All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Chapter 3: Lockdown

Chapter 3: Lockdown (Izzy’s POV)

(⚠️ Warning Possible Trigger ⚠️)

I woke up in a comfortable bed feeling six shades of gross. Every inch of my body hurt. I rolled until I found a bedside table, and feeling a lamp, I turned on the light. I was in a beautiful room with a large bed, an even larger TV, and a few dressers and stands. The room was all different shades of blues and greys. I liked it. I felt horrible, and I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to walk to the bathroom, so I rolled, scooted, and crawled my way in there.

I managed to turn on the light and wished I hadn't. My bottom half had a trail that went from in between my leg and ran till it reached my ankles. The trail was a mixture of blood and semen. The white dress that I was wearing has patched with blood, dirt, and puke.

The pain was starting to ease off since I have accelerated healing as a wolf, but my wolf had been quiet since we meet our mate. I know that, like me, that was not how she wanted to become a woman, and that is not how we wanted to be treated by our mate. Still, I see this as an opportunity, I don't think I will see Alpha Devon for a while, so maybe for the first time I can remember, I can fully heal. Physically that is, emotionally I don't think I will ever be right. I can handle that though. I was already damaged before I got here.

I scrubbed the remnants of mating off of my body, I watched as blood and cum washed down the drain. I was sitting on the shower floor since I still could not bear to stand. The warm water smarted my lady parts, but it did truly did seem as all should be healed within a few days.

Once I was clean, I scooted back out of the small walk-in shower and found a clean towel under the sink. I have no clothes, but there were dressers in the room. Maybe I could find something in them that I could wear at least until the Beta's mate comes by with my food.

I found I could crawl if I moved slowly and if I took small breaks along the way. I made it to the first dresser and it was filled with extra blankets, sheets, and a pillow. I made my way over to the second dresser and found about a dozen 2XL t-shirts and that was it. I pulled one out and put it on. It actually covered much more than The Claiming dress did.

I had finally made my way back into bed when the door opened. In walked a girl that looked about my age. She had shoulder-length curly brown hair, warm brown eyes, an oval-shaped face, a long thin nose & thin lips. She was a tiny little thing at maybe 5'1" but she had a curvy look about her. Thick thighs, a round perky butt, and big boobs gave her a perfect hourglass look.

"So you're the prisoner of war?" She asked.

"Ummm... Huh?" That was all I could say.

"I was told to come here to take care of the prisoner. That I was to make sure you were feed & watered at least twice a day and to make sure you had the necessities to not die. Seems like they gave you a nice enough room though. It's bigger than mine and Jax's room, and it has a bigger TV. Just so you know, I really can't cook, so I made your fried eggs, fried spam, and toast with a slice of tomatoes. I hate tomatoes, but I figured I should give you a veggie. There is a bottle of water and a carton of juice. You can eat it or starve. I did what I was told. It looks like you have everything that you need here. So I will be back at about six tonight to bring you the same thing for dinner." She rambled all of this out without even taking a breath, she had set my food on the dresser by the door and went to walk out.

I laughed out loud. Which was a bad idea because it pulled on all the places that hurt. The person that I was assuming was Kelly since she said she was roomed with Jax, stopped, and glared at me.

"What is wrong with you?" She asked.

"Oh, so I get to speak now. And as for what is wrong with me, let's just say I had a very long and bad night. I hurt, it just took me almost two hours to take a shower, and put on a t-shirt. And what made me laugh out loud, is your Alpha's sense of humor. I guess in a way though, I am a prisoner of war, but just more of a personal war. Oh, and I love tomatoes so thank you for thinking I might need something not fried to eat." I started back to her, as she stared open-mouthed at me. "Close your mouth honey, it'll attract flies."

Kelly closed her mouth and glared at me again, muttered bitch under her breath, and slammed the door closed behind her. Just before the door closed a surprised yelp rang out.

"So sorry Alpha, I was just attending to the prisoner. She seems to be more comfortable than a prisoner should be though. How did she warrant being imprisoned in the house instead of the dungeons?" I heard Kelly ask through the door.

Alpha Devon responded with a growl and, "Kelly shut up. Don't dare to question how I handle my business, because I will not think twice to snap your neck. I will not care that you are my Beta's mate. I want you to do something for me. Talk less Kelly. Especially to the girl in that room. Bring her the food and make sure she has clean linens, soap, TP, and whatever else. When you come back with her dinner bring a first aid kit. I want her alive. Do. You. Understand." He shouted the last few words at her.

"Yes sir, Al-Alpha, I will do everything you asked." Kelly stuttered back.

Then the Alpha laughed. The laugh made everything in my body clench, and boy did that smart. The mate bond is vicious. I feel the mark on my neck throne as my whole body wishes to be closer to him. To be closer to my mate. The door then clicked closed, as I assume Kelly left.

So the Alpha, my mate doesn't want anything to do with me, but he doesn't want me to die. To be perfectly honest, it is looking like a better deal than I had back home, so I will take solitary confinement. I know that my mate wants me alive for more selfish reasons, but it's better than being beaten.

Even though I am tolerable to my situation, does not mean I am happy about it. I want my mate. I want to be in his arms. I want to be surrounded by his scent. I want him to love me and make love to me. Not the bullshit taking that I got at The Claiming. I want to cry but I know that it won't change anything, and will only make me feel worse.

I slowly crawled my way, to the dresser to get my meal. It was cold. I ate it anyway. Kelly was right, she is a sucky cook, my eggs were barely cooked and my spam and toast were both burned. My slice of tomato was thick and delicious. I drank my juice, leaving my water to sip on between now and 6 pm. If I needed more I could refill it in the sink. I sat on the floor while I ate, this way I didn't have to crawl around with my food. I put the plate back on the dresser so Kelly could grab it when she comes back with my "dinner".

I made my way back to the bed and turned on the TV. I found a Teen Mom marathon playing on MTV and lost myself in other people's drama for the day. It is nice, like a mini-vacation. I knew that it would get boring after a while, but I decided once I was healed, I would find something more constructive to do with my time.

At six Kelly came in with my dinner. I was half asleep and didn't bother to look up.

"Diner's served bitch, and I was feeling nice so I brought you a first aid kit. Maybe you should say thank you." Kelly screeched with her head barely in the door.

"I agree with your Alpha. You talk too much. Shut up, leave my shit and get out." I yelled back. I had a fear of men, but for some reason, I was confrontational with women.

Kelly set the plate of food on the dresser along with the first aid kit and slammed the door without saying another word. I heard the door click locked again. To be perfectly honest even if they didn't lock the door. I can't say I would leave. This is where my mate wants me. If I were to try to leave the room he may do something bad to me. I don't want or need that. I have already had enough bad for one lifetime.

Again I crawled to the dresser and ate my dinner on the floor. As promised, it was the same as my breakfast, but instead of juice, I had a carton of milk. It was cooked in about the same manner. Man do I feel bad for Jax. If I were allowed to, I could make us all a seven-course dinner that would make you think you died and went to heaven, but no one is letting me leave to do that. That no one is my mate, their Alpha, so I guess they get to suffer without getting to taste my food.

I opened the small first aid kit there was a small box of tampons, some band-aids, alcohol wipes, Neosporin, gauze, medical tape, and a bottle of eyewash. I took out the Neosporin and applied some to my torn lady parts. The area was still very tender but was on the mend. I definitely did not need an infection down there, so I hoped the cream would do its job. I crawled to the bathroom to put the kit in the cabinet and noticed I only had one more towel. While I was in the bathroom I washed my hands and placed the towel on the dresser next to the TV hoping that Kelly would take and replace it with a clean one. I again crawled back to the bed. Wishing very much that I could walk. The few things that I had done today had taken everything out of me and I was ready for sleep to take over.

I found myself dreaming of Devon. It wasn't anything much, we were just lying in bed. He had an arm wrapped around my waist, he kisses my forehead, while trailing his fingertips up and down my spine, causing goosebumps to rise on my skin. It was peaceful and loving and at the same time cruel. Cruel, because even my subconscious knew that I would never have this. I would wake every few hours after this dream and search the bed for him. When he wasn't there, I would roll over, watch some more Teen Mom and then drift off again for a few hours. After doing this three different times I gave up and just watched Teen Mom. When the Teen Mom Marathon was over, they had a 16 and Pregnant marathon, so I just let it continue to play.

Kelly came in that morning and brought me the same breakfast again. She sneered as she took my dirty towel, and I could only hope that she would return with a clean one. This time she didn't say a word though and was in and out in about a minute. Relocking the door as she went.

So for the next five weeks, this is how my life went. Same crappy meal for lunch and breakfast, Kelly barely saying a word to me and keeping myself entertained by the TV. At night, I had the same recurring dream of snuggling in bed with my mate. Once I was able to walk, I did find something more constructive for my time. I found a YouTube channel that had palates and yoga. I did all the stuff that you didn't need any special equipment for and took great joy in improving myself. I also figured I could use the exercise since Kelly's breakfast and dinner menu was mainly fried and was starting to affect my figure.

My daily routine started in the shower. I was dried and dressed in an oversized t-shirt since no one had bothered to get me clothes when Kelly came in with my breakfast. She took my dirty towel as she left. Since my second day here she has only said a handful of words to me. Today she didn't say a word just dropped off my food and took my towel. I generally would get a glare, but I didn't even warrant that today.

I grabbed my breakfast and started eating while I watched a rerun of Big Bang Theory. I got about halfway through my breakfast and had to run to the bathroom to get sick. That bitch is trying to poison me now. I threw out most of the breakfast and choose to nibble on the toast and drink the water for now. Once I finished that, I switched to the yoga channel and started to stretch and bend. As I was switching from one position to another, I caught my big toe on the bed and put a huge gash in it. I hobbled into the bathroom and pulled out the first aid kit. I pulled out two of the biggest band-aids that were in there plus an alcohol wipe. I cleaned my toe and wrapped it in the band-aids. As I was closing up the kit, I picked up the little box of tampons and looked up at the wall where I marked off the number of days that I have been here.

I realized that I had been here for 37 days and have yet to need this box. Maybe it was due to stress that I had skipped this month, I tried to lie to myself. I knew better, even when I had been beaten within an inch of my life, I was still 28 days regular. I should have gotten it about a week after I had gotten here, and I would be due for my second one about now.


I placed my right hand on my stomach, trying to get a sense of if there is something in there. I pulled my shirt up and stared into the mirror. I noticed that I was shaped differently now than before, and it wasn't just from my daily yoga routine. My boobs looked fuller than they should be, and when I turn to the side, my stomach which should be flat has a small but prominent bump in between my hip bones. When did this happen? How..... well I know-how. I have sex once, once I repeat, in my life and I end up pregnant. I start to hyperventilate.

What the hell am I suppose to do? My mate doesn't want me, and from his conversation with his Beta, he doesn't want any pups either. Will, he hurt them. Will, he hurt me to hurt them. I sit and cry. There's nothing else I can do. While I cry, I decide that I will hide the pregnancy. I want my pup, even if the Alpha doesn't. I have nothing to wear but oversized shirts anyway. Kelly is my only visitor, and we barely make eye contact, so I don't think she will notice.

I feel like a stray dog that wandered in pregnant and will be kicked out when my new owner finds out. My wolf is going crazy now with the idea of having a pup. She has been pretty quiet due to being caged. She's excited to have her mate's heir.

"Bella, our mate doesn't want us. So why are you excited to have his pup." I ask my wolf.

"It's our mate's pup!" That is all she can come up with. As if that answers everything.

Maybe our mate will let us keep our pup, in here. Another prisoner of war just like me. Give me the supplies to keep him or her alive. Just like he does for me. I am definitely going to have to hide this. After staring at my body for a while longer, I pulled my shirt back on. After what I'm guessing was morning sickness, busting open my toe and realizing I was pregnant. I decided that today was the perfect day to stay in bed.

Since I'm a wolf, my term of pregnancy will be about twenty-five weeks. So I'm about five weeks now, which leaves me with another twenty weeks to go. While I was still in school, I was in training to be a nurse. When you have to perform first aid on yourself nearly every day, it sounded like a good life choice. I had helped deliver seven pups while helping at the Pack Clinic, so I already had a very good idea of what I was going to need for the birth. Since it is a self-birth, that I plan on doing by myself, my best option would be in the shower. It will be easy to get into. There are extra blankets and pillows that I can lay down on the floor. There are sturdy handholds on the wall, that I can grip onto. Along with a ready supply of water to clean things up. I need to come up with something to cut the umbilical cord with, but I have plenty of time for that.

Once I found out I was pregnant, time flew by. I wasn't as depressed as I was before. I had something to live for. My stomach is growing at an alarming rate because I feel as if I'm as big as a house. I have continued to keep myself healthy by doing prego yoga, so most of my baby weight is in my boobs and belly. I have noticed though that my hips seem a little wider and my bottom is filling out a little more. I have about a week left until I should be due. Kelly is an idiot because she has no clue what is happening in here.

I've been having random contractions over the last week know as Braxton Hicks. As I stood up to start my daily routine. I felt an immense sense of pressure in my stomach, followed by a washing wave of relief. Then I felt the wetness that now covered the floor. Well, that just happened. With my water breaking a week early I was a little nervous. I had come up with a plan for cutting the cord so I had to do that now before I was in too much pain.

I was hit by a contraction at that moment and leaned on the bed for support. I rode it out and started to count the time in between. I moved into the bathroom being careful not to slip in my broken water. I took my t-shirt off and hung it over the mirror. I punched the mirror as hard as I can and removed a large piece to use as a makeshift knife. I pulled out the first aid kit, and cleaned up the edges of the mirror with an alcohol wipe, and smeared Neosporin on the edges just for good measure. I pulled out my supplies from under the bathroom counter.

I was just about to put everything into the shower when I noticed the time. Kelly would be arriving any minute. I could set a watch off of her punctuality. I turned on the shower hoping that she would think I overslept and was just not out yet. From where the door is she shouldn't see the puddle I left. A moment after she opened the bedroom door I turned off the shower, so again she would think I was just running a little behind.

"Breakfast and fresh towels are here," Kelly yelled.

I opened the door just enough to stick my head out and yell "Ok great" in a sarcastic tone.

I heard Kelly close and lock the door again and I continued setting up for the birth. I place the blankets and pillows in the small shower, pulled out some water bottles, and was hit by another contraction. So that was about 10 min apart. I sat down in my makeshift birth room. I did some stretches that are supposed to speed along the process of labor while I wait, counted time, and continued to contract. It took hours before I was contracting every few minutes. I reached down and I could not only feel that I was dilated but I was also touching the top of my pups head. It was time to push and push hard.

I stood up into a crouch and grabbed the handhold and I pushed. I was in the middle of my first push when the bathroom door opened. There stood Kelly with my Mate standing behind her...

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