All But Forgotten Mate

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Izzabella Davis was awaiting The Annual Claiming so that she could find her mate and leave her abusive father behind. Unfortunately, going with her mate doesn't seem to be any better of an option. Alpha Devon Fury has no want or need for a mate. He has women falling over him, begging for his attention. Why would he want to be tied down to one woman. Why would he want to settle down and have pups. His life is a never-ending party. When Devon is pushed into attending The Claiming by The Elders of his Pack, He is less then thrilled when he not only finds him mate, but his wolf marks her before he can leave her behind. Now Devon has to figure out what to do with the mate he never wanted.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Prologue: Wake Up


May include Explicit Language, Mental and Physical Abuse, and Sexually Explicit Descriptions. Read at your own RISK.

This is my first story that I am posting. Constructive criticism is always welcome, please do not shame or bash my story. If you DO NOT like it or it’s Mature Content then please do not read it. I am doing this for fun, I have always enjoyed writing, so please do not ruin my good time.

I will NOT warn you when Mature Content is coming. I want you to be as taken by surprise as my characters are in the moment.

Finally, please do not steal my story. I would love for my story to inspire others to read or write just as this app has done for me.

Prologue: Wake Up (Izzy’s POV)

I woke up to the sound of banging on my bedroom door. As I opened my eyes, it was still dark outside my window and my father was screaming muffled angry words that I can’t quite understand. The door burst open as I heard my father say, “What the fuck are you still doing in bed?”

I looked at him, questionably, as the sun hasn’t even risen yet. My first mistake. I was dragged out of bed by my hair, and thrown against the wall next to my window. Part of the window sill bit into my already bruised side and I hissed in pain, my second mistake.

“Don’t hiss at my you ungrateful bitch. This is all your fault. You have work to do before the claiming, and here you are having a lie-in while you should be cleaning.” My father yelled while pushing me into the wall again.

This time my head bounced off the wall and I lost track of what he was saying for the moment. When I was able to refocus I heard him say “Get to work.”

I responded with a “Yes sir.” Making my way downstairs not even bothering to change or shower because I would be dirty and have to change anyway. I was in sleep pants and a tank top, so it was as good as anything to clean in.

I got to work, wishing I was still in bed. I was having the most wonderful dream before I was woken up so rudely. I’m unfortunately used to it. This is an everyday experience, being beaten. With the Claiming happening tonight, he has kept my bruises to places most won’t see.

My name is Izzabella Nicolette Davis, but you can call me Izzy, everyone else does. I’m a werewolf, I first shifted when I turned 16, and today I turned 18. Today is the first day I can find my mate. Today is also the day of the claiming ceremony for all unmated she-wolves in our pack. The Claiming is where all unmated she-wolves go out into the woods and hopefully, our mates find us. Male wolves from multiple packs come out in hope of finding what is theirs’. You can’t attend the claiming until you turn 18, so this will be the first time I will be attending. It is mandatory that I go, per Pack law.

My father says that no one will want to claim me. That when I return, he will sell me to a friend of his, that lost his mate 10 years ago. Father says he will enjoy the money, and be happy to no longer have to “take care of me.”

My mother, my father’s mate, died giving birth to me and my twin brother. I was the only one to make it, and he has hated me ever since. He takes his anger out on me every day, blaming me for them not being here. You may feel bad for him, for losing his mate, his other half. But from my understanding, he was always an abusive dick, even to her. So it may have been a blessing to her, to have died as she did.

As I clean and prep meals for tonight and tomorrow, I thought about the dream I had this morning, that was so rudely interrupted. It had felt so real, that it confused me since I was still in my bed when I woke.

I was standing in a small clearing in the woods, in the thin white flowy eyelet dress, that we will all wear tonight. You can see every detail of my body in it. I am very slim and pale. My hair such a light blonde that it is almost white and frames my heart-shaped face in waves down to my waist. I have pale light blue eyes, pouty pink lips, and a small button nose. My father laughs at me because he says that I am so frail that a stiff wind would blow me away if it wasn’t for my tits. Rocking a full c cup, I’m not overly endowed, but I hope that my mate is happy with them.

In my dream, a large grey wolf had come and was stalking me. He was not my mate. He was circling in closer when I heard a distant howl, that had taken my attention away from the grey wolf. My mistake, because he took that instance to pounce on me and shift into his human form. He was an older man in his forties and was completely naked on top of me. I can not clearly tell you what he looked like, but his hands tried to roam all over my body, as I tried to fight my way from under him. This only enticed him more, since every time I squirmed, I was inadvertently rubbing myself against his manhood. In the distance, I heard a very loud menacing growl. You could tell the growl held authority and the grey wolfman stilled in his actions.

In the blink of an eye, he was pulled off of me and thrown very harshly into a nearby tree. That’s when I smelled him. He smelled amazing, like a caramel latte and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies all rolled into one. Since he had shifted he was naked as the day he was born.

My mate had the most beautiful body you could ever imagine. He had lean muscles from head to toe. With perfectly sculpted arms, a tight 8 pack of a stomach, that flowed into a perfect V. I tried to keep my eyes above his waistline but I could not bring myself to look into his eyes. I have been trained to keep my eyes on the ground, and as I lowered my eyes to look at the grass, I caught a glimpse of what he had to offer below. “WOW!” Being a wolf you see others in their birthday suits more than you would like. Let me tell you he was exceptionally large, even for a wolf.

A breath caught in my throat, as I think “How will all of that fit in me?” It was both long and thick. I am so small. I wanted to cry at that moment.

Sensing my distress, my mate walked towards me and place a gentle finger under my chin as he pulled my gaze up to his eyes. They were a beautiful shade of vibrant green. They matched the greenery of the woods. I was so focused on his eyes I have no clue what his face looked like, but I do know that it is framed by a large amount of thick dark shaggy hair.

He finally spoke and said only one word in a deep husky voice. “MINE!”

I melted at the word and shakily responded with only one word myself. “Yours!”

He took me in his arms and crushed his lips into mine, nibbling on my bottom lip asking for entrance, and I let him in. He explored my mouth with great zeal. I could feel the passion and want flow from his body over mine.

It is very common to be claimed, mated, and marked all within a few hours of meeting your mate. So I knew what to expect next.

As he continued to explore my mouth, his hands decided to wander my body. They felt amazing against my skin. His firm touch started on my arms, sliding up and down, then as they finally landed on my shoulders they took a trip down my back. I tried not to groan in pain as he ran his hands over the bruises on my back but I couldn’t help it. Thankfully he thought it was a moan of pleasure, and progressed his hands down to my firm but slim behind. His excited hand squeezed my bottom and pulled me in close to him, then lifting my small frame up to his level, that had to be at least half a foot taller than my 5′6" inch self. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he did this and he growled and groaned in a happy response. He had moved, from kissing my mouth to kissing down my neck, looking for where he will mark me as he mates with me.

I found myself gently pressed against a tree and propped up by his hips. I could feel him growing harder beneath me and I felt a warm wet sensation spread between my own legs. My breathing had become erratic and he moves a hand between us as he continues his assault on my neck. He pulled my dress up and out of the way. Discovering, that the outfit picked for the claiming states, that nothing should be worn under the dress. He found my wet core and massaged my nub with his thumb before slowly inserting one finger in my dripping hole. His middle finger pulsed in and out of me and then he added a second finger, which caused me to whimper.

I am a virgin. Saved for my mate. I hadn’t ever even kissed another boy and now that would shortly be gone. I was nervous, yet very excited.

As he massaged my inner walls, I felt a building in my lower and I felt his canines extend. All too soon he removed his fingers from my core but I felt something else nudging to enter me. He stood at my gate and as he went to enter, that’s when I heard my father’s banging and yelling at the door. It tore me away from my beautiful dream, just as I was about to be complete.

I want nothing more than to be claimed tonight. I do not want to be sold to my father’s friend, I do not want to stay in this pack that has never protected me from him, and I do not want to see the man that calls himself my father ever again.

I know not all mates are knights in shining armor, but anything had to be better than this.

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