All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Chapter 17: Confirmation

Chapter 17: Confirmation (Devon’s POV)

As I ordered breakfast for Izza and me this morning, I could see she was nervous. I wish I could ease her nerves, but I know the Elders are going to be upset. They will be upset with me not her. I will not let them take out their anger at me, towards her. If punishment will be ordered it will only be ordered on me. They will not touch her. This is all my fault.

We sat in the car and ate our breakfast. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She wants me to court her and that I will. I will do my best to make it up to her for how much of an ass I have been. She deserves so much more than me. She is beautiful and strong. She had to be to endure everything life has put her through. She doesn't think she is strong though. If she only knew. She is a Luna, my Luna. She has had the power since I marked her, even though she has never intentionally used it.

Once we were finished, I walked around the car and opened the door for her so we could go meet my fate. I tightly wrapped my arms around her. She's put on a little weight, but that is my fault for keeping her cooped up in the house. She looks perfect no matter what weight she is. It's good for her anyway. When I first met her she was too thin. Her curves excite me as much as everything else about her does.

Entering the counsel office Uncle Charlie mind-linked me saying, "Really, fucking the help now boy?" I only pulled Izza tighter and kissed the top of her head. At this Uncle Chalie's look softened. "Ah... Alpha Devon so nice of you to join us." He said out loud.

"Good morning Elder Charles. I'd like to start today's meeting by introducing you all to my mate. Izzabella." Leaving every Elder staring at us in shock.

Elder Asher, the leader of the Elders, stood up and asked. "Explain?"

"I have been a horrible Alpha and an even worse mate. This is Izzabella, not Nikki. My mate didn't die giving birth to the twins. She stands right here in front of us. I have been a selfish asshole for far too long. I have hidden her and left her alone. I have refused my Pack the Luna they deserve. I have lied to those that I protect. I will take any punishment that you choose willingly. I deserve punishment for the poor treatment of my mate. I just ask that you don't take any of this out on her. She has never done anything but what was asked of her. She has suffered enough." I hugged Izza tighter hoping they would take mercy on me.

Alpha Asher responded. "We would like to take a few minutes to discuss this amongst us."

"Understood." At least they aren't yelling at me.

The Elders left us alone for a few moments whilst they talked.

"What do you mean by punishment. Do you expect them to do something to you because of this?" Izza asked sadly.

"I have lied to them for a long time. They have the right to publically whip me for this. I'm sorry I did not tell you. I deserve it for what I have done."

Izza turned in my arms and kissed me. It felt amazing. It felt like she really was in this with me. As I am in this with her. "I just want to move on with our lives now. I don't want to continue to live in the past." Izza whispered to me as she laid her head on my chest. I held her as close as I possibly could. Afraid at any moment she would disappear.

The Elders rejoined us shortly after. "We have decided that the indiscretion is more of a fault of an Alpha on his Luna. Per law, it is actually up to her to choose how you will be punished. So Izzabella, how many lashes do you think three years of mistreatment is worth."

Izza cleared her throat and then directly addressed the council as if she did this every day. "Thank you, please call me Izza. Do I have to punish him? I prefer to turn a bad situation into something more positive. He has realized the mistakes that he has made and is trying to right the past. I have not accepted that he has fully changed, but we are working on us while taking things slow. I don't want to have to witness his pain. I have already felt enough of my own. I take no joy in watching someone be beaten. I spent too much of my life being physically abused. I do not want that for my mate."

"If he has abused you, he should have that treatment in return." Uncle Charlie responded giving me the evil eye for even thinking about putting a hand on my mate.

Izza lifted her hand to ask him to listen to her. "I'm sorry if you misunderstood. Devon has never laid a hand on me in anger. Yes, he has hurt me emotionally, but when he brought me here he saved me. He saved me from a very abusive home life when he found me at The Claiming. Even though he did not want a mate. Yes, he has neglected me, but I can't say that I would still be alive had he not taken me away. I have been truly grateful for every moment that I have had since I came here. Now we have an opportunity to be everything we should have been and I don't want to have any setbacks in that."

"Understood Luna. Do you have any other ideas of how he should pay for his crimes?" They look at her expectantly.

"I think the Nursery could use a volunteer. Lots of diapers need changing, pups need to be feed, held, and coddled to sleep. He's great with pups, and it's a humbling experience taking care of the future of our Pack." The pride in her voice as she says our Pack nearly takes me to her knees. If my mate wants me to volunteer with the pups I will do just that. No argument from this guy.

"A very diplomatic decision. We are in awe Izza. That brings me to the other matter at hand. We originally brought you here as Nikki because you have never been inducted into the Pack. Now, we understand why the Alpha had put this off, but are you ready to become a member of the Elder Watch? Are you ready to become our Luna?" Alpha Asher asked.

"Yes and no. I want a little time to work out my issues with my mate before I am announced to the Pack. We are in a good place, but we still have a lot to work through. I want that all done before, it is official. I don't want to continue to lie. That has not been good for us, but I want to wait on the official ceremony. Is that okay?" Izza asked looking at me.

"Of course Luna. News travels fast, so I wouldn't suggest more than a few weeks. You don't want the Pack to feel that you don't want them." Another Elder responded I wasn't sure of his name was. I think it is Jasper.

"I would never want that to happen. I know that feeling all too well. I would like a few more weeks, may two or three." I hate that I am the reason she can relate to feeling unwanted.

"That is very diplomatic. If you can commit to that now, we can get everything rolling for you. It has been too long since this Pack has had a Luna. The Pack needs a women's touch more than you know." Elder Asher added.

"Yes sir. I can commit to three weeks." Izza responded as I nuzzled into her neck. So thankful to have her as my mate.

"That's settled then. So you will have Alpha Devon marked in three weeks and we will hold your official Luna ceremony then." Elder Asher pronounced.

I felt Izza stiffen at marking me within three weeks, but I think we will be fine with that timeline. With the way things have been progressing the past few days, it should be no problem. On this note, I nodded to the Elders and bid them farewell, and guided Izza out of the room.

I was so happy with how things went. I'm not being punished, I do have community service though and we have set a time limit on making her officially my Luna. Marking me will only help her and me with our bond. It will also help me get in her pants sooner. I want to make more pups with my mate. I can't do that with just hand jobs, and markings are very sexually fueled. I promised I would be patient and I will be, but that doesn't mean that a man can't dream.

We were headed back to the house when I got an urgent mind-link from Jax. Two of the warriors had gotten into an argument over an unmated she-wolf. The argument turned into an all-out war on the training grounds that caused an overhang to be destroyed and dropped on several onlookers. They are okay but damage needs to be assessed.

"Izza, Jax just mind-linked me. I have to go deal with a Pack issue. Do you want to come with me, or I can drop you off at home."

"I would like to stop by the clinic."

I was silent. She has never given me a reason to not trust her. Even when she wanted to leave, she was honest with me about it. I don't think she wants to leave anymore, but why does she want to go. I just have to trust her as she is trusting me. She has so many more reasons to not trust me. "Okay. I'll drop you off on the way." I finally told her.

"Thank you" she responded. "Is it okay if I tell my friends the truth?"

I smiled, this made me so happy. As the truth comes out, more people will know she is mine and she is their Luna. "Absolutely baby. We are destroying the lie. What better way to start than to tell your friends."

I dropped her off at the door and continued to the Packhouse.

***(Izza's POV)***

The morning had already been stressful. Meeting with the Elders had gone better than I expected. I was happy, but now I had a time span of three weeks. In that time Devon needs to court me, I need to tell him I'm pregnant and I need to mark him. Dev agreed to let me stop by the clinic. Yes, I want to let my friends know the truth, but I'm just using it as a cover-up. I need to confirm my pregnancy and have a check-up. I want Dev to be here when I have my first sonogram, but I want to make sure everything is okay before I tell him.

As I walked into the Clinic I noticed it was empty except for Doctor Gabe.

"Where's everyone at?"

"Nikki, I am so happy to see you." He said running towards me and attempting to hug me. I held up my hand for him to stop. Dev and I are on good terms and I don't need to return smelling like another wolf. Gabe responded in disappointment, "They should be back in just a moment. A big fight broke out at the training grounds. Nothing major to treat, so I stayed behind."

"You can call me Izza in public now. But I'm here because I need a blood test and a physical." I say quickly cutting to the chase.

"Of course, but why." He knows why, but he doesn't want to make assumptions.

"I took two pregnancy tests that came back positive, and I have been sick for the past few days."

"Oh, let's get you to a room," Gabe said sounding disappointed. "So how far along do you think you are."

"Four and a half weeks. It's the only time I've had sex in three years. So it happened sometime between getting home that night and when we woke up that morning." There were three possible moments between that time. All were after midnight, so July 12th was definitely the day I got pregnant.
I sat on the exam table and doctor Gabe got to work drawing my blood. He took it to the back to run tests and then returned. "Well, it is official. You are carrying that asshole's pup again"

"Gabe. Stop. Dev is actually trying this time. We just left the Elders. He has told them the truth, and we are going to announce me as Luna when I am ready. He is trying. I want my mate, Gabe. I always have. I'm sorry. I know that you wanted something else, but that was never an option. I could never leave him."

"I get it. I would have done anything for my mate. I would have stayed through hell just to have her. Lie back, and I will check for the heartbeat, and then we will schedule an appointment for your first sonogram." Gabe continued sounding disappointed still.

I laid back on the table, and he moved my shirt up to be able to look for the heartbeat. He moved the wand around for a moment and I was scared until I heard the first thump. That was it, my pup's heart was beating strong. I watched as Gabe's eyebrows knit together. He moved the wand over and now two beats were playing back and forth.

"Were you a twin Izza?"

"Yes, my brother died during birth."

"That explains it. It looks like you are having twins, again"

Tears of joy ran down my face. Well, when Dev does a job he does it right. Twins. Again.

I sat up too quickly and a wave of nausea came over me. I found a trash can nearby and my breakfast exited me quickly.

"I will get you some prenatal vitamins and some nausea tonic. It will help you feel better when you are not with the asshole... I mean Alpha" Gabe said then handed me a small bag containing both. I loaded the bag into my purse and went to leave. As I was headed to the door, the girls were coming in.

"Nikki!" They shouted.

"I'm so happy to see you. We were so worried. We didn't know what the Alpha had done with you. Why was he so upset?"

"I'm so glad to see you all as well. I have so much to tell. I need to let you guys in on a secret."

"Secret?" Maggie replied.

"So I haven't been fully truthful in the past. My name is not Nikki, it is Izza. I am Alpha Devon's mate. The twins are my sons. I'm not just the Nanny." I said nervously hoping that they would still be my friends when I left.

Nancy walked over and wrapped me in a hug. "You poor sweet girl. Our Alpha is a womanizer. I heard about his mate giving birth and dying. I actually felt that it was better for her. Now knowing that you are his mate, my heart bleeds for you. No one should have to watch their mate parade around with other women as he has."

"So true. I hope you kicked him in the balls after we left. He is horrible." Angela added.

"If he wasn't my Alpha, I would...." Heather said not sure what she would do.

I stepped back from Nancy's embrace. "Devon and I are taking a different approach right now. For the first time, we are trying to be mates. He wants to announce me as Luna." I silently added and I am pregnant with his pups.

"Oh." They all stopped their Devon bashing and stared at me like I had two heads.

"He is my mate." Nancy and Maggie nodded their heads in understanding. They have mates so they understand. Heather and Angela just shook their heads not sure how to respond.

"I need to go, but I promise I will be back." I hugged them all and walked back to the house. Kelly was gone still with the boys, so I went to lay back down. I took my vitamins and tonic before putting them away in the mini-fridge that I have in my room. Crawling into bed I could feel the tonic doing its work, and exhaustion took over. I was out like a light the moment my head hit the pillow.

I dreamt of my pups as I slept. In the dream, I had just given birth to twin girls. They had my light blonde hair, and like with the boys, one has my blue eyes the other has Devon's green eyes. The boys have Devon's dark brown hair, and the contrast is strong as the boys each hold one of the girls. We are all so happy and complete at this moment. This is the 'they all lived happily ever after a moment that every girl dreams of. I can only hope that this will become my reality.

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