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Requiem of Hearts

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It's basically a story where the character tries to find himself either from battles or talking to others. Each character grows as the story develops and hey maybe you will as well.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Unusual Surroundings

There once lies a person on a grass hill, he doesn’t know who he is or what has happened... This is his unusual story. The man had his eyes closed as his mind wandered through various images, a voice was heard as the anonymous person said, “Wake up my dear child, this world will be unknown to you... But please change it for the better.”

The man woke up as he stared at the great blue sky from him, he spoke to himself and thought, “Where... Am I, who am I, and why am I... Here?”

He then notices a tavern near a pathway that leads to a forest, he began to float towards the building as if a flock of birds was carrying his body.

Before the traveler went near the tavern, he notices a group of peculiar strangers as he flies down. He thought to himself, “Whoa... how come there’s a kid with red hair, a girl with blue hair and a jewel on her forehead, and an old guy with a white beard.”

The red hair kid began to speak in an impatient tone “Aaaaaaah I can’t believe we have to walk this far, it’s so damn boring! RUST WHY DIDN’T YOU TELEPORT US?”

Rust started to explain calmly, “Patience Dai, that is the key to this whole thing... Now please calm yourself.”

The blue hair girl started to talk about Dai’s aggressive behavior, “Yeah Dai please... keep your voice down will ya? You’re going to scare that guy right over there.” as she points to the traveler.

The traveler then notices that they were talking about him and he was confused about why she called him out.

Suddenly Rust felt an exerted pressure from him, as he was on guard for what’s about to come.

Dai began to talk in an overconfident tone, “You mean that brat with the ripped clothes over there, Atlantic? Pfft, I can easily kick his ass so hard that he’ll be crapping his pants for the next hour or so.”

The traveler then started to speak in a confused manner, “Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you all, but where am I, and is there someplace where I can rest my body?”

“Oh you’re not scared huh?” said Dai.

The traveler didn’t know what to say, he was just left in silence... After a while, he spoke, “No not really... I’m just more confused than anything, why are you acting so... Uncivilized?”

Dai looked at him angrily and said, “Oh so you’re tough shit huh? Do you think you’re cool? Trying to play it off like you’re confused?”

“Look I’m not looking for trouble, I just want a place to stay, I don’t even remember my name so please... just let me go.” The traveler spoke in a scared tone as if he was talking with a demon.

Rust reached his hand out to Dai and said, “NO, YOU MUSN’T FIGHT THIS MAN!”

“Oh, don't worry Rust I won't fight this man... I'LL END HIM UP IN A COMA WITH ONE PUNCH!” as Dai tried to punch The traveler, he dodged to the left.

The traveler then took a fighting stance and began to speak in a confident but defensive tone, “Fine, if you want to fight then put your fists up.”

"TAKE THIS YOU STUPID SENTIENT!" said Dai. He then threw another punch but missed again and destroyed some nearby rocks.

Rust noticed a different pattern from Dai's usual attacks, it was as if he was testing to see how the traveler would fight against someone.

“Looks like you missed me... I’m not going to harm ya, but I will have to use my powers.”

“Is that a threat or an empty promise?” said Dai.

The traveler replied and said, “Neither, I’m just here to fight you.”

He then put Dai in a rope that strangled his body in pain. Dai began to sweat and didn’t know what or how to handle the situation.

“Damn it... What powers do you even... have!?” said Dai.

Dai's body began to swell up into a black-red flame as he was in pain.

Rust saw what he was doing and started to think, ”This boy looks quite young and that power is similar to the hearts of virtue... He certainly does have talent.”

Rust then decided to break the fight and said, “That’s enough for the both of you: Dai, you can cut the act now.” A golden hand then popped up and slashed the rope that tied Dai.

The traveler then said in a confused way, “What do you mean by act?!”

Dai stared at him and said, “Basically, I was trying to see if you were a pretty good fighter."

“Oh no, I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

“No it’s fine, I’m a tough guy but here’s a question…” said Dai as he began to pat himself down from the dust.

“Yeah what is it?” As the traveler replied.

Dai began to speak in a cautious tone, “Why didn’t you want to harm me? I was trying to hurt you.”

The traveler replied, “I don’t like to inflict pain on others but if I have to use force then I’ll use it. A fight is always a fight no matter what.”

Dai started to think, “This guy is strange... he had a dark red aura around him... Who the hell is he anyway?”

The group noticed a mark on his chest that resembled a symbol for something.

They look towards each other as they try to theorize on what the mark is about.

The traveler walked up to them as he said, "Hey, are you all okay?"

Dai stopped and asked, “Yeah, we're wondering how you got that symbol on your chest, it looks so... eerie.”

The traveler looked towards his chest as he replied, "Well... Sorry to say, but I don't know what this thing even means."

Dai shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know why you're apologizing for, anyway I'm Dai, this is Rust, and this girl over here is Atlantic."

Dai's body leaned onto the traveler's ear as he whispered, "By the way, I can totally score with her one day."

Atlantic coughed and replied, "I'm right here and I can hear what you've just told that other guy."

Dai froze as he apologized to Atlantic while Rust laughed throughout.

Rust then said, "Young man, we were going to head back into the Eon Garden, would you like to come with us?"

The traveler accepted his offer, but he became anxious out of the blue as voices were whispering inside his head.


Atlantic reached her hand out as she desperately try to make him feel safe, “Wait, come back, we’re not going to hurt you!” as she started to run towards him.

Rust was caught off guard by this, he warned Atlantic to not proceed any further and said “Atlantic, please come back, it's not safe out there!”

Suddenly Atlantic trips on a branch and screams.

The traveler notices her falling and once again uses the rope technique from earlier.

“You caught me…” said Atlantic.

The traveler looked at her worriedly and said “Hey are you alright, need any medical attention, anything like that?”

Suddenly, a monstrous cyclops stomps towards them and spoke in a threatening tone, Oh my... What a treat... A human and a girl with a jewel... You two will make such a good meal.”

The traveler looked at the cyclops sternly and said “Hey piss off, will you? I will have to use force if you take another step toward us."

“You don’t intimidate me with your weak words... and that posture looks horrible, you can’t win.” as the cyclops stepped closer.

The traveler stared straight into the cyclops cold dead eye and said, “Let me simplify it in a way you can understand it, I’m here to kick your ass.”

Suddenly a dark red aura surrounded the both of them and the cyclops was in agony from the look on his face.

The cyclops panicked and began to sweat profusely, “What the hell is this ability? It feels like my body is on fire, DAMN IT WHY CAN’T I SEE ANYTHING!? NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! After the whole incident, there was nothing… No bones, no flesh, nothing but emptiness after the attack.

The traveler looked back to Atlantic and said, “Sorry about earlier... That’s my fault. I just didn’t know how to react.”

Atlantic was both terrified and amazed at what happened and thought, “This guy... Did he kill that cyclops?”

Suddenly Dai caught up with Atlantic and was out of breath from the running and said, ”Damn it Atlantic, why can’t you just stay in one place?”

Rust had a look of pure anger on his face and said, “You shouldn't have run off like that, Atlantic!”

Atlantic began to apologize and said, “I’m sorry, I was carried away because I just wanted to help him, anyways let’s head back to the garden, Rust teleport us.”

The traveler was shocked by this and he immediately said, “WAIT WAIT HOLD ON!” He yelled anxiously.

Dai replied in an impatient tone, “Gah! What is it you stupid animal?”

The traveler then started to question the situation, “Where and why are you guys taking me to this ‘garden’ thing?”

Atlantic answered his questions, “The garden is a place where we train, eat and sleep: It’s our home and the reason why we want to take you is that we want to help you.”

She then placed her hands on top of the travelers, he was reluctant at first, but he was ready to set off into his new surroundings.

“Okay I’m ready, let’s go.” Suddenly the group was transported into the garden, where the traveler begins his journey around the earth itself, maybe the universe as well.

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