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Chapter 21: Bedrest

Chapter 21: Bedrest (Izza’s POV)

My pregnancy seems to be going by in a flash. Today is Christmas Eve and my due date is in only a few days. I really didn’t think I was going to make it this far. Around the time I hit week twenty of a werewolf’s twenty-five-week long term, I had experienced some extreme cramping and started to spot blood. For my health and the health of the pups, I was forced to go on bedrest.

We had already hired a nanny. Cliché I know right since I was the fake nanny for so long. We had hired the sweetest Elder. Her name was Martha and she was a former Luna and she has grandpups back at her original Pack. Martha and her mate had retired hereafter too many rogue attacks made her former Alpha fear for his mate’s safety. She was in her late sixties, but you would never guess. She has more than enough energy to keep up with my pups and make sure I have everything I need. She cooks for us all, and it really is like being at grandma’s house, where she cooks everything in big batches from scratch.

I hate bedrest though. I am so bored. It reminds me of the bad times when I was held captive in my room. We are back in that same room because I can’t handle the steps. The big difference between pregnancy one and pregnancy two is in Devon. He has been the best mate that anyone could ask for. Last weekend we had the boys’ birthday party at Fun Zone. Mommy couldn’t go, so daddy took the reins, and the boys had an awesome time. I can’t believe they are three years old now. I was sad that I missed it, but Kelly did streaming video the whole time, so I could feel like I was there.

Tonight we are having a family dinner here at the house and tomorrow for Christmas we are having a dinner for the whole Pack out on the training grounds. I will be attending both. I am close enough to my due date now that if I go into labor, I will be fine, and I haven’t had any more issues in the past four weeks. I am due on the 28th and today is the 24th.

At 6 o’clock Devon came in and kissed my forehead once he made it over to me. “Hey, baby, time to get you up, showered, and dressed.” He said as he picked me up out of bed. I was in just an oversized t-shirt since I was as big as a house. Carrying twins of the Alpha will have that effect on you. He carried me into the shower and removed my shirt. He stepped out quickly to remove his own clothes and came back to join me. He took care in making sure I was clean from top to bottom, as he always has. He stopped a few times to stroke himself. Since I have been on bedrest it has been a no-go for sex, but we have found ways around that. They're just really is not enough room in the shower anymore for me to blow him. He latches onto my left breast as he continues to pleasure himself. My milk has already started to produce, and Dev says I am not only his favorite dessert but his favorite drink now too. He has my back pressed against the wall and uses his other hand to gently rub my throbbing nub. I needed this, it has been so long since we’ve taken the chance of me having an orgasm. I came loudly shortly after he started touching me and that helped him find his own happy ending.

Once we were both clean again, Devon carried me back into our room. He helped me slip on the silver and white dress that I am wearing this evening. The dress is long, silky, and stretchy so it shows off my pupbump, but I am still very comfortable. He continues to help by brushing out my long hair and twisting the front back out of my face. He secured it with a clip and turned me around to face him. “You look like a renaissance queen in this dress. My queen. Mine!” He smiled at me.

“A very pregnant renaissance queen,” I replied back.

“That’s the sexiest part of your whole look. My seed is growing inside you. My heart swells with every moment I look at you. I love you, I love our pups. I love that you are having our pups. Nothing in this world makes me happier.”

I blushed scarlet at his confession, and whisper back my own, “I love you too. I love having your pups. You have made me so happy.” He kissed my forehead and carried me out of our room and set me on the living room couch.

We would be eating in here at tray tables. It would be uncomfortable for me to sit at the kitchen table for long. Tonight it would be the twins, Kelly, Jax, Martha, and her mate Henry joining Devon and me for dinner. Martha had outdone herself. She had made a large beef roast with potatoes & carrots. She also made deviled eggs, pasta salad, macaroni & cheese, corn pudding, and big fluffy rolls. For dessert, she made a pumpkin pie, chocolate cream pie, and banana pudding. I ate everything. I think I was starting to slip into a food coma, but I noticed Kelly was shoveling down almost as much of dinner as I was.

Jax took this moment to stand up and tap on his glass as if he has an announcement to make. Kelly looked up from her plate but continued to eat. “I am so happy to be here surrounded by our family because Kelly and I have an announcement to make.” Kelly stopped eating and wiped her mouth before standing and entering into Jax’s embrace. “You all know how long we have been trying to have a pup of our own, and we got the news yesterday that it has finally happened. I’m going to be a dad,” Jax stopped and gazed lovingly at his mate, “And Kelly is going to be a mom. The best mom ever.”

We all screamed in joy and happiness for them. I waved Kelly over to me since I couldn’t really move. She sat on the couch and I gently pulled her into a hug. “I am so happy for you. Now I get to be the best aunt ever. Our kids will be close in age, so they will have cousins to play with. Even though you’re not really my sister, we will raise them that way.”

Kelly hugged me back, and said, “I can’t believe my fairytale has finally found its happily ever after. I’m so excited. And yes they will be the happiest of cousins growing and playing together. I love you guys so much. I am so happy that I have you here for me as my sister.” We hugged and cried into each other’s arms until Jax pulled her away so they could retire for the night.

Martha and Henry left soon after they finished cleaning up, and Devon carried me back to our bed. The pups were already asleep in their beds. Devon helped me undress and as he stood in front of me I grabbed his belt buckle.

I was sitting on the bed and was at about the right height for what I had in mind. His jeans hit the floor with a thump and I made sure his boxers followed with them. I licked my lips and looked Devon dead in the eye. His eyes were already black with lust and Dexter had risen to the surface to enjoy as well. I slowly licked just the tip in a circular motion. He growled deep in his chest. “Don’t tease” I leaned forward and took all I could in my mouth. I stroked the rest with my hand in the opposite rhythm of my mouth, while twirling my tongue as I pulled toward the tip. The entire time I kept direct eye contact. As he started to pant and growl out my name, I added my other hand to cradle his sack and roll it in my hands. At this, he came loudly and wet in my mouth. I sucked and licked till I had consumed every drop. I hear that sperm is healthy to consume while you are pregnant, so we have tested that theory with good results.

He laid me back on the bed and placed my legs over his shoulders as he slipped his head between my legs. I had too much eaten at dinner and found myself snoring before he could even start.

The next morning I woke up to the boys bouncing on the bed. “Mommy, Daddy wake up! Santa came, Santa came!” Xavier shouted. Xander just smiled and laughed, he was much quieter than his brother and only spoke when he had to. Xander jumped on Devon who cursed. Apparently, he had come down with his knee on the family jewels.

“Give us just a minute and we will be out there. Do not open a thing.” Devon had thankfully dressed a sleeping me in one of his shirts, so I had him help me pull on a pair of his sweat pants. He dressed in similar attire and he carried me back out to the couch. I can walk, he just doesn’t let me.

We were joined shortly by Kelly and Jax. Martha and Henry’s family were visiting, but she had dropped by breakfast for us and it was set up on the counter. She knew I was unable to cook and did not want us to have to eat spam and eggs from Kelly. That was about the best Christmas gift I could have asked for from her.

The boys tore through their gifts, throwing them before moving to the next box barely looking at what they had gotten in their excitement. We had a few gifts from the Pack for our expected twin girls. We exchanged gifts with Kelly and Jax. Then Devon handed me a set of keys. He bought me my own Dodge Charger since I loved it. Mine was a lighter, brighter blue with silver racing stripes down the center.

I frowned at him. “I can’t even drive it for at least another few weeks.” Oops, pregnancy hormones kicking in.

“I know, but I still wanted to give it to you now. That’s why I also got you this.” He said pulling out a box, hoping that it is a ring. I’m ready for my mate to make an honest woman out of me and so I can take the same last name as him and the boys. He held out the box to me and when I opened it I tried to not let my disappointment shine through. They're nestled in the box were a set of teardrop diamond earrings. They probably cost him a fortune, but they were not the diamond that I was hoping was in the box. “They are beautiful, Dev. Thank you.” I leaned over and kissed his cheek. I didn’t want him to think I was ungrateful for anything he gave me.

I think he picked up on my disappointment. “Do you really like them?” He had a puzzled look on his face as he asked. I nodded my response.

Devon and Jax had to leave so they could set up for the Pack Christmas dinner. Kelly stayed with me to help with the boys.

“So why do you look unhappy?” Kelly asked.

“I was hoping for something else. A different type of diamond in a velvet cover box.”

“Oh, I see. Men are dumb. Does he know that you want to get married?”

“We had a short conversation about it after the Luna ceremony, but that was it.”

“What was the conversation.”

“It was just about wanting his last name. We were putting the boys into preschool, and it just looked weird that I’m Davis and the three of them are Fury.”

“What was his response.”

“Oh. That was it. Just oh. I didn’t want to push then because we were just making progress as mates, but I’m due to have the girls any day now, and I would really like for us all to have the same name. I would also really like to be titled as his wife. I’m his mate, his Luna, but I want to add wife to that.”

“Awe honey at some point he will get the hint. Don’t stress about it though. I don’t want to miss the dinner tonight to sit with you at the clinic.” She laughed trying to lighten my mood.

“Your right it’s not that important right now. I’m not ready to give birth just yet, so I don’t want to spend my night there either.” I smiled back trying to pick up my mood.

We sat and watched some girly movies until it was time to get ready. I waddled my way to our room and made my way into the shower. Not an easy thing to do. I washed what I could and just as frustration was setting in I heard Devon enter the bathroom. “Sorry, I’m late. Here let me finish you up.” He quickly washed us both and then carried me out to the room. My dress for tonight was similar to the one I wore the night before. This one was a deep royal blue with silver.

“Beautiful as ever,” Devon whispered in my ear as he attempted to wrap his arms around me, but he settled for resting his hands on my belly and rubbing circles over what I am guessing is one of their bums from the feeling of it. They had started to stretch and move a lot today. I guess they are feeling the excitement of the holiday. Devon carried me all the way to the platform that they had set up for us. There were couches set up for us, so I could sit comfortably. It was similar to how we ate the night before. A member of the pack came by and asked what I would like to eat so she could make my plate after the Alpha made the first carvings into the turkey and hams. I gave her my list of what I wanted, and she smiled at my appetite.

Devon walked to the podium at the front of the stage and addressed the pack. “Good evening Elder Watch and Elders. I am so happy to be here with you tonight. I love having my family joined with my Pack. I hope that everyone had a brilliant day of love and laughs. I will be carving the first piece of our feast in just one moment, but I need to do one more thing first. I would like all of you to stand and take witness.” Devon stopped his speech, grabbed the microphone, and turned towards me.

“What’s going on Alpha?” I asked.

He raised an eyebrow at me for my Alpha comment, and continued his speech, “I know that I have not always been the best Alpha or the best mate to you since you came into my life, but I never knew that I was capable of this. I never knew that I could love someone as much as I love you. I thought you were a weakness, but you have proven to be my strength. You have given me more than I could have ever asked for, and you never asked for anything other than kindness and love in return. Now it’s my turn to give you something. I would like to give you my last name. I want you not only as my Luna and my mate. I want you as my wife. I love you Izza, will you marry me?” He knelt in front of me and opened a small velvet box that held a large diamond ring with dark blue sapphires around the large oval diamond in the center that was set in platinum. It was perfect, but it could have come out of a gumball machine and I would have loved it.

“Yes, Yes we will.” My wolf and I both cried in excitement. He placed the ring where it should go, and helped me stand up.

We turned to the Pack crowd as I held out my hand for all to see. “She said yes,” Devon announced into the microphone so everyone could hear. I was smiling so big my face started to hurt. The twins were dancing around inside me and a well-planted kick doubled me over.

“You okay,” Devon asked full of concern? His smile had faded.

“Just need to sit back down. They have been really active today.”

Devon leads us back to the couch and sat me down with his arm around me. He watched me very closely for the rest of the night. I had a few pains during dinner, but nothing consistent. A large number of members from the pack wanted to come up and offer their congratulations to us. So once we had eaten, they formed a line and we smiled and thanked them as they filed by. I was starting to have more pains and was beginning to worry. I leaned over to Dev and whispered in his ear. “I think we should go by the clinic before we go home.”

Dev’s face was priceless. His jaw literally dropped and you could see perspiration break out on his forehead. His eyes were wide and he looked a little green. A moment later I was lifted and then placed into a wheelchair. The clinic was across the street from the Packhouse, so it would take just as long to push me there, as it would to get to the car and drive. They apparently had an even better and quicker idea that involved a blue golf cart that pulled up next to my chair.

Everyone was smiling and cheering as we made our way to the clinic. I felt so loved by our Pack and my family. I was so happy and looking forward to seeing my little princesses once they are born. Doc Gabe meet us at door and pushed me into the maternity ward.

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