All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Chapter 14: Never Leaving

Chapter 14: Never Leaving (Devon’s POV)

Best night of my life ever. I still haven't slept. Izza passed out on me after our last round, but I continued to lay there enjoying the feel of her naked body wrapped around me. She passed out as I finished and I was not moving her off of my cock. She was so warm. I had shot into twice last night, and all I could think about was her bearing more of my pups. I had to work hard to not take her again in her sleep.

Izza had fulfilled all of my fantasies last night and more. I daydreamed about the look of her eyes as she stared up at me as she sucked my cock. I found myself growing hard at the thought of her perfect ass in the air as I took her from behind. I almost took her again as I remember the feel of her bouncing up and down on me as she rode out the end of our night.

I had been so wrong. Sex with my mate would never be boring or monotonous. She has a little freak in her, but still so innocently perfect. She is so responsive and ready to be had. I can't believe I waited this long to be proven wrong. Dex really is the smarter one of us two.

It was about 7 am when I felt her start to stir on top of me. "I know your awake Izza," I said brushing her hair back from her face. "Are you okay? I didn't hurt you last night did I?"

"No, I feel fine." What fine is not the word I was expecting, after everything we did last night.

"Just fine, Izza," I questioned. "Last night was amazing. You were indescribably perfect. I could spend all week in you and never get my fill love. Are you sore? If it's not too bad, I'd love to pick up where we left off before you passed out on me. I am so ready to go again." I was already hard and ready to take her, so I reminded her just how fine I felt in her. I flipped us over without disconnecting us and started to kiss her mark as I rocked in and out of her again.

"Dev, Dev stop." She panted, but at the same time, her body from the inside to the outside was gripping harder, pulling me in closer.

"Why?" Kind of past the point of stopping now baby. I continued my assault and there was no more talk of me stopping only her moans of faster, harder, and Yes Dev. Izza finished loud and wetly causing me to find my finish quicker than I had wanted. I stilled then finally pulled out of her. We had left behind a mess, but I was interested more in getting Izza cleaned up.

I carried her into the tiny shower, I really do need to remodel this for her if I'm going to spend more time in her room. My shower allows for more room, but her shower keeps me close to her. I had set her down and took my time cleaning her. I wish she would offer to do the same to me. I would love to feel her touch today. I used every bit of opportunity that I could to touch and kiss her. I made sure there wasn't a moment that our skin wasn't connected. She didn't speak while we were in the shower. She just kind of stood there as if in shock. Yes baby your mate is here and trying to be all you could have dreamed of.

She left my side to get dressed in yoga pants and a tank top. Yum... Showing off every perfect inch of her body. The doorbell rang and Izza went to answer it. I wrapped a towel around me and followed shortly behind her. I needed to at least get to the mudroom to get some basketball shorts.

I saw that Doctor Gabe was at the door with a stack of flattened boxes, packing tape, and markers. Coming up the walk behind him were her other friends from work. Izza turned to look at me, saying sorry with her eyes. My face dropped with realization. She still wanted to leave. Last night had changed nothing for her. Dexter rippled through me wanting to take over, but if I let him I would destroy Doctor Gabe who had a smug smile plastered across his face. I was panting as I tried to keep ahold of control and emitted a growl that made everyone flinch. Turning to leave, I punched the wall behind me leaving a hole in the place where my fist landed. I walked through the kitchen put some shorts on and yelled for Izza. "Izza we need to talk. NOW!"

She was taking too long, so in my anger, I smashed the kitchen table and chairs.

"Now, Izza," I shouted again. I didn't care that her friends had no clue who Izza was. I would tell the whole world the truth about my lie if I got to keep her. I will tell the whole world if I get to keep her. "What is going on. Are you leaving me? Don't do this to us. Please." I cried out as she walked into the room. I took this moment to wrapped myself around her and gulp in her scent as if I needed it to live. I do need it to live.

She attempted to pull away, but I kept my grip like steal around her. "We talked about this yesterday, Dev. I need some space. I can't do this anymore. I love you Dev, but I can't continue to be the fool."

"Last night though." Last night you were mine. I was so happy.

"I was drunk, you were horny. That is the only time you pay me any attention. Is when you have an itch no one else can scratch. You don't want a mate remember. I do. It rings through my head every time I see you. I see you with all your little blonde bitches, trying to fill a hole that only I can fill, but you never wanted me. You only wanted my body. Well, you have had it. I hope you got your fill last night because it's the last time you will ever touch me like that again. I told you I was through and I mean it. Release me, so I can go." Her voice got angrier as she spoke until she ended in her Luna tone. She's my Luna, she can't leave me.

I let go of her and stepped back. "I really have fucked everything up haven't I?" I barely whispered back.

"Yes Dev, you fucked everything up from the moment we met. I should have done this three years ago. I may have saved myself a lot of tears, pain, and regret. Last night was a... A... Goodbye."

I couldn't take it. The reality is that this was all my fault. That I could have been happy all along, but I was too much of a man whore to listen to what everyone told me. Jax told me she would make me complete. He was right, and without her, I would never feel whole. Dex took this moment to take over and picked up the ten-foot-long kitchen island and threw it through the glass doors that lead out to the pool, "Fine go. If that's what will make you happy." I then stormed off up the stairs.

If I love her I have to let her go. If she comes back to me then she is truly mine. I repeated this over and over in my head. I had calmed down and wanted to apologize. Tell her that I didn't want this but I would do anything to make her happy.

When I reentered the kitchen I found her in the arms of Doctor Gabe and lost my shit all over again.

The growl that escaped me sounded more like an animal caught in a bear trap. I pulled Izza from Gabe's embrace and pressed her into the kitchen wall. My hands digging into the brick next to her as if it were made of sand. "Is this what you want to be free for. So you can fuck another man. So you can fuck him. I will murder him if he even looks at you again. Gabe, get out of my house now. Izza no longer works for you." I wasn't trying to hurt her, but I'm sharing Dex's power right now. I need to calm down I'm panting and trying to use her scent but I'm so pissed it's not working.

"NO!" Izza shouted back. "I'm leaving Alpha. If I were ever to decide to move on I would be a lucky woman to have someone that cares for me as much as he does. Lord knows I never got that from the one person who was supposed to."

I will kill him or anyone else that ever tries. With that thought, I turned away from her and hit Gabe square in the jaw as hard as Dex and I could. Gabe collapsed into a pile on the floor. My mate attempted to run to Gabe, but I grabbed her and held her still. "You are mine no one else will ever have you."

"You are a monster. I hate you. Why can't you just leave me alone, let me live, free me. Please." A tear ran freely down her face as she said this.

"Never." You have seen no monster yet baby. Keep this up and you will.

I heard the front door open and close. It sounds like her other friends ran off. I mind-linked Jax who was nearby to come to remove the filth that was Doctor Gabe.

"You're not leaving Izza. Get used to it. This is where you belong and this is where you will stay."

Still crying silently she whispered, "All I have ever wanted is to be loved. And you couldn't even do that." Before running back to her room. Closing and locking the door behind her. I'll give her the night to cry out her issues and tomorrow I will continue with mission mate. The night out at Temptations is only part one. Now it's time for part two. Destroy the lie. Piece by piece starting with the worse part. Nanny Nikki.

I left my room early to wait outside of her room. I hadn't slept. I hadn't slept the night before for much happier reasons. When I got there the door was already open, the bed never slept in and she was gone. I started shouting, "Where the fuck is she." I was freaking out and her room smelled so much like her but there was still the lingering scent of me and sex in here. It smelled like the best night of my life that ended in my worse nightmare.

"What are you shouting about now Dev?" Izza asked shutting the twins' door behind her. She looked as if she barely slept.

"Izza, I, I thought..... I thought you left." I stumbled out as she took me in my appearance. I must look like shit.

"Where am I going to go, huh. You fired me from the clinic, beat up my boss, and caused my friends to run off with their tails between their legs. SO. WHERE. THE. FUCK. AM. I. GOING." She poked ms in the chest as she said the last words.

"Watch yourself Izza." She was poking a very angry bear, but I was coming down as I read between the lines that she wasn't leaving. She would stay. Not because she wants to but I can work with that.

"Why, what else can you do to me? Take the boys? You might not be able to keep your word but you can bet that I will keep mine. You take them and I will be gone and so will your wolf. I also know that you would never hurt them like that. You want to be a good dad. I know it's important to you." I would never do that to her, to them. And I hate how she talks about throwing away her life like she means nothing. She means everything to me, to our boys.

"You already downgraded me to the Nanny. You wouldn't take that away from them. So what are you going to do? Beat me now? Wouldn't be the first time I lived in that kind of hell. You would only have to break the only promise you have ever kept. So why do I need to be afraid? Should I be afraid that you will leave me? No, because I never had you. You have fucked everything that walked for three years, everything but me." I would never hurt her. It would hurt me to hurt her. She laughs though and now I'm lost. What's funny. There is nothing funny going on right now. Did I break her? Has she cracked under the stress of being my mate?

"Ah, but Saturday you did fuck me. What, was it everything dreams were made of? I woke up in my own nightmare, hoping I don't have an STD. Go to hell. I'm going back to bed. Happy fucking birthday to me." She screamed as she slammed the door in my face, locking it behind her.

"Izza, Izza. Let me in. LET. ME. THE. FUCK. IN." I growled as I pound on her door. I was one pound away from breaking the door down when Xavier crept out of his room.

"Daddy what's wrong."

"Nothing baby boy, Daddy and Mommy are just having some fun."

"Mommy," Xavier asked excitedly.

"Nanny Nikki is mommy. Really daddy. Do we get to call her mommy now?" Xavier asked. "Xand, Xand nanny Nikki is mommy now."

"Mommy, really. Daddy is nanny Nikki really mommy."

I sighed, "Yea boys she is. She always has been. We just had to keep it a secret. I'm so sorry boys. I'm so sorry that we kept this from you." Even though this was the next part of my plan, the pain and strain in my voice were real. I have been not only a terrible mate but a horrible father for keeping this from my boys. I held on to them as tight as I could for a moment, silently promising them to never have to lie to them again.

The boys made a small knock on Izza's door. She opened the door with tears of joy in her eyes. Both the twins shouted "Mommy, Mom, Mommy. We love you."

"I love you both so much too. Come on let's go get some breakfast."

"Ummm... that's not the best idea." I reminded her as I leaned against the wall across from her bedroom door. "The remodel is still a little messy. How about we go get mommy a special breakfast for her birthday, and eat it in the living room together?"

"Mommy, would you like that. Would you like a special breakfast with us in the living room?"

"Of course baby. That would make this mommy's best birthday ever." Sadly it would be the best birthday she's ever had. I really suck as a mate. That stops right now.

"Come on boys. We'll let mommy get cleaned up while we run to Granny Smith's restaurant and get all of her favorite foods." When I returned with the boys and breakfast, I set everything up for them on the coffee table and returned to my room. I needed her to have this time with them. I needed to not be there so I didn't mess this moment up. This was their time. Also, it was time to let Izza heal. Please forgive me Izza.

I entered the living room as the credits to the Emperor's New Groove played. The boys were each cuddled up to their own side of her sucking their thumbs and completely crashed out. It was beautiful. She looked up at me lost for what to say. So I responded instead with "Mommy has a nice ring to it. Happy birthday, mate." I said and left her speechless in the living room.

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