writing✌
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