The Wizardress Of Asgard

By Fallen_Angel All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Chapter 4

I gasped for air as I looked at her with sorrow flooding my eyes.

“The gods in Asgard are disappearing... Vor is gone” I regained my breath, she looked at me in concern.

“Did m’lady try to summon her?” She asked, I nodded my head rapidly. “Yes, and she didn’t show, Odin fears Loki is behind this” I gasped once more. “If it’s power he wants, lives are at state. I need to know whats going on, do you know anything?” I asked. Hecate only nodded slowly before leading me to a large building crafted from the wood of a large tree. We peered inside to see a quiet library.

“How much time do you have?” She asked, knowing only astral bodies could travel to other god realms. “Less than six hours now” I said, she nodded, pulling out books from the shelves which were crafted from the inside walls.

One by one the books piled in her hands. Each made with a leather cover, one about the Norse gods, one about Loki, and even more about magic. She walked over to a table as I followed her, setting the books on the table and pulling one about magic out, she looked at me before opening it for a brief moment. “If you do not defeat Loki and use magic with the help of the four main wizards in Asgard then the Norse gods will disappear and you know what that means.” She paused “Asgard will crumble faster than you can imagine” She finished. My eyes showed sorrow in them. I nodded. Without the gods, a god realm is hopeless, it will lose it’s power.

“How long do I have to defeat Loki?” I asked. “Three days, he is kidnapping the gods at a rapid pace. I’m afraid that if you fail, magic will be lost forever. Even our lives depend on you” She spoke once again. I shivered. Just thinking about it made my stomach turn. It would be my fault if the gods were to parish, it would be my fault if the magic, our life source, fades away as if it was never there.

Fear held me in its grasp. I looked over at Hecate whose black hair was dangling over her face, sliding down her waist. her grey eyes looked at me in pity. I sighed, regaining myself.

“You’re the one Loki is after Florist” She said suddenly, my eyes widened. “What do you mean?” I asked suddenly, she looked away sadly. “You have the most powerful human magic possible, he’s power hungry again. If someone or something manages to kill a magical person, they obtain their power. Eventually they build their magic up until they can surpass gods, that’s when other gods start to disappear... Loki has gotten powerful enough. If he defeats you or Odin, the god realms are done for.” She finished, before I could speak she had already cut me off. “You have two hours before your body reacts to the lack of soul, you should go” She said. I nodded, getting up silently and walking out of the library and approaching the gate, it stood there calmly, opening slowly so I could flea back to my home.

“Gi meg flight" I said quietly, my body was once again being lifted off the ground. I felt sad, as if something was missing but I didn't know what.

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