All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Chapter 19: Obsession

Chapter 19: Obsession (Izza’s POV)

"Yes and no." Izza's face fell. It's not what she thinks though "I would say 'I love you, Izza' when we were together. It has been over a year since I last touched her or any other female."

"If that's true then why was she at the house that day." Time to come fully clean.

"I'm not proud of this, but I never expected you to give me another chance. I started having issues with being aroused by other women after the boys were born. It started slowly and eventually, the idea of any woman touching me made me feel I'll. Any woman but you that is. You will notice there are a lot of blondes. I would use them to live out the fantasies I had of you. When I could no longer stomach their touch, I would watch them."

"I don't need any more description. Not sure if I'm completely discussed by you or if I should be flattered." Her cheeks are the cutest shade of pink right now. My sweet little innocent mate.

"I'd like you to be flattered. You were always my fantasy. You are the only thing that has been on my mind since you came here. I was such a dumbass for trying to fill your place with generic ass blondes when the real thing was here all along. Better than I could ever have fantasized. When you asked me if our night together was everything dreams were made of, you have no idea how right you were. All I need to do is smell you, see you, think about you and I am standing at full attention. I love you Izza, you are my everything. Even when I was a dick, you were my everything." I moved towards her, and this time she let me embrace her.

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