Rejected By The Alpha

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My name is Tae rose Marie carter. My life is perfect. I have amazing friends, loving parents and i will soon find my mate. And my brother will soon be ranked as beta. It couldn't get any better. Tae is a 16 year old girl going on 17 and ready to find her mate and shift into her wolf. But, what happens when her mate Rejects her? What happens when she finds out how rare and powerful her wolf is? What happens when her life completely falls apart? Continue ro read and find out.

Fantasy / Drama
Myah Norzinskay
Age Rating:

Chapter one- Dinner with the Alphas family. Part 1

"Tae I told you to come down here 10 minutes ago!?" Yet agian my mother calls me from downstairs to help her set the table. My mom invited the Aphas family over to celebrate my brothers and soon to be alphas rank. I am currently getting everything ready for junior year, finally only one more year of torture after this. "Tae get your brother off the video games, and both of you come help with the food!"

"Okay mom be right down." I said as I grabbed my phone and slipped it in my back pocket. I made sure to be sneaky walking in my brothers room, to scare him of course. I crept up behind him and pounced. "Aghhhhhhh" he groaned getting off the ground. "Haha, gotcha" danny and I were very close as siblings, he has always been there for me even though I am adopted. Thats right adopted. At first it was hard for me to process but danny told me blood or not I was a his sister. I smiled at the heart warming memory. I cherished it truly.

"C'mon sis let's go help mom" I quickly nodd realizing my mom would have my head considering its been 20 minutes sense she called us down. "Okay let's race, I bet 50 bucks i will win" I said challenging my dear brother. We suddenly came to a stop after racing down the stairs obnoxiously, I realized I won the bet. Im starting to question why he's the next beta and not me.

"You two will be the death of me one day." My mom said with a sigh. I chuckled at the close relationship I had with my family. It was nice having her as a mother but I wish I knew who my real mom is. As I was setting the table, the door bell rang. "Tae can you get that hun?"

I nodded and opened the door to see my best friend lilly! "Heyyyyyy TT are you excited for junior year! Aghhh i cant wait!" My best friend said jumping up and down happily. This is going to be a great night. "Lill I am excited too! We are going to throw a killer welcome back to school party!" I said.

"Oh very much so! I cant wait!" Lilly said with excitement. I looked over at my brother who is quite amused by my best friend. "Dont go to ahead of yourselves girls" danny said with a smirk. That cocky motherfucker! I mentally slapped my forehead. Him and his ego. Him and all his friends were such players. Which is why he's not aloud to go for any of my friends.

He caught me glaring at him with a 'ill have your head' expression and he knew I would. I guess I can say he's a little scared of me, especially after what happened last time he pushed my buttons. Last year he slept with my worst enemy, Alica A.K.A the school slut. That entitled Narsisistec bitch makes my blood boil. I got suspended for 3 days after beating her ass. She had a broken nose, six stitches on the side of her head, two swallowed teeth, and and had a big swollen black eye.

"You three help me start cooking deserts it will be one hour until everyone els gets here. Tae you can invite all your friends over for dinner, and before you ask they all can spend the night. Danny you and your friends may do the same. The only thing I'm asking out of you is to leave the girls alone understood?"

"Yes ma'am" we both said. And started to help with the food. I had gotton a text from my other best friend ruby. And boy if you were to say I had an attitude of fire, you haven't seen anything compared to her. She is a great warrior as a she wolf. I frowned at the thought of being a werewolf considering im 16 and havent shifted yet.

Ruby: heyyy ill be at yours soooon cant wait till tomarrow tho! 🤗😝❤

Me: Me too!

Ruby: ikr lilly texted me and said we are having a sleep over! I still cant believe its happening on a school night lol.

Me: same. See you soon love you😘

I put my phone away smiling as if I never had before. I cant wait for our next adventure. I wish I would just shift. Although some she wolves shift after there mate marks them, my 17 birthday is in the middle of the school year so I'll find him soon. I hope..
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