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Chapter 20: Announcements

Chapter 20: Announcements (Devon’s POV)

I am literally bouncing in my seat this morning. Today we have a meeting with the Elders, then we get to go do Izza's sonogram, and then we have her Luna ceremony. My mate is still sleeping and I can hardly contain myself. The thing I'm looking forward to the most is the sonogram. I can't wait to find out what Izza is carrying and I just want to see them. To know they are real, that they are really mine. I laughed at myself at this thought. When Izza first came here I would have been a mess, knowing I was going to be a father. I'm still a mess, but a very happy proud mess. Dex is so full of himself right now he may just burst. Every time we look at Izza's growing bump we get so happy that we may just explode. We did that, that is ours.

I need to wake Izza up, but she looks so happy sleeping. We were now staying in our room upstairs. It had been completely redone and was now decked out in rich browns and Tiffany blue that Izza asked for. I nuzzle into her neck and kiss her mark. She started to stir. I nuzzle her again and she groans. I kissed her mark again and she moans.

"Hmmm... we can be late, take mate now." Dex encourages.

I kissed from her mark up to her ear, while running my hand up her nightshirt. She is naked underneath. I found her left nipple and pinch it between my thumb and forefinger. She stirred again. I kissed down her body and found my way between her legs.

"Mate smells good enough to eat," Dex says as he takes in the smell of her arousal.

"Dev, what are you doing. What time is it."

"10:45" I mumbled since my mouth was full.

"10:45! Shit, Dev the Elders will be here in fifteen minutes." She attempted to get out of bed but I kept her in place, as I continued my assault on her soft, wet core. It didn't take long for her to scream my name. She is so sensitive everywhere, now that she's pregnant. "Come on, we need to shower." She told me.

I followed her and pressed myself to her as she started the water. I washed her, and once she was clean I worked on cleaning my body. Izza turned and knelt in front of me as I did this. Returning the favor of me taking care of her this morning. She knows exactly how I like it and we were in and out of the shower in another fifteen minutes. I dressed quickly and helped her get her dress on. It's a little snug in the middle, but we want to let people know that the Alpha and his Luna are expecting. Izza is at the eight-week mark and you can definitively tell that she is carrying my pups.

It was 11:20 when we made it downstairs. The Elders were waiting in the living room being entertained by Xander and Xavier. I cleared my throat, and I wrapped my arms around Izza's waist letting Asher, Charles, and Jasper know we were ready to meet.

"Well I see you two have been up to some dirty business here of late," Uncle Charlie said eyeing Izza's bump.

"Yes, we will be announcing the addition to the Alpha family at the Luna Ceremony today. I wanted to make sure everyone understands this is real. That Alpha Devon is finally settling down and being the mate I should have always been."

"Good for you, your parents would have been so proud to see the man you are now. Thank you Izza. You already are an exceptional Luna already." Jasper told us.

Izza laid her hand on top of mine over her stomach. I know that she is hungry, and I asked "Do you mind if we move into the kitchen. My mate needs to eat."

They followed us and Izza was happy to see that I had breakfast delivered for her. She stood at the island and ate while the Elders went through the order of events for the ceremony. They now had the announcement of our pups to add in, and they were all excited to make that addition. We talked everything through for a little over an hour, before Izza piped up to tell them that we needed to go.

"We have to go see Doc Gabe before the ceremony, and I don't want to be late. I'm so excited to get to see our pups." She was smiling and glowing as she said this. I wanted to melt at her happiness.

Kelly was keeping the boys this morning and then bringing them to the ceremony so that we would all be together as a family. The Elders bid us goodbye and wished us luck as they left the house.

The clinic is not far, and we were about ten minutes early, but Doctor Gabe was ready for us when we got there. He ushered us into an examination room and handed Izza a gown to put on and a sheet for once she was laid on the table. He left the room and I helped Izza out of her dress and into her new attire.

She laid back on the table talking excitedly, "I secretly am hoping for girls. I have a dream about two little blonde girls. One with blue eyes one with green. We already have two boys, but I will love them no matter what. What are you hoping for babe?"

"I'll be happy as long as they are healthy." I lied. Boys, I want all boys. I don't want to have to kill someone who tries to hit on my daughters.

At this moment Gabe rejoined us and pulled down the sheet and pulled up her gown. Dex growled loudly at Gabe seeing our mate's body. "Dex we need him. I don't like it either, but he is the doctor that will deliver our pups safely into this world." Dex shut up and went to brood in the corner of my head.

"So how are you feeling Izza?"

"Okay, the sickness is dying down. My stomach has grown, so it's a little uncomfortable but not too bad yet. I know that as they grow it will be harder to sleep and do other things, but the end will be worth it."

While Izza was talking, the doc pulled out a tube and squeezed some jelly stuff on Izza's bump. She yelped and jumped. I growled and she mind-linked me that it was just cold. I nodded and stared open-mouthed, as I watched Gabe start to move a wand-looking item over the jelly.

"Do you want to know the sex?

"Yes," we both said together.

"Okay, so this is the first one on the screen now, and it looks good, good size, good position, she looks very healthy." He said pointing to the 3D image on the screen.

"She!" Izza squealed in excitement. Crap I see myself killing someone in the future.

"Yes, Izza you are having two healthy baby girls." Double crap. Two murders that's forgivable right. Nobody would dare try to take advantage of my girls after I have killed over both of them. Right? He moved the wand and I could hear their heartbeats dancing back and forth in the most beautiful rhythm ever. I already loved them. They already had daddy wrapped around their little fingers. Izza was all smiles. "Now all that's left is a quick pelvic exam and then you will be all ready to go."

I wasn't fully listening to Gabe. I was staring at my mate. Gabe had pulled on a glove and spread some jelly onto his fingers while moving the blanket out of the way. The moment his fingers entered my mate, I growled loud enough that I'm surprised the glass didn't break. I moved to kill Gabe and Izza grabbed my shoulder.

"Dev, he is a doctor. The pups have to come out of there and he has to make sure everything is okay. This is a normal part of the exam. Please don't kill him. I don't want to have to deliver the girls on my own." Izza said frowning at me.

I hated that she was frowning. I sat back down and watched Gabe closely. Any indication from Izza that he was being anything other than professional, and I would snap his neck on the spot. Gabe nervously went back to the examination and made sure to explain to me everything that he was doing before he did it so that I wouldn't be surprised. He explained what a pap smear was before he inserted a metal contraption in my mate, and Dex and I were panting from trying to keep our cool.

"I will have pictures printed out for you in the lobby from the sonogram, and your test results will be back in a few days. I will call you to let you know the results then. Due to the high risk of having twins, we will watch you closely and schedule weekly visits to keep an eye on things. You can get dressed Luna and Alpha, relax." He smiled smugly at me. I still wanted to rip his head off, so it was in his best interest, that he left the room quickly.

Izza got up off of the table and removed her gown. I took this moment to bend her over the table and I was in her before she could begin to protest. The lube from the exam was nice but not necessary. I was marking my territory, and Izza understood. She wasn't quiet either. Everyone in the office got to know exactly how Alpha pups are made. She came twice before I finished. I cleaned her using the paper gown she had been wearing and left it on the exam bed for doctor Gabe. I helped Izza back into her snug dress that showed off her pup bump and we made our way out of the room.

We stopped at the reception desk and Gabe was nowhere to be seen. Maggie was behind the counter giggling at the situation, as she handed us the pictures. "Twin girls. I am so happy for you." She squealed and came around to hug Izza. A few other females hugged her tightly before we were able to say our goodbyes and leave.

As we got in the car to head to the training grounds, where the ceremony will be held, Izza asked, "So was that necessary. It was fun, but..." she trailed off trying to give me a stern look.

"Yes, it was. Gabe needs to remember who you belong to. You are mine. They are mine. He has wanted what is mine, so yes it was very necessary."

Izza tried hard to hide her smile before she gave up and giggled at the thought of what we had just done. I couldn't help but smile back. I very much enjoyed marking my territory. I was also happy because it increased my scent on her before we got to the grounds where there are loads of unmated horny males. I'm the only horny male that gets to have my mate.

The grounds were already set up when we got there. There are chairs set for the older wolves of the pack, and a platform, podium, and microphone so we can address the crowd. Izza was nervous and asked to sit down. I got her a comfortable chair brought out and she sat on the other side of the platform, whilst we waited for everyone else to arrive. Kelly showed up about five minutes before showtime with the boys dressed nicely. It was a challenge to do, I could tell by the stress showing on Kelly's normally perky face. Jax joined us at the start time and my family was now complete as we made our way onto the stage. Jax carried Izza's chair onto the platform in case she needed it, but she seemed to be on an adrenaline high now that everyone was here.

There were gasps from the crowd, as they took in the image of their Luna, which you could tell was very much pregnant. We followed through with the official stuff, which included Izza committing herself to the pack, and the protection of the Elders. You could feel the love Izza felt for her home and pack as she took her oath. Then our pack had to accept her in return.

"Do you, those of the Elder Watch Pack and Elders protected by the pack, accept Izzabella Nicolette Davis as you Luna."

"We do." It rang loud and clear through the entire stadium. As both human and wolf, each member of our Pack accepted our mate as their Luna. A tear ran down Izza's face in pride.

Then Elder Asher turned to me, " Do you Alpha Devon Xavier Fury accept Izzabella Nicolette Davis as your Luna."

"We do," I spoke for Dex and me. The happiness and pride we felt at that moment were overwhelming. I almost missed Asher introducing me to address the Pack directly. Izza walked to my side, and I wrapped my arms around her before placing my hands on her growing bump and faced the crowd. I kissed her mark in front of the Pack showing my acceptance and love of our Luna. We moved behind the podium to make our final announcement before ending the ceremony.

"Thank you all for joining us today, and your acceptance of my mate as your Luna. If you haven't noticed my mate and I have another announcement to make." I stopped to savor the moment. "By the end of the year, the Alpha family will have two more members. My mate is currently carrying twin girls." Cheers erupted around us so loud that you could not hear the person next to you. Izza just placed her hand over mine and looked up to me smiling before kissing me for all to see.

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