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Chapter 22: Waiting

Chapter 22: Waiting (Devon’s POV)

The next morning we woke up to the boys bouncing on the bed. “Mommy, Daddy wake up! Santa came, Santa came!” Xavier shouted. Xander bounced and came straight down with his knee on my morning wood. I cursed under my breath as he ran out of the room after his brother. I rubbed and cupped my balls for a moment before helping Izza dress in some of my sweats. I love her wearing my clothes. She is wrapped from head to toe in my scent. Next, I got myself dressed, and carried Izza to the living room.

We were joined shortly after by Kelly and Jax. I am so happy to hear that they are having a pup of their own. Jax has been my best friend and Beta for such a long time that he is more, my brother, than anything else. Kelly has grown on me over the years and I couldn’t imagine a better female Beta. She truly cares for us all and has become so close with Izza, that I love her just for being her best friend.

The boys tore through their gifts, throwing them before moving to the next box barely looking at what they had gotten in their excitement. We had a few gifts from the pack for our expected twin girls. We exchanged gifts with Kelly and Jax. Then I handed Izza a set of keys. I bought her a Dodge Charger since she loved mine. Her’s is a lighter, brighter blue with silver racing stripes down the center.

Izza frowned at me. “I can’t even drive it for at least another few weeks.”

Crap I knew I should have kept it till after she had the twins, but I was too excited. “I know, but I still wanted to give it to you now. That’s why I also got you this.” I said pulling out a box. I was watching her reaction. I have another velvet box to give her later tonight. I want to see if handing her this box gets the reaction I'm hoping for.

“They are beautiful, Dev. Thank you.” She leaned over and kissed my cheek, but I can see that she was disappointed at what wasn’t in the box. That's a good sign.

I'm so nervous. Things have been good between us. Really good between us. We are just days away from having four pups together, we wear each others marks, she is my Luna, my mate. She has to says yes.

“Do you really like them?” I asked trying to keep the amusement out of my voice. She nodded in response.

Soon after Jax and I had to leave so we could set up for the pack Christmas dinner. The girls would generally handle this, but they are both with pup and my mate needed someone to stay with her, so Kelly stayed behind to help with the boys.

We set up a stag again for us to be at the head of the Pack. We pulled the couches out of my office in the packhouse to make sure Izza was as comfortable as she could be. I can’t wait for her to pop. Her belly button already looks like the thing you find in a turkey to tell you it’s done, and she definitely looks done. She also looks hot as fuck. She looked even hotter as she stared me dead in the eye, with her piercing blue eyes, as she sucked my cock last night. Merry Christmas to me. It was great until she fell asleep before I got to have my favorite dessert.

I love my mate, more than life itself. That’s why I plan on asking her to marry me tonight, in front of the whole Pack. I want to announce my love for her to the whole world. Not in secret like I have always done in the past. I have been planning this for months since she flippantly stated that she wanted her last name to match the boys and in turn mine.

Kelly mind-linked me. “Hey Alpha.”

“What’s up, Kelly? Everything okay?” Kelly doesn’t normally mind-link me so I was worried something was wrong.

“Did you know that Izza was upset earlier?”

“I caught that she wasn’t happy with her presents. What did she say?”

“Just that she was expecting a different piece of jewelry in the box you gave her.”

I smiled. She is going to be so happy later tonight. “I understand Kelly, thanks for letting me know.”

“Do you want to marry her?”

Damn it I can’t tell Kelly she has the biggest mouth ever. “Kelly I’m going to use my Alpha tone okay.” I stopped and switched to Alpha mode, and continued. “Kelly you will not utter a word about this to Izza, but tonight I already plan to ask her. I have the perfect ring and everything. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

“Oh no, Alpha I would never ruin that for you. I understand. She is going to be so happy.”

“Thank you for being her best friend.” I disconnected the mind-link and finished getting everything ready for tonight.

I was a little late getting back to the house, and Izza was already in the shower. I could hear her cursing as she was unable to reach everything as I entered the bathroom. “Sorry, I’m late. Here let me finish you up.” I quickly washed us both before I got carried away and made both of us late for dinner. I carried her to the room and helped her get dressed.

“Beautiful as ever,” I whispered in her ear, as I rested my hands on her belly. I rubbed circles over a spot that one of the twins was pushing out on. I don’t know how she does it. I don’t think I could be strong enough to carry one pup, much less two, twice. I am in total awe of my mate, as I hold her in my arms.

I carried her all the way out to the platform and sat us down on the couch making sure she was comfortable. She looks extremely uncomfortable right now. I will be keeping a close eye on her tonight. I may have to wait to propose and take her to the clinic instead. A member of the Pack came by and asked what we would like to eat so she could make our plates. Izza was so cute and wanted some of almost everything piled high on her plate. I’m glad to see that she is still hungry.

I walked up to the podium at the front of the stage to address the Pack. I was sweating bullets. Even though I know she wants this, I am still beyond nervous. “Good evening Elder Watch and Elders. I am so happy to be here with you tonight. I love having my family joined with my Pack. I hope that everyone had a brilliant day of love and laughs. I will be carving the first piece of our feast in just one moment, but I need to do one more thing first, and I would like all of you to stand and take witness.” I stopped my speech, grabbed the microphone, and turned towards Izza. I gazed at her with all the love I have in my heart.

“What’s going on Alpha?” She asked.

I raised an eyebrow, why did she pick this moment to address me as Alpha. I continued my speech as I walked back to her, “I know that I have not always been the best Alpha or the best mate to you since you came into my life, but I never knew that I was capable of this. I never knew that I could love someone as much as I love you. I thought you were a weakness, but you have proven to be my strength. You have given me more than I could have ever asked for, and you never asked for anything other than kindness and love in return. Now it’s my turn to give you something. I would like to give you my last name. I want you not only as my Luna and my mate. I want you as my wife. I love you Izza, will you marry me?” I knelt in front of her and opened a small velvet box that held a very pricey ring. I watched closely as her eyes lit up with excitement.

“Yes, Yes we will.” She cried out as tears started to form in her perfect blue eyes.

I turned to the pack crowd, as she held out her hand for all to see. “She said yes,” I announced to everyone with so much pride I may burst. I almost ended our night there as Izza doubled over in pain.

“You okay,” I asked full of concern. My smile had faded as worry crept in.

“Just need to sit back down. They have been really active today.”

I lead us back to the couch and continued to watch her. I had Jax do the carving. I was not leaving Izza’s side. I could see that they kicked a few times during dinner causing her some discomfort, but she seemed to be fine. I could barely touch my meal though, I was too on edge. Pack members came up to us and congratulated us, and I kept them at a steady pace. I appreciate their joy for us, but I really need to get her back home to rest.

I was just about to end the line to take her home when she leaned over and whispered in my ear. “I think we should go by the clinic before we go home.”

I may puke. I’m not ready for this. Ready or not she says it’s time to go, then we will go now. I got her into a wheelchair at the base of the stage and Jax pulled up with a golf cart. Jax mind-linked me “This will be quicker.”

“You totally deserve a raise. Bro. Thank you.” Everyone was smiling and cheering as we made our way to the clinic. I am beyond anxious to meet my little princesses I can barely get us there, but I do. Doc Gabe met us at door and pushed Izza into the maternity ward, while I was hot on their heels.

“So what’s happening Izza. What are you feeling? It doesn’t look like your water has broken yet.” Gabe asked as we got her set in the room.

“They have been very active today, and I just thought it best to come in.”

“I understand. I’m going to hook up a couple of monitors and Alpha I’m going to check her cervix. This is an interior exam, so please don’t kill me.”

A low growl escaped me, but I kept my cool through the whole thing.

Gabe started to laugh and stopped when he saw my glare. “It seems like you can head back home Luna and Alpha. I believe you ate a little too much, and you just have some gas built up. You have been more active today, and so have they. It’s fine to come in to check when you are nervous. I want you to. But it does not seem that the Alpha family will be added to tonight.”

Izza let out a breath and smiled. I don’t think she was ready to go through all of this tonight, so I’m happy she’s fine. A little disappointed because I am becoming truly impatient, but I will wait for her forever.

“Now I want to talk about our plan moving forward.” Gabe broke in. “ You are about three days from your due date, and I want you to start to get up and move around more. I know we have had you on bedrest, but we need to start to get the ball rolling. Your cervix is not dilated at all, and that could lead to some complications. If we don’t see progress by the second, I would suggest a C-section for the safety of both you and the girls.”

At this Izza’s eyes got big. I know she wants to have them natural because once she has a C-section it will limit the number of pups we can have in the future. I just want them to come safely. Izza’s mom died in childbirth and I am already scared shitless of something like that happening to her.

“I will get to work Gabe. The Alpha family will have their pups soon.” Izza stated with a smile on her face.

Gabe left us in the room so Izza could get dressed. As soon as the door closed Izza pulled off the gown and stood up. She bent over the bed and said “Fuck me now.” I was not a man that needed to be told twice, and I was behind her and pumping in rhythm before she could moan my name. “Harder Dev. Faster.” I did what my mate asked with great pleasure. We spent an additional hour in the maternity ward before I took her home. I know that she is trying to induce labor, and this is one job that I can do right. I will take pleasure in speeding up the process.

I had more than four weeks of nothing but orals to make up for, so when we got home I took her again and again until she lay spread out asleep. I mind-linked Jax what the doc had said, and what I was going to be up to until the girls were here. He chuckled but understood, and promised he would take care of things while I took paternity leave to take care of my mate.

Martha has made sure the boys are taken care of, so Izza decides we should go for a walk every day. During this walk of the grounds, I find a few new spots to try to induce labor. It's nice to be a little voyeuristic some time. I have put forth the best effort that I can, and still no pups. Her due date came and went with no change, and on New Year's Eve, we decided to get her set up at the Pack Clinic, so they could try some medications to get things moving along. We stilled fucked all morning trying out every position we could while in the private birthing room we have set up for Izza. Her pain is starting to increase with the meds, and the pups have been extra active.

Jax has been mind-linking me all week about a winter storm that is causing swells and heavy rain to fall for the last three days. Winds have started to pick up to tropical storm levels, and he needs me to come to the office. It’s getting worse, and Jax just can’t handle it by himself. I don’t want to leave Izza, but she insists that she still has a long way to go and that I should go take care of our Pack and the Elders before she gets to the point of no return. Her choice of words, not mine.

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