All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Sneak Peek: All But Rejected Mate

Prologue: Mate (POV Zander)

(⚠️ Warning Possible Trigger ⚠️)

Well, here I am, at the Annual Mate Claiming. Maybe everyone is right. Maybe I shouldn’t have come. We buried my mom just two weeks ago, and all I can do is cry. That’s why I’m here. I need my mate. She will make me stronger. She will be able to console me through this troubling time. Our pack needs a Luna.

My brother Xavier refused to come. He says he’s only the Beta, so no one will put pressure on him to have a mate. He thinks dad had the right idea originally, with not wanting a mate. We both know what he did to mom in the beginning, and we know how it ended. Dad has been inconsolable. He not only lost his mate, the other half of his soul, but he lost his wolf too. When your marked mate dies, so does your wolf. Dexter is gone, mom is gone, and I feel that it won’t be long and dad will be gone too.

Uncle Jax accompanied me to The Claiming. He said it felt fitting. Since he came with my dad. He didn’t want to leave. With dad out of commission and his mate Kelly grieving on top of his own grieving, it’s been hard on him too. You can see the stress roll off of him. I need to take over the Pack. It will be better to do that with my mate by my side. I know that there is no guarantee that I will find her today, but I have to try.

I made my way into the tent and was pulled into a hug by Luna Rebecca. She is Luna Grace’s daughter, and she knew what we had been going through. Rebecca had found her mate last year and was turning out to be a great Luna for her Pack.

“Announcements” Rebecca shouted over the crowd of horny men that were gathered intent. “Rules, gentlemen, are expected to be followed this year.”

"Rule One: Do NOT touch what isn’t yours.”

"Rule Two: Fighting is only permitted if you are if you are protecting your mate from another wolf.”

Rule Three: Do NOT try to leave with anyone that is not your mate.”

Rule Four: Try to be gentle with your mate, we don’t need any accidents.”

Rule Five: When you do find your mate you are required to take her with you or reject her. Those are the only two choices you have.”

Rule Six: You must bring your mate back to the tent and sign them out before you leave with them.”

“Understood?” Everyone kind of mumbled in agreement, and Luna Rebecca shouted again using her Luna voice this time “I said, am I understood?”

Everyone responded back with a “Yes, Luna Rebecca”

“There are about 10 minutes left until we release you. We will shoot fireworks and flairs into the sky so your future mates will know that you are on your way. Once the fireworks start you are welcome to start your hunt.” Rebecca informed everyone.

I waited patiently in the corner not wanting to talk to anyone. I know that my dad stood here before meeting my mom. I shouldn’t have come. I should have waited. I’m starting to feel crowded and overwhelmed surrounded by so my people. I feel a panic attack coming on. I’m abut to leave before I explode when the fireworks burst in the sky.

Growls and howls are sounding all around me. A feral roar rips from my chest, deafening those around me, causing them to cower at my power. I’m already breathing heavy, but the tent has cleared out now, and I might as well continue my mission. I have dreamt about my mate for years. I know she will be perfect. She will be what I need to get through this.

I made my way out to the fresh air and shift ripping the grey sweatpants I was wearing to shreds in the process. My wolf, Lucifer, named after the evil cat in Cinderella, bursts free. He is black with a white face, grey belly, and paws. First-time mom saw him, she said I reminded her of the cat and the name just stuck.

We stuck our nose to the ground and hoped to pick up an intriguing scent. We started to the left and arced to the right. We were starting to think this was a waste of time and then we were struck by the most wonderful scent ever. It smelled like coffee and chocolate chip cookies. My mouth watered.

I took off in the direction of the delicious scent. As the scent got stronger I started to hear noises that sounded like growls and whimpers. “Mate is being attacked. We run faster.” Lucifer said as he pushed us the fastest we have ever run.

I came to a clearing around a large oak tree. Pressed up against the tree was my mate. The attacker had his hand around her neck, as he took her from behind. “Nooo!” We roared.

“Get out of here mutt. Find your own piece of ass.” The male shouted.

I was about to pounce when she spoke. “Baby, why’d you stop? We were just getting to the good part. Come on, finish me.”

I shifted as pain ran through me. “Mine?” I questioned in a small voice. I was frozen by what was happening. Why was this happening?

“Yours? Like hell I am. I belong to no one, and never will.” She said in a harsh voice, as she pushed back onto the dick that was filling her.

A growl escaped my throat.

“What, not what your mommy told you a mate would be. Piss off limp dick. I was just about to cum.” The guy behind her started to move again as if I wasn’t even there. She rubbed her full chest and moaned.

We lost it. Everything had a red tinge to it. I couldn’t breathe. Lucifer ripped his way back out and lunged at the couple, as they continued to fuck. As if they weren’t ripping us to pieces. Well, now Lucifer is going to rip them to pieces.

Lucifer had the guy’s head off in a matter of seconds and my blood boiled, as his blood-covered her. We flung his body to the other side of the clearing before she could scream again. Effectively removing his cock from what should have been ours.

She backed against the tree and whisper, “Please.”

I shift back to my human form but Lucifer was still very much in control. “Please what little mate. Afraid of the momma’s boy now. My dick is no longer too limp for you. It's only limp because I wouldn’t fuck you if you were the last bitch on this Earth.” Not true even in the murderous mood we are in our body is feeling the effects of being close to our mate.

She was shaking in fear now, as we ran a hand from her temple to her chin, lifting it so she had to look me in the eye. Black is all that is seen in them. My claws extended on the hand that caressed her face. My claws left behind a thin red line, as I ran a finger down to her breasts.

“You don’t have the balls!” She screamed as she lunged to attack me. Her claws dug deep into my right side.

I grabbed her neck with claws still extended and her blood started to flow freely as she froze in place. Her gurgled breaths began to shallow before Lucifer ripped her throat out. “I Alpha Xander Fury reject you as my mate.”

Oh, my Goddess what have I done.


All But Rejected Mates is the sequel to All But Forgotten Mate in the All But Mates Series.

Rejected will follow Xander and Xavier.

Xander is broken. He slides into a dark place after first the death of his mother and then murdering his promiscuous mate. Tackling his mental health will lead to his ultimate redemption.

Xavier will carry his own struggle. He will be presented with a mate he doesn't want, but a mate that he has a need for. An agreement will be struck so they can bend the mate bond rules.

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