All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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CHAPTER 2: Found

CHAPTER 2: Found (Izzy’s POV)

(⚠️ Warning Possible Trigger ⚠️)

As my mate caught up to me, he grabbed me and pushed me hard into the tree. His left hand wrapped around my throat, and as I was forced to look into his eyes, and they are pitch black with no white. The darkest part of his wolf is at the surface, and he roughly turns my head to the left. I’m lifted and pressed harder into the tree. Without any warning or request, he is pushing into me. I feel my virginity rip in another second.

As I scream out loud from the pain, he growls in my ear “Shut the fuck up, I don’t want to hear a peep from you little mate. Your gonna take what I have to give you no matter what.”

I silently cried as he continued pounding into me. I thought he was never going to finish. It felt like it had been more than an hour before he was finally ready to cum. As he was nearing his finish, he quickened past inhuman speeds. His breathing was ragged and I felt like he was about to snap me in two. He finally let go of my neck, grabbing onto my hips, positioning me at a slightly different angle. He pounded into me as hard as he could three more times, leaving an indentation of my back in the tree, as he came filling me to the brim with his seed. As he finished his canines extended and he bites harshly into my neck causing me to scream once more. He stilled and caught his breath as he released his teeth from my neck. Once he was done filling me, he pulled out and dropped me to the ground.

I fell hard, and I cried out again as pain spread up my spine from my tailbone. Maybe my mate wouldn’t be better, than returning to my father. No, I want this. I want to go. He marked me. I have to go. I always knew that the possibility of my mate being gentle with me the first time was low. I never expected that but wolves are wild.

He barked at me to stop, “Stop crying before I leave you here. My wolf got what he wanted, to feel his mate, and I got my fill. I'm not a repeat lay. I don't do the monogamous thing. So do not think that just because I am your mate that I will not reject you and leave you if you keep crying like a child. I have women throwing themselves at me every night. Any one of them would have loved to have just been you. To feel me, all of me. Have me pump myself into them. Now get up and follow me, quietly.”

I flinched expecting him to hit me, but the blow never came. I looked up and he had turned to walk off. I had stopped crying, I learned at a very young age, how to not show my pain. I had a new problem though. I could not walk, I was barely able to stand. Between being dropped on my tail bone, nearly being split in two as he entered me, and over an hour's worth of relentless pounding, I only managed to hold myself up for a moment. At that moment I felt his warm seed run down my leg before I collapsed on the ground. My whole body shut down in that instance, and I was swallowed into the darkness.

I came back to semi conscience, as I realized that I was being carried somewhere by my mate. I was over his massive shoulder, and I could see the tent behind us. He must have already signed me out.

I heard a car door open, and another man spoke. ”Dev, what the hell? Who is she? Why is she bleeding, and why does it look like she is covered in bruises?

As I wondered at the bleeding part, my mate responded “Fucking mates! Jax remembers who you are talking to. I found my mate. I am taking her back with us, so the Elders will get off my dick. I don’t even know her name, nor do I care. As to your other questions. The blood looks to be from me taking her virginity. It seems I may have enjoyed it more than she did. The bruises, well I may have added a new one or two from fucking her into a tree, but the rest look like she came with them.”

“Yes Alpha, I’m sorry, she's just a bit of a site to take in is all.” Jax groveled.

Just wonderful, great, of course, I would have to be mated to Alpha Devon. The one who doesn’t want a mate, and is being pushed into having one. Maybe he will take me and just let me live my life. I just want peace for once.

I had been laid on the seat furthest from the guys, and they were silent for a while. I think I passed out again, and when I came to they were talking about me again.

“So what are you going to do with her, Alpha?” Jax requested.

“I’ll put her in the farthest guest room, from my room, in my house. Keep her there until I’m ready for her. Your new mate is named Kelly, right?” Alpha Devon asked.

“Yes sir.” I hear the other man respond.

“Well, she can make sure she is feed and has the necessities. That will be her new job as Female Beta.”

“Are you sure you don’t want her closer?”

“I don't want to be closer to her. I don't want to feel for her. If I let the bond grow, I won't be free to do as I please. I'm the Alpha, I control my fate. I was only planning to mate with her, so my scent would discourage others from her. But Dex just had to mark her as we finished. I don’t want a mate, but now that I have found her, my wolf won’t let me reject her. I can’t let her roam where someone could take her, or hurt her because it could kill my wolf. Mates make you weak, but I have to keep her close or Dex will take over, and he will be mating and creating little heirs all over the place. I also don’t want kids. They would ruin all my fun. I want to fuck who I want, where I want, and how I want.” Devon growled.

Jax didn’t respond, and the rest of the ride was slow, long, and boring. I was lifted by another set of arms, I’m guessing Beta Jax. I was moved onto a boat and place in the cargo hold as we headed to Elder Island. I was not a fan of being on a boat. I puked about three times and then dry heaved for the rest of the trip. When they came to move me, they both looked at me with repulsion. Devon ordered Jax to carry me to the car.

I was lifted by Jax again, and he tried to keep the mess that was me as far from him as possible while carrying me to the car. This time I was placed on the back seat of an SUV and we took off again. Neither one of them spoke to me, and thankfully this was a short trip. In just a few minutes we were pulling into a garage, and I was lifted again by Jax and carried into a very large house.

I didn’t bother to take in my surroundings. I knew from their conversations, that I was not going to see anything other than my room for a really long time. I was okay with that though, as long as it didn’t include being beaten daily, things may be at least be looking up from my normal home life.

We reached a room after a few minutes and Devon opened the door. Jax gently laid me on the bed and walked out of the room. Devon was staring at me, with his eyes black again. His skin rippled as his wolf threatened to take over. He took long slow breaths as he tried to calm himself. I don't think my body could handle him losing control. He shook his head as he said “Welcome home Mate.” Then he closed and locked the door behind him and left me alone, broken, scared, and hurt in more ways than one.

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