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Chapter 18: Surprise

Chapter 18: Surprise (Devon’s POV)

A week has passed since we went and spoke to the Elders. I have been working on courting Izza since that time. We have had family time by the pool and took the kids to Kids Fun Zone. We also went out on two dates. The first one was to the beach at night. I brought a blanket and we watched the tide come as we chatted about life. At midnight we shifted to our wolves. Dex was so excited to met Bella. He had a blast chasing her, but she tired easily. She hasn't had our training, so we just enjoyed exploring the beach area together. That night we fell asleep under the stars cuddled up in our fur-clad bodies. Dexter has never been as happy in our life.

I also have participated in my community service. I have spent 2 hours a day time times this week at the Nursery. Izza has joined me each time. She is such a natural mom. I wonder if she can hear my thoughts as I dream about her round and robust with my pup planted deep in her belly. I missed her whole pregnancy with the boys. I know I'm to blame for that but that doesn't mean I can't hope to have a second chance.

Last night we went out to dinner. It was a nice restaurant, and my mate showed up looking good enough to eat. I ordered us a bottle of champagne, but Izza said she did not want alcohol to influence her choices with me. I couldn't argue. The last time she drank things got a little wild between us. I just want her to relax. She has been so tense lately. I know she is worried about taking her title as Luna, so today I have decided that we would go by the Packhouse as a test run.

"Are you sure about this babe?" She asked.

"Of course. The Pack knows the truth, and they want to see their Luna. If it's too much, we will leave. I will protect you. I promise. Okay, love." She nodded back in response. I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her into me. I kissed her gently before she rested her head on my chest. Today she was dressed in light blue jean jeggings and a long white flowy top with a few large blue watercolor flowers on the bottom right side. She had lightly did her makeup and pulled her long hair back from her face. As always she looked like an angel, like my angel.

"Let's go," I whispered in her ear after we had stood in our embrace for more than five minutes.

When we made it to the training grounds Jax joined us.

"Hey Izza, I never thought I would see this day, but I am so happy that you are here." Jax leaned forward and gave Izza a welcoming hug. I growled at my Beta but left it at that as Jax backed off. Jax only smiled at my reaction.

"Don't give the others the impression that it is okay to touch what is mine," I growled back. I gripped Izza closer. I don't like her being this close to the unmated males of my pack. I know what it is like to be on the prowl for some pussy, and you don't care who the pussy belongs to. I wish she would have let me fuck her before we left. It would have been like marking my territory, but we are still in the no-sex part of mission mate. I will not miss this part of my plan.

Since we started working on our bond she has rarely been out of my arms. I hate it when I'm away from her, but I still have to be an Alpha. That's why I wanted to bring her with me today. The boys start preschool soon, and I want her to start coming with me more often. I don't like her being home, while I'm here. She wouldn't have to do anything here, but I know she will. I am much calmer when she is around, and that is good for the Pack. I'd be happy taking meetings with her placed firmly in my lap. I can't say that my hands wouldn't be doing their own work while she sat there, and it would definitely make for a very interesting day.

We walked around the training grounds for a while as I showed my Pack Warriors off to her. She gave praise where it should be and constructive criticism, as well. Luke and Rickey were sparing, and Luke dropped his head and got caught up. Before I could say anything, Izza had pointed that out and told him "Never take your eye off of your opponent, because the moment you do, is the moment you will get clawed in the face." We all just stared at her. "My dad was the trainer of my Pack. He was a crass asshole, but he was very good at training Warriors. It was the only thing he was good at." At this, she shrugged and we moved on with pride swelling in my chest.

When we got to the female Warriors Izza tensed and growled keeping her stance very defensive. I kept my arms firmly around her and constantly told her that I loved her and that I was sorry. I kissed her head, her mark, and everywhere else I could while trying to keep her calm. We did not linger long with the females and were headed to my office when Jax stopped me. I told Izza to go on ahead, that I would be right behind her.

Jax and I talked for a few moments about progress fixing the overhang that added shade to the training grounds, and then I went off to find Izza. As I came around the corner I found her. She had Jessica on her knees commanding her with her Luna tone. My mouth dropped as she brought her foot up and kicked Jessica square in the face. She moved toward Jessica as if she wasn't finished.

"Izza, what are you doing. Stop." I yelled in my Alpha tone. I was afraid she would continue pounding on Jessica and she was already out for the count.

Izza looked up at me with tears in her eyes, and then she collapsed on the ground next to Jessica. I freaked out and then scoped Izza up off the ground before taking her to my office. I called out to Jax to get someone to take care of Jessica, but I knew she would be okay.

I had laid Izza on my office couch and after a minute or two, she came back around. She sat up slowly and just stared at me not saying a word. I moved to embrace her, but she pulled away from me. What the hell.

"Izza, baby, are you okay? What happened? Talk to me please."

"Jessica found me as I was making my way to your office. She said a lot of shit about the two of you together. That you are hers and to keep my hands off. She pushed me into a column, and the only defense I had was to use my Luna tone. Even as she was on her knees she still continued talking about how your cock feels in her mouth and how good you taste when you blow your load. So I kicked her. I kicked her as hard as I could." Izza looked down. She wasn't proud of what she had done, but she was backed into a corner and was protecting what is hers. "When you started yelling I felt your Alpha tone cut through me. I was already feeling weak from the force I had placed on Jessica, and then I was just out."

"I am so sorry baby. I just didn't want you to kill her. You are so innocent, so perfect. I didn't want that on your hands. I have made a mess and today it has bit me in the ass. I can't believe she put her hands on you. When I spoke to the Pack about you there were very stern orders about your well-being. She will be punished for attacking her Luna, I promise."

"She told me that you would tell her that you loved her. Is that true Devon?"

"Yes and no." Izza's face fell. It's not what she thinks though "I would say 'I love you, Izza' when we were together. It has been over a year since I last touched her or any other female."

"If that's true then why was she at the house that day." Time to come fully clean.

"I'm not proud of this, but I never expected you to give me another chance. I started having issues with being aroused by other women after the boys were born. It started slowly and eventually, the idea of any woman touching me made me feel I'll. Any woman but you that is. You will notice there are a lot of blondes. I would use them to live out the fantasies I had of you. When I could no longer stomach their touch, I would watch them."

"I don't need any more description. Not sure if I'm completely discussed by you or if I should be flattered." Her cheeks are the cutest shade of pink right now. My sweet little innocent mate.

"I'd like you to be flattered. You were always my fantasy. You are the only thing that has been on my mind since you came here. I was such a dumbass for trying to fill your place with generic ass blondes when the real thing was here all along. Better than I could ever have fantasized. When you asked me if our night together was everything dreams were made of, you have no idea how right you were. All I need to do is smell you, see you, think about you and I am standing at full attention. I love you Izza, you are my everything. Even when I was a dick, you were my everything." I moved towards her, and this time she let me embrace her.

She climbed into my lap as if she was trying to test my theory. My not-so-little friend in my pants did not disappoint either. Right on cue he was long, strong, and looking for his mate. Izza twisted so she was straddling my lap, and kissed me for all she is worth. She licked my bottom lip and I allowed her entrance. She can have whatever she wants. Her breathing was heavy and coming out in pants as she pulled away. I rubbed into her for good measure. Things were progressing at a very hot and heavy level, and it felt like I might be getting the go-ahead to have my way with her.

That's when the pounding started on my office door. Crap. Between the twins and my Pack, they really know how to cock block an Alpha. I swear there best be something bad going on. Jax knows Izza is here and a locked office door is not something to intrude on.

"What" I growled back to the door.

"Someone set fire to the Packhouse, Alpha." Jax panted back. He must have run here because I had my mind-link shut off while I was attending to Izza.

Shit. I picked Izza up and asked her to stay here with the door locked. "I will be back as soon as I can." I kissed her head and followed behind Jax.

Nine hours, that's how long it took to get everything straightened out. Jessica had gone ape shit crazy and set three fires around the packhouse. After about an hour I sent Kelly to pick Izza up and take her home.

I had to coordinate with the fire team to get the fires out, the clean-up crew to clean up after the fires, and then the psych ward to take care of Jessica. I also had to find places for everyone from the Packhouse to stay. Once that was done Jax and I were finally free to go home. Kelly had mind-linked Jax to let us know that Izza had left our dinner in the microwave. I can't wait for Izza to mark me so we can communicate that way.

Jax and I sat at the table in silence eating our dinner until he asked, "Dude, what kind of magic cock do you have to make women crazy like that." He smiled as he said this.

I just punched him in the arm and said, "It's not a gift. More of a curse. I'm just glad Izza didn't get hurt today."

Jax smiled at me again and said, "Finally you get it. She completes you."

"That she does. You definitely get to tell me you told me so." I grabbed my plate, scrapped the few crumbs left from my steak, loaded baked potato and roasted cauliflower in the trash then placed my plate in the dishwasher.

With a full belly and other things on my mind, I made my way to Izza's room. She was asleep when I entered. I sighed, knowing I would not be able to pick things up where we left off before the fires. As I was crawling in beside her I came across a cold bottle laying in the bed. It was glass and the bottle said it was for nausea. Safe and effective for all pregnancy sickness and other illnesses.

Why is this in our bed? I pulled back the blanket and Izza had her left hand resting on her stomach. Under her hand was a rather defined bump. Is my mate pregnant? She would have told me. Right?

Before I could complete my thought, Izza stirred and opened her eyes. She took in my shocked expression, and the bottle of tonic in my hand. She slowly sat up and said, "We need to talk."

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