The Wizardress Of Asgard

By Fallen_Angel All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Chapter 3

I woke up, I was in a dream state as you could call it. I saw my body lying on the ground peacefully as I began to panic. There was six hours until dawn and I desperately needed a witch who could see spirits, but there was none who could in Asgard who were of my knowledge. My only choice was to go to the summit of Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods, to see Hecate.

It was very difficult to leave a god realm, especially the Norse god realm. It was the most difficult considering there was petrifying enemies who would in countless attempts, try to break the barrier into Asgard. Although I really didn’t have any choice. I was lucky my body can survive without my astral body, my soul. It wouldn’t survive for long, however it gave me just enough time to travel there and back.

I could see the dark blue sky flooded with glowing sliver balls of fire. It was gorgeous, the silver sparks in the sky illuminated a pale grey color. I felt fear wash over me as I took a breath. Six hours was all I had and I had to get going.

I began walking away from the store and broke out into a sprint. I took another deep breath, trying to calm down from my panic. I couldn’t lose control of myself. I hoped to Odin that nothing bad was going to happen but in the back of my mind. I knew something horrid was going to happen and soon. I whipped past fields in the South village, the beautiful village decorated in silver and gold flashed under the moonlight. I sighed sadly as I reached the gate, the entrance and exit of Asgard.

The gate was a beautiful gold, decorated with silver leaves attached to the bars of the masterpiece. There was no guards needed, this was an entrance that could only open if it trusted you. If the gate, Skimmer, trusted you then you could come and go as much as you please.

“Åpne golden gate av gudene” I spoke, she didn’t budge, until I spoke once more. “Golden gate of silver leaves, open for me” I commanded as the gate opened slightly, then slammed open. I gave her a confused look before sighing and walking out. “So even she is affected yes?” I looked ahead of me, seeing midgard. The land below me was looked like green velvet and the oceans visualized to be blue silk. I smiled sadly and yelled into the air. “Gi meg flight” Determination filled my eyes once more as my body quickly lifted off of the terrain and into the night sky. I pointed my finger in the direction I needed travel, which was east.

As I flew above the earth, I tugged on my moon necklace. It was a storage for my magic, the stone in it shone a different color based on how much magic I possessed. Right now it was the color light blue, I had a quite a lot of magic in my possession. Besides my necklace, I carried many different stones in which had many meanings. Hematite was to relief stress, Rose Quartz symbolized love and compassion, and White Howlite was important for dreams and memory.

I took out my Hematite from my brown woven bag and held onto it tightly, it shone against the stars, a small shimmery black surface in my hand. I knew that this wouldn’t help much. lives were at state, my sisters, my friends, mine how could I not be stressed? I needed to find a way and if I didn’t I don’t know nor do I want to even image what will happen.

I looked below me, seeing the green and blue combination. I could see each single country before I spotted Greece, Mount Olympus wasn’t too far away from where I was.

As the spell began to wear off I found my dress changing from the original dark purple to white at gold, long sleeves wrapped around my arms and the skirt kissed my waist. My silver moon necklace with the blue stone turned into a bright yellow sun with a gold stone. As I approached the gate I could see Hecate standing watching the evening sky.

“Oh Florist” She smiled maturely before opening the gate, I gasped before speaking. “I need help”

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