All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Chapter 23: Happily Ever After

Chapter 23: Happily Ever After (Izza’s POV)

(⚠️ Warning Possible Trigger ⚠️)

Have you ever been asleep and woke up feeling like something bad was about to happen. That was me right now. I woke up to contractions. They just hit hard out of nowhere. My water still hasn't broken through, so I climb out of bed and stood for a while. I walked circles around my room. I could feel the pressure mounting and knew it was almost here. Dev's been gone for a while, but that's fine. Nothing has happened here yet. I squatted a few times while holding on to the bed. I was just about to give up and crawl back in bed for a while when it dropped. It felt wonderful and horrible both at the same time. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I cried both in pain and happiness. This is it. They are on the way.

I looked at the clock and it was 8 pm. Dev should be back any minute. I was still facing the wall while clutching the bed from my water breaking when I heard him enter. Something was off. It didn't smell like my mate. Maybe it was one of the nurses coming to check on me. I turned around to see Jessica standing directly behind me. At that very moment, she stuck me with a needle. My whole body felt like she set me on fire and I crumpled into a pile on the floor.
I woke up in so much pain. I was in a car and it was impaled into a tree. I looked to my left and saw Jessica's lifeless body. The sight caught my already tormented stomach to heave. There was a branch from the tree and it seems to be deeply embedded into her face. My stomach was cramping with back-to-back contractions. It seems that we are on the far side of the island, where there are mainly woods, beaches, and fields. The headlights shone on a shifting station about forty yards away. All I had to do was make it there.

The pain was excruciating as I tried to waddle to the station. I knew the inside would be clean and they would have a shower, towels, and water. I could deliver in those conditions. I didn't want to do this by myself in a bathroom again, but it looks as if I have no choice. I made my way as quickly as I could. It was still raining hard and the wind was whipping me around. My guess would be that's how the car ended up in a tree. I finally made it. My contractions were coming just minutes apart, and it was almost time to push. I found a pile of clean towels and threw them into the nearest shower. I stumbled in behind them as I looked down I noticed some blood and I could feel a head at my entrance.

I screamed out bloody murder as my worse contraction yet ripped through me. I gently made it to my knees. This was the handicapped bathroom, and it had a handrail to hold onto. I tried to reach out to Dev but whatever Jessica gave me had cut off that connection. I was seeing double as I pushed through my next contraction. I tried to control my breathing but I felt like I was dying. Dev please find me. I need you.
***(Devon's POV)***

I promised Izza two hours, but it turned into three. She hasn't mind-linked me yet and the last time I spoke to her nurse they told me she was sleeping. This was going to be a long-coupled of days. I think we are going to end up having to do a C-section. She just is not progressing. I let Jax know that I was heading back to Izza, and he still had a strained look on his face. He will be fine, just getting a little taste of what I have dealt with for over a decade.

I was smiling as I entered the maternity ward. "How's she doing Maggie?"

"Not sure. I just came on shift and haven't made my way in to see her yet."

I found my way to Izza's door. It was locked. The food should not be locked. "Maggie I need the key."

"What?" Maggie rushes to get the key.

"Something doesn't feel right," Dex said as I broke the door in. I turned on the light, and there was no Izza. There was a mess on the floor. It looks like her water had finally broken, but where is she.

"Dex do you still smell her? Is she still here?" I let him come to the forefront.

"No. Her scent is here, but it's not fresh. I smell something else though. Shift." I did as Dex asked, and he set to sniffing the room. "I smell chemicals. Like chloroform, and I smell someone familiar. Someone with a sweet flowery scent. Oh no. Jessica."

"What is her scent doing here. She is supposed to be locked up." I mind-linked Gabe to meet me in Izza's room.

Gabe walked in like he owned the place until he took in the room and saw me in wolf form.

"What did you do Alpha?" I walk into my mate missing and this asshole is accusing me. I may not have been the perfect mate, but I have never hurt her.

"What did I do? I had to go take care of the Pack and then I returned to this. I returned to my mate gone and the scent of Jessica in her room. Why would Jessica's scent be here?"

"I'm so sorry Alpha. They brought her in last night. She had slit her wrists and nearly died." He wears a pained look on his face. I need to remember that while he cares about Izza, he is still a doctor and needs to take care of those in need. Fuck that. Where is my mate?

"Why wasn't I told before I brought my mate here?" I nearly howl the words out. I will kill anyone and everyone involved in this.

"I'm sorry I wasn't thinking about it. I was only trying to save the poor girl's life."

"I need you to come with me. We have to find Izza. Her water broke, so she is in active labor now. We need to find her. We need to protect our Luna." I want to break down and cry, but I have no time for it Izza is in trouble.

I mind-linked Jax and told him what had happened. I opened the Pack's mind-link and told them, "Our Luna is in trouble. She was taken and is in labor. I want every pack member and able Elder looking for her. Be mindful of the storm, but she needs us." I closed the link before anyone could question me. Doc Gabe was sitting astride his motorcycle with his medical gear strapped to the back. "Gonna get wet Doc." He just shrugged.

On that note, I took off. Following first Jessica's scent to the back of the clinic. It looks like she stole someone's car. Dex sniffed the spot where the car was for a long time until he was sure he could tell it from every other car in the world, then he took off following the car's scent. Gabe stayed behind me as we made our way. Dex had to stop several times to find the scent again as it was lost at intersections and crossroads. We were heading away from the population, which made sense since Jessica seems to be trying to get away. It also made it easier to keep track of her car. It took hours before I started to get a clearer scent.

That's when I saw the car. We were still about a half-mile away, but I could see the car in the distance and it was rammed hard into a tree. "Izza! She can't be dead, she has to be okay." Dex screamed in my head.

I made it to the car and was almost sick at the site that I saw. Jessica was dead. The car was a smashed wreck. But where was Izza? Dex picked up her scent, it was taking us towards the shifting station. I can't believe she was able to walk away from that crash much less make it to the station. As I sprinted closer I could hear her screams of pain. That almost broke me, but I had to keep pushing until I was with her.

I found her in the first stall. Her head had blood running down it. Her face showed intense pain. She was in active labor, and she was trying to push out our first girl. Her breathing was rapid as she cried out again. I ran to her. She looked at me as if she was dreaming that I was here. I took her in my arms and laid her back with me. Holding her up for support as they taught us in birthing classes.

Gabe came in right behind me and was between her legs checking out the situation. I couldn't want to kill him now, I needed him. Izza needed him.

"Push Izza." He yelled. Trying to get her to focus on him and what she needed to do.

With this push, our first daughter's head peeked out. Izza screamed, huffed, and pushed again. With this last push, Kenzie was born. She has Izza's blue eyes and blonde hair. I hear her little cry and I melt. Izza isn't done though, our second daughter barely gives her a moment to breathe before she attempts to make an appearance. I press a towel to Izza's forehead. She is bleeding too much. We need to get the second pup out quickly, so we can attend to her.

Three big pushes later and Kylee was born. Again she has Izza's blonde hair but my emerald green eye. Her cry made me cry, but now we have to take care of Izza. There is so much blood. We have an emergency van on its way. It should be here in just a few minutes. I was tending to Izza when Gabe came up behind me. Dex shouted out a warning as he was bringing down a syringe on my neck. I caught his hand before he could inject me and I turned his intentions back on him. The moment the plunger was emptied into him his eyes glazed over and he fell dead on the floor.

I heard the sirens approaching and mind-linked them to come quick. Maggie came rushing to Izza, pulling out gauze and glues and I don't know what else. Maggie went to work to stop the blood flow. Izza's eyes were fluttering, and she was losing consciousness. "Don't you dare Izza? Don't you leave me? I need you." Tears flowed freely down my face as I held her. Maggie kept working and asked me to carry Izza to the van. We needed to get her back to the clinic pronto. The storm had subsided and the emergency van roared at high speeds to the clinic. Sirens were wailing, and Izza's blood pressure was dropping. Her breathing was shallow, and she was fading fast on me.

When the van finally stopped I carried her at lightning speed into the OR as Maggie instructed me to. I got pushed to the side as the team went to work. I heard her flatline twice. Jax was here. He pulled me out of the room as I tried to kill everyone in the room when her heart stopped. I pushed against him, but I didn't swing back as he punched me and banged my head against the wall until I was unconscious. It was best for everyone if I was out, they need to save my mate. If they can't, they might as well kill me.

I woke up in a strange room. Jax was sitting by the door nodding off in a chair. The events of earlier flooded in and I rang out a loud growl. "Where is she."

"She's in the ICU. She's stable Dev. She is still in critical condition though and not conscious." Jax responded with a sad look on his face. You can tell that he has broken down over his Luna being hurt.

"The girls?" I asked holding my head in my hands. Why did this have to happen to us? Why did this have to happen to her? She is the kindest soul I have ever meet. Why Goddess, why?

"They are just fine. They are in the maternity ward. They don't show any signs of trauma from the accident."

I blew out a breath I didn't realize I was holding. "Can I see them, and then see her? Once I see her, I won't be able to leave."

Jax nodded and lead the way to the maternity ward. When I approached, Angela asked me with a sad look, "Would you like to hold them Alpha?"

"Yes please." I need something good right now before I go to the bad.

I sat in a rocker and she brought the girls over placing each in one of my arms. "My princesses. Daddy loves you so much." I kissed both of their foreheads and had tears streaming down my face. I held them close and rocked them till they were sleeping in my arms. "Please goddess. Let their mom be okay. I need her so much. I screwed up for so long. I can't do this without her." I held them for about an hour before I asked Angela to take them back.

Jax then leads me to her private ICU room. She looked so small hooked up to so many machines. I placed a chair next to her bed and nestled her tiny hand in my two large ones. It was so cold. I kissed each one of her fingers before resting my head on our conjoined hands. I stayed this way for days. Only moving for the nurses as they came to take care of her. I would only briefly sleep and showered quickly in the ensuite bathroom as they ran tests.

They slowly removed machine after machine, until she was only left with an IV. All that was left to do now was to wait for her to wake up. "Please wake up baby. I love you. I need you. We all need you." I whispered in her ear and I kissed her forehead. I returned to my position, her hands were feeling warmer today. I had her right hand laid out in my right hand and used my left hand to draw patterns on the back of it. I stopped as she twitched her fingers. I ran my left hand down hers again and her hand tightened on mine.

I mind-linked Maggie about the activity and she said, "That's a great sign Alpha. Keep me updated on her activity. Hopefully, our Luna should be waking soon."

Over the next day her eyes twitched, she shifted in her sleep and continued to grip on my hand. The best part was when she moaned. The sound of her voice after so long was the sweetest sound in the world.

I fell asleep with my head on her bed still holding her hand. I woke the next morning to the sound of soft sobs. I lifted my head to find Izza's eyes open. Her other hand was on her stomach and tears were rolling down her face.

"Izza." I breathed out. I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "Love how do you feel."

She tried to speak but all that came out was a croak. She grabbed my shirt and pointed to her stomach.

She's worried about the pups. "They are fine Izza. You did so well. They are healthy and perfect. I promise. You will see them soon love." I grabbed her a bottle of water from off the table and held it to her perfect peach lips. She took small sips and cleared her throat.

"What happened. Last I remember, is you leaving." She croaked out.

I explained to her about Jessica. She had injected her with a small amount of wolfsbane, to make it so she couldn't contact me. Then covered her mouth with a chloroform cover rag so she would pass out.

The next part we found out from the clinic security tapes. Doctor Gabe helped Jessica load Izza up on a stretcher and out to his car. He had his motorcycle there, so no one would suspect him not having a vehicle. Jessica took off into the storm, and right before the orange groves she missed a turn and flattened the car into a tree. One of the branches came through the windshield and ended Jessica's life.

"Karma is a bitch." Izza added. I smiled. If Jessica wasn't already dead, she would have been the moment we found her. I would have given Izza the option to be the one to do it.

I explained to her how Dex and I found her with Gabe following us. Finally finding the car and her not there. Her screams, which still echo in my sleep, from the shifting station. The delivery of the twins while she bleeds out on the tile floor. Gabe attempting to kill me with a mixture of wolfsbane and liquid silver, and me turning it around on him.

"Why would he do this? We knew that Jessica was unstable, but Gabe seemed like a good man." Izza asked.

"We have a theory. That after he lost his mate he wanted to choose his own mate. He knew what I had done to you, and thought you would be an exceptional choice." I smiled sadly at her. This was my fault not hers, both Jessica and Gabe. If I had been the mate I should have been from the start none of this would have happened.

She pressed her small hand against my face and I nuzzled into it. I have missed her touch so much. "I messed up his plans though. I finally got my shit straight, and I am so thankful every day that you gave me a second chance baby." Tears poured down my face. I can't believe she is awake. She wrapped her arms around me. I cried into her chest as she held me.

I finally explained to her the hell that her body went through. That we almost lost her multiple times. Maggie fought so hard to keep her with us. I have since promoted her to Pack doctor. She was amazing. I told her how Jax beat the crap out of me to keep me calm. I gushed about how beautiful our twin princesses are. How I stayed with her as they removed the machines. Each movement that gave me hope that she was going to return to us. She missed thirteen days of her life, but now we have the chance to live our happily ever after.
***(Izza's POA)***

Three days later I got my dream moment. My mate and I standing very overtly protective as my blue-eyed, dark-haired Xander held my blue-eyed blonde-haired Kenzie and my green-eyed, dark-haired Xavier held my green-eyed, blonde-haired Kaylee.

Dev and I divided and conquered the kids. Thus the start of team blue versus team green. We kept it as a fun competition throughout the years. Never letting the kids take it too far.

Over the years our family grows. Two years after the K twins we had a blue-eyed boy names Jordan. He was my only single birth and the only of the boys that got my blonde hair.

Another two years after that I had the T twins. Taylor and Talia. Taylor is team blue with my blonde hair and Talia is team green with Devon's dark brown hair.

The years that follow have been good to our family. When the boys are thirteen we took in a rescue. Her name is Veronica. She is lovely. She reminds me so much of myself. I pray to the Goddess that she will be mated to one of my dear boys.

Now they are only a few weeks from officially being men. I have been unwell for the last year. Maggie has been unable to figure out why. I have been hiding it from my family. It's something I do well. Hide.

I hope for enough time to get to see them all mate. Maybe meet my grandpups but I fear that my luck and time is running out.

Do not mourn me when I'm gone. I got to live a life better than I ever dreamed I would. I found a mate that loves me. I built and family that I love more than my own life. I saved a life and made her family. I lead our pack and made a difference in this world. All that came before and lead to the life I have now is insignificant.

Through therapy, I have forgiven my father. Even though I will never forget how I was brought up. Through life and love, I have forgiven Devon. I know how we started was wrong. So does he. No matter our start though we made something beautiful.

I wouldn't change a moment of it. It is what made us who we are today. We are the Fury family. We are not perfect. Never claimed to be. But we love each other and that's all that matters.

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