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Chapter 16: Commitment

Chapter 16: Commitment (Izza’s POV)

"Really Dev. I let you sleep in my bed one night and you are already taking advantage of me." I had just woken up to find Devon's hand down my shorts. I was very close to finishing as I woke, but still who asked him to play in my panties. He was stroking my core while pumping two fingers in and out. He was pressing himself against me again and again as I woke.

"What," He panted. Soundly very confused

"Dev. Stop."

"You seriously want me to stop, now?" Do I? Why does he have to be so good with his hands?

"Of course, why are you doing this?" The moan that follows isn't very convincing.

"What are you talking about? You are the one that put my hand here, and rubbed against me until I couldn't say no." He hadn't stopped his actions and continued his assault sucking on my mark. This caused me to moan again.

"I started this?" Oh, no was I dreaming of him again. Yes. Fuck, I was.

"Yes, I was asleep, and I woke up to you moaning, and then you grabbed...." He stopped talking to rub against me again as he moaned in response to the actions taking place in my bed.

I have to give it to my mate he definitely knows how to use his fingers. They stroked and rub for all they were worth. Not completely sure I believed the story, but the feel of his hands on me, his fingers in me felt too good. I could not find it in me to care. With that thought, I pressed and rubbed my rear into him.

"Participation, while you are awake, is such a turn on babe. Everything about you turns me on. I love when I make you moan my name. I love the feel of your juices spilling over my fingers as you enjoy what I'm doing to you. I want to taste you." He flipped me over and kissed me hard. I ran my hands up his abs causing him to shutter. He trailed kisses down my body until his mouth had replaced his thumb on my quivering nub. I was shouting my release within moments of being awake. I looked down to see that he had been multitasking. While he had been eating me, he had been stroking himself. There was now a large wet spot on my bed from him.

When his breathing returned to normal, he returned to laying next to me and pulled me back into his arms. "I like active dreams, but I wish you would want these moments while you are awake." He said kissing the top of my head.

"I guess sexual repression can cause you to do all sorts of things," I said trying not to think about the pup that was growing in me that already had my hormones going crazy.

"No need to be sexually repressed. I will take care of any needs that you could ever have and some you didn't even know you wanted."

I sat up with my legs crossed and turned to him. "What do you want from me as a mate Dev?"

"What are you asking exactly?" He seems confused.

"Do you just want my body, do you want intimacy, do you want a friend or I don't know. I know you want my body and I know that you want to be close to me, but what else do you want. I don't just want to be what you get off to now. If we are going to be together as mates, I want more. I want something real." What changed.

"Baby, I want everything. I want to scream from the rooftops that you are mine. I want to quietly watch you be the incredible woman you are. I want to show you the world. I want you in our bed, yes, but I want you to be every part of my life Izza. You could never touch me sexually again and I would die a happy man just having you as my mate. You have put up with my shit like no one else ever would. You have stayed knowing that I was a shitty mate, but you also showed me what I should have wanted all along."

"Yeah, and what's that?"

"A real woman. The mother of my children." My heart skipped a beat as I thought about telling him that he would be a father again. "Someone strong who can stand beside me as a leader in this pack. Someone who can stand up to me. Also, someone, who can still love me through all the pain I caused because you see something in me. I still don't know what that is or why, but I am grateful for it. It's what makes me want to be a better man for you."

I looked down. I don't feel like the person he described. I am not strong. I am weak. That was proven by my father and by him from the abuse I have taken. How can I be a leader? I don't stand up to him. What changed that caused this.

"Mate? You are all of those things and more. I promise you." He grabs my china makes me look him in the eye. There is nothing but sincerity in the bright green orbs. They are the most beautiful color. I shake my head. Staring longingly into my mate's eyes is not going to answer the questions I have.

Tears slide down my face at his words. "I don't know what to believe is true right now Dev. Your actions over the past three years paint a completely different picture."

"Let me prove it to you. Yes, I want your body. I have always wanted your body. I want to prove to you that I want everything else. I need everything else. I need you. We have to get ready though. We have a meeting with the elders. Let that be the start. Then when you are ready, I would like for you to mark me, before I introduce you to the pack as our Luna." He pled.

"Okay. I want you to show me your want for more. Not the want for my body. Only when I believe that will I willingly be yours to have as you have always wanted me."

"Exactly what does that mean baby. I know it means no sex. I can read that between the lines. Can I still hold you, kiss you and sleep with you."

"Yes. I want intimacy, and I want to be courted." Show me you want more dumbass.

"Ah, like dating?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows at me.

"Exactly!" He is so dense.

"Then that is exactly what I will do."

On that note, I got up to go shower and prepare to meet the Elders. With every step, I took away from Devon the worse I felt. By the time I made it into the shower, I was sick. It all quickly washed down the drain, since I had only water left in me. Devon chose this moment to knock on the door.

"Can I join you? I enjoy washing you."

I opened the shower door, and he had just his head in the room. I nodded and he quickly joined me. He washed me gently. Taking care to make sure I was relaxed and clean. I noticed that in his presence I felt better. Much better, as my sickness had disappeared. The mate bond has its ways.

As he washed me, I took a moment to touch him. We have always been distant or in heat for each other. I just wanted to feel how hard and defined each of his muscles were. I lightly trailed my fingers down his arm, I brought my right hand around his back and felt him stiffen then relax. There was nothing really sexual about our shower it was sensual and gentle as we explored each other. He washed my hair and made sure it was silky soft. The water eventually started to cool, so we made our way out.

Devon took special care to make sure I was dry. He stayed close to me while I dressed, even zipping me up as I slipped on a nice dress. It wasn't anything too fancy. Just a simple sundress that nipped in under my chest and flowed to my knees. It was light blue with yellow flowers.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the world," Devon told me as he brushed my hair away from my shoulder and kissed my mark from behind me. "I need to go upstairs to dress. I will be back shortly."

"Wait I'll go up with you. You said that you want to make it our room. I would like to see it, so I can get some ideas." I didn't want him to leave me. I was afraid I would start to feel ill again without him near. Also, I felt a quiet peace with him today and I did not want to lose that.

He held out his hand to me and lead me to what will be our room, while he was dressed in only a towel.

Along the way, we ran into Kelly. She would be taking care of the boys today, so we could meet with the Elders.

"I thought you two were supposed to be gone by now?" Kelly asked.

"Alpha and Luna are never truly late. Everyone else is just early." Devon said smiling.

Kelly smiled back at me. Showing that she was truly happy for us.

We continued to his room which was at the top of the stairs. The stairs opened into a large landing that includes a couch and a small desk. To the left was a home office that Devon rarely used and to the right were two large doors that opened into Devon's room. I was surprised when he opened the door that it was kept very neat. We do have a cleaning service that comes a few times a week, but it is good to know that my mate keeps his space fairly clean on his own.

"Our room." He said as he opened the dark wooded double doors. Inside was done in very dark colors. Deep dark brown wood with lots red and black. It definitely could use being lightened up. I like the color scheme of my downstairs room, so I think it would make the room homier. There wasn't much furniture in the room. Devon explained. "I have a new bed coming today, but they still have to paint. That will be done within the next few days. We will start fresh with white, and you can tell them what you want from there."

"I'd like to keep the warm dark brown wood, and paint the walls a Tiffany blue."

"Sounds perfect baby. I will let them know" He said kissing the top of my head as he moved to get dressed. Again I started to feel ill without him close, but he was back with me before I felt too bad. He has dressed in dark blue jeans a white t-shirt with a blue and white plaid short-sleeve button-up over it. Mmmm... I really do have a very fine mate. I am surprised the shirt doesn't shred to pieces as his muscles ripple under the material. He catches me checking him out but doesn't say anything. He is smiling as he grabs my hand.

Once dressed we left to go see the Elders. On the way, he stopped by Granny Smith's Restaurant to grab us some breakfast. He ordered for me showing that he has been paying attention by getting me a bacon and spinach soufflé. He also ordered me coffee, but I told him I wasn't in the mood and opted for cranberry juice instead. I know that I shouldn't be drinking coffee while pregnant. I hoped that he didn't pick up on my nervousness, as I changed from my normal routine.

We ate in the car before heading into the counsel office at Elders' Tower, which is like a very big packhouse, in their gated community. As we walked in Devon wrapped his arms around me and walked us to a podium in front of the entire Elders' counsel. I knew a large portion of the counsel from working at the Pack Clinic, so there was no need for them to be introduced to me.

"Ah... Alpha Devon so nice of you to join us." Devon's uncle Charlie said.

"Good morning Elder Charles," Devon said sounding like an official, like the Alpha he is. "I'd like to start today's meeting by introducing you to my mate. Izzabella." This left every Elder staring at me in shock.

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