All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Chapter 10: Get Your Drink On

Chapter 10: Get Your Drink On (Izza’s POV)

They decided to take me to Temptations. It's a bar with a few pool tables a small dance floor and a grill, so we can eat, while we are here as well.

Everyone ordered drinks. I got a mixed berry margarita on the rocks. As for werewolves, it was hard to get drunk, but I was on a mission tonight. Doctor Gabe ordered two rounds of tequila shots for everyone, and they were all gone in a matter of minutes. We ordered what's called trashcan nachos for the table so everyone could munch on nachos in between drinks.

The bar was dark, busy and there were single horny warriors everywhere. Heather exclaimed her excitement at the turnout tonight. Apparently, Maggie's mate told some of the warriors that three single nurses would be in attendance, which helped add to the crowd. I stood at the bar sipping back my drink as quickly as I could as we all made small talk. We ordered two more rounds of shots and another mixed berry margarita for me. The bar had a throwback feel to it. They played a lot of hip hop and R&B from the '90s. I was finally feeling the effects of the alcohol, so it was time to grab my girls and head out to the dance floor as Salt N' Peppa's Push It started to play.

The three of us had a blast grinding into each other to the music. The crowd pushed in on us and every now and then someone would accidentally grope me. Heather and Angela had set their eyes on a couple of boys and went off to dance with them. A few different guys made advances at me but I wasn't drunk enough yet to take them up on their offers. I had been pushed off into the corner but didn't care. I was lost in the joy of dancing and the buzz from the tequila. I closed my eyes and swayed to the beat of the music while Ginuwine's In Those Jeans played around me.

I felt a set of hands go around my waist, as I was pulled against someone's hard chest. By the smell that surrounded me, it was none other than my mate. I was having too much fun to care. I ground back into him as I moved to the music. He kissed my mark and held me tight. Hands traveled up and down my body, caressing my top, moving down to my bottom, and then around to the front. I couldn't help the moan that escaped me. Even though it couldn't be heard over the music. I could feel a low growl emit from his chest. Tonight I wanted to forget. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Before I knew it, I was pressed into the corner facing him. Pressing against my core was a very large and defined bulge. I was soaked and I knew he could smell my want. No matter how mad I was at him, I would always want him. He picked me up slightly and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Not giving a damn, that we were in a public place. He kissed me long and hard, nibbling on my bottom lip asking for entrance, which I denied. He slammed against me hard causing me to gasp, and allowing him entrance to explore my mouth with his tongue. As always, I allowed him to take dominance.

My wolf encouraged me to press into him. His hand slid in between us not sure what he was doing because he didn't touch me, as I was begging to be touched. Then he pushed my thong underwear out of the way and I felt him at my entrance. During that time he had pulled down his zipper and freed himself.

I tried to pull away but there was nowhere to go. He rubbed his hard member against me and I trembled at the thought of him inside me. He slightly pushed the head in and another moan escaped my mouth. He pushed a little more being all so gentle as he moved. It was slightly uncomfortable for a moment and then it was everything that wet dreams were made of. He had moved down to suck on my mark as he started to pump in and out of me picking up pace. I couldn't take it for long before the building in me exploded all around him. My cries of pleasure were lost in the noise of the bar. He quickens at my pleasure and just as he was about to find his release, a fight broke out behind us. He pulled out of me and tucked himself back in and let out a menacing roar that silenced the entire room. While everyone stilled. I pulled my dress down and scampered off before I could get caught up in his game again.

I exited to the ladies room to check my hair and make-up before I went and found my friends at the bar. I was kind of a mess, but I managed to get myself back in order. Once at the bar I ordered another drink and a shot as I marveled at what I had just done in the corner.

No one had seen. With his size and the darkest of the bar, it would have just looked like we were just dancing together, right? That was so hot though. The feel of his want and then him in me. The bond is pulsing hard on my body to find him, to be with him. The sparks between us have always been there. I have never doubted that our bodies wanted each other. No. I will not. Unfortunately, I turned around a few moments later and found him talking to doctor Gabe just a few feet to my left.

He moved in my direction and wrapped his arms around my waist again. "Izza, don't run from me, baby. I'm trying. Please. Let me try. I can't lose you." Sigh. He moved us over to the table where our nachos are. I was pulled into his lap with my drink in my hand and decided it may be a good idea to eat something since all I had was breakfast. The trashcan nachos were amazing. They had everything you can think of on them. I was drunk and swaying my hips to No Diggity by Blackstreet, as I sat on my mate's very turned-on lap. Jumping up suddenly I was pulled back into place.

"I just wanted another drink." He shook his head and nodded to the bartender. Another mixed berry margarita and tequila shot appeared in front of me. I took the shot and chased it with my drink.

"If you keep knocking them back like that, I'm going to end your night short with your friends to take you home and have my way with you." He whispered in my ear. Taking that moment to nibble on it. I shivered at the contact.

At that moment Heather and Angela made an appearance. They both stopped dead in their tracks staring at me sitting on the Alpha's lap. Actually, I just realized that a lot of people were staring at us. I wanted to hide, so I sunk back into his embrace and everyone scattered. No one daring to ruin the Alpha's game that he was running on his "Nanny". Oh if they only knew the truth.

I turned and whispered back in his ear. "Take me home."

He lifted me bridal style from his lap and the crowd parted, so we could leave. I pressed myself against him until he set me down in the front seat of his dark blue Dodge Charger with white racing stripes. In a matter of seconds, we were home.

He picked me up again and carried me into the house heading for the staircase. "NO!" He stopped. "I'm not going to the room where all of your groupies hang out." He sighed, turned around, and headed for my room.

Placing me down gently on the bed, he hovered over me. He kissed me as his hands roamed. I took my first opportunity to feel him up. I placed my hands under the polo shirt he was wearing and ran my hands across his abs, finding his V and tracing it with my fingertips. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head as I continued to explore his body while he did the same to me. My clothes were ripped off of me piece by piece leaving me in only my knee-high boots.

I reached between us and caressed his hard length through his jeans. I moved to sit up and since he was distracted by what my hand was doing, he let me. I reached for his jeans button and popped it open, then slowly pulled his zipper down. He was completely lost as I took control. All he could do was watch. His face looked as if, all of his dreams were coming true, as he was finally free of his pants. I pushed him back slightly and moved to kneel in front of him. Slowly kissing his tip running my tongue around and around it in a circle. He groaned and pushed himself into my mouth. I looked up at him as I bobbed back and forth on his member. He speeds up the pace at which I was bobbing, by grabbing where the clip lay in my hair. He kept his eyes locked with mine the entire time. I stroked what didn't fit in my mouth with one hand and cradled his balls with the other rolling them in my hand as I went. He was panting at this point.

"Izza I'm about to..." At that moment he stilled. I continued my assault and sucked down all that poured into my mouth.

"Mmm... so full of surprises little mate." He picked me up and threw me on the bed. He trailed kisses down my body stopping first on my right tit. While he kissed, nibbled, and sucked on my hardened nipple he slid a hand in between my legs to start rubbing my nub with his thumb. He slipped one finger and then a second into my dripping hole. He moved from the right breast to the left as he added the second finger. I growled out loudly and called his name as if I was saying a prayer. Digging my heels into the small of his back. He moved to kiss down my body until his head was between my leg. Replacing his thumb with his tongue he took assault against my most sensitive area until I was screaming his name while I came wetly. I felt myself gush and he licked me clean of every last drop.

Still, he wasn't done with me. First, he removed my boots, and then he flipped me over and pulled me up onto my knees. Without any warning, he planted himself deep inside of me, hard. Gentle was gone and was replaced with a rough pounding. He smacked my ass as he entered in and out. Grabbing my hair and twisting it around his hand he pulled my head back and sucked hard on my mark. I came again, but he didn't stop. I finished three times before he finally released, filling me with his seed.

I tried to collapse on the bed but he was not done with me yet. Sitting on the bed and laying back he pulled me on top of him and entered me as I straddled his lap. I worked my way up and down, as I watched his eyes watch the girls bounce around. He reached up and stroked them. Rolling each nipple in between his thumb and forefinger causing me to cry out as another orgasm ripped through my body. I rocked as hard and quick as I could on his member as he bucked me from beneath. He released my right breast and reached in between us to rub my nub while I bounced on him. This time he came with me as I finished. Finally sated, I hoped, because I passed out on his chest with him still in me.

The next morning I woke with a pounding in my head. I felt sore as if I had run a marathon the night before. I found that I was not alone in bed. In fact, I was asleep on top of someone, by the smell of them, it was my mate. It seems that a certain part of his body was still inside of me and he had morning wood.

"I know you're awake Izza." He said brushing my hair back from my face. "Are you okay? I didn't hurt you last night, did I?"

"No, I feel fine," I mumbled into his chest trying to remember the night before through the alcohol haze. I think I might have had sex in a bar last night. Then we came back here and seem to have done all sorts of things in my bed. FUCK!

"Just fine Izza." He questioned. "Last night was amazing. You were indescribably perfect. I could spend all week with you and never get my fill love. Are you sore? If it's not too bad, I'd love to pick up where we left off before you passed out on me. I am so ready to go again." He said excitedly as he started to move beneath me. He flipped me over without disconnecting us and started to kiss my mark as he rocked in and out of me again.

"Dev, Dev stop."


I could only moan back in response. I didn't object anymore. I just allowed him to take my body over. I felt like I was floating out of my body when we both found our release. He pulled out of me and wrapped himself around me still kissing every part of me he could reach. "We should get you cleaned up." I was numb, what was happening. What did I do? What did I let him do?

Devon carried me to my bathroom, and he mumbled something about his shower being better. He grabbed my body sponge and worked on cleaning me until I was perfect, or so he said. I stepped out and dried off. The entire time he was completely attentive and had to continuously be touching and kissing me. As I was pulling on a pair of yoga pants and a tank top the doorbell rang.

I made my way to the door walking gingerly and was faced with Doctor Gabe. I was a little confused until I looked at what he was carrying. He had a stack of flattened boxes, packing tape, and markers. Coming up the walkway was Heather and Angela to help me move out of Devon's house.

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