All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Chapter 7: Daddy

Chapter 7: Daddy (Devon’s POV)

(⚠️ Warning Possible Trigger ⚠️)

As usual this morning I lurked by Izza's room just as Kelly entered to drop off breakfast. I had Kelly stop locking the room after the third day Izza was here. She has never tried or asked to leave her room. She seems content to be left alone, but I feel bad that she doesn't have anyone. I heard the sound of the shower running and being turned off as Kelly opened the door. That's was strange Izza is always up and dressed waiting on her burnt breakfast when Kelly arrives.

"Breakfast and fresh towels are here," Kelly yelled, so Izza could hear her in the bathroom.

I heard the bathroom door opened and Izza shouted back "Ok great" in a sarcastic tone. Did she sound off this morning? She's sounded off all week. Like she has been ill. Maybe I do need to talk to Kelly about making her something different. Dex was whining in the back of my head, but not saying anything. I think he wants to check on her, but she's not dressed, probably still drying off her perfect alabaster skin that's dripping wet from the shower. If I stand here any longer I will have her pressed up against the wall forcing my way into her. I have to go now.

I took off for the training grounds as fast as I could. I went to the weight room to go lift for a while since I had some extra tension to burn off. I had four cyber meetings today about trading supplies. We grow a large number of tropical fruits and vegetables here on the island, so we are very sustainable. All of them went well, but I had this impending feeling of doom all day. I decided I was going to check up on Izza myself today. It's been six months since we have seen her. I think it would be good for Dex too, as he has been very withdrawn this week.

Running a little behind because my last meeting ran past, I headed for the house at a jog. That's when I got a mind-link from Kelly. It wasn't just a nudge either. She pushed her way in.

"Alpha, Alpha come quick something is wrong with the girl." She sounds frantic and my heart stops in my chest.

"What girl?" I knew I should have checked on her this morning.

"The only girl you have stowed away in a room that I take care of," Kelly Responded. Oh, six months and Kelly still doesn't even know her name. I guess she can follow orders.

I sped up more, asking "What do you mean something is wrong? What's wrong"

"I don't know, I came to bring her dinner and she wasn't in the room. There is a nasty puddle of blood and I don't know what else between the bed and the bathroom. I hear noises coming from the bathroom but the door is locked." If I were there the door would already be splintered.

She said blood. Is she trying to end her life? She can't. She can't leave me. I mean she can't take my wolf. Dex growls in my head. He would rather die than live without his mate.

"Are you not a werewolf? Break the door down if you have to, to get in there. I am almost there myself." I pushed myself to get there as fast as I could. While running I mind-linked the pack doctor to get to my house as fast as possible now, to my old bedroom on the first floor.

As I made it to the room Kelly had just opened the door, I heard screams of pain coming from within. When Kelly took a step back, I almost passed out.

There stood my naked mate, but not how I remembered her. Her stomach was swollen past the size of a basketball, her boobs looked fuller, she has filled out in multiple places and she was screaming in pain. She was crouched in the shower with a pile of pillows and blankets under her. There was blood on the blanket and between her legs there seemed to be something clawing its way out of her headfirst. Or should I say, someone? I couldn't breathe. Dex was going insane.

"Pup...My Pup. Mate is having our pup. I smell it, it's mine. Go to mate. Go. Now. Help" But I couldn't move I was holding onto the bedpost trying to not pass out. This can't be real.

The pack doctor arrived at that moment with Jax hot on his heels. The doctor rushed straight for the bathroom. Attending immediately to my mate.

Jax yelled "What happened. What did you do to the girl now." Then he took in the sight of the bathroom. He put a hand on my shoulder and asked me through our mind-link "Yours?"

"I. I. I. I. I. Guess. Yes, Dex says it smells like ours. I'm going to trust him on this one. I swear I haven't touched her, but I guess I scored with one shot the night of The Claiming." More screams echoed from the bathroom. Jax had to hold Dex back. I couldn't anymore. Our mate is in pain and we are about to be a father.

I heard the doctor tell her, "One more push and the first one will be with us."

"First one." I heard Izza say between screams.

"Yes, you know your having twins right?" Twins? As in more than one but two pups?

"NOOOOOO....." Izza screamed back as she pushed. The scream was followed by a cry. That means it's okay, right? My pup is okay?

"It's a boy. Now I know you're tired but you have to keep pushing so we can get the other one out too." Izza was panting as the doctor told her this. I had given up fighting, all that rang through my mind was it's a boy. My heir, the next Alpha, that I never knew was coming, now lay crying on a blanket on the bathroom floor.

Izza screamed and grunted again. In just a few minutes there was another cry and the news is that this one was a boy too. I dropped to my knees. Twins. Twin Boys. I'm a dad. Fuck if I didn't want this but now that I see them, hear them, scent them. I want them. They are mine.

When I looked up again Izza was propped up against the wall. The boys were both laying on her chest. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Tears rolled down my face, as I couldn't hold them in.

The doctor, whose name is Gabe, took the boys after a moment and wrapped them in the fresh towels Kelly had brought that morning. He asked, "Do you want to hold them while I stitched the girl up."

"Ahhh..." Was all I could respond. I walked forward and he places the boys each in one of my arms.

Izza whimpered and cried. "It's ok sweetheart, I have to take care of some things for you before you bleed out. Don't need you to die on us now, before you can name those two sweet boys." I growled at this. I had to get out of the room, while they finished her up. I kept walking until I found my way to the guest room across the hall. I laid the boys down in the middle of the bed, as I heard the door close behind me. I turned and saw Jax leaning up against the door.

He didn't say a word. I think he was in just as much shock as I was. Well almost, as he didn't just become a father to twin boys. I sat on the bed next to them. I gently touched each of their faces, just to make sure they were real. The second one wrapped his little fingers around my big one and I melted. "Mine."

"Wow. So you're a dad bro. How's it feel?" Jax said from the door. I had forgotten he was in the room.

I wiped the tears that had been falling down my face for a while now and answered. "It feels amazing. They are perfect. I can't explain it any more than that. I love them already." I whispered the last part. As they were both asleep.

"We need to get some pup supplies. I'll call out to the shop called The Pup's Den now. They should have everything you two need here in about an hour or so." Jax stopped talking, frowned opened the door racing for the room across the hall. I couldn't follow. I couldn't leave the boys. I just had to hope that everything was okay.

In less than a minute Jax was back with Kelly close by. She looked like she had been attacked, and that's because she was. Kelly explained, "The girl freaked out when you left with the boys. She may have thought you were going to hurt them or maybe just take them away from her. The doctor had to sedate her. He cleaned her up some and put her in bed. She's sleeping now."

"Thank you, Kelly. Now can you tell me how the hell you didn't know that this was going on? Tell me why you didn't inform me Izza was pregnant." I growled lowly trying not to wake the twins. My sons.

"Every day, from the beginning, when I came by she was in bed wrapped up in blankets and pillows. I had never really even seen what her whole body looked like. I'd just drop off what she needed and leave. You told me not to talk to her, and we didn't really have a good start, so we would barely say two words to each other unless she needed me to restocked something. This last week she asked if I could bring some extra towels. She wanted to have more than two at a time. So this morning I had brought her some extras, but she was still in the shower when I got here. So I left them and went on with my day." Kelly explained.

"So Izza kept this hidden for six months. Why didn't she tell anyone?"

"Who was she going to tell?" Jax asked. "I mean I'm not trying to make you feel bad bro, but this is your fault. You kept her locked up. Her only communication was with Kelly and they didn't talk. How long did you think you could avoid your mate?"

"Mate, wait Alpha the girl, Izza, she's your mate?"

"Kelly, I need you to listen to me right now. Yes, Izza is my mate. I brought her back from The Claiming. I claimed, marked, and mated what was mine that night. Since she was left in this room, I haven't laid eyes on her until today. I would come by just to catch her scent every day as you opened and closed her door to bring her meals. The boys are mine. Created the night of The Claiming. I know you feared that I would try to hurt her, but I had already done enough damage it seems. I was rough with her, then left her hurt and impregnated with my pups. I can't change any of that. I can't handle all of this on my own. I still need your help, Kelly. I need you to keep my secret." She would never be able to figure me for this. I never intended for any of this to happen.

"Wait what?" Both Jax and Kelly asked at the same time. At that same moment doctor, Gabe knocked on the door. After letting him in, I told them my new plan. Hoping they would understand because I would need them all.

After our talk, I went into Izza's room. Kelly and Jax were looking after the boys for me, while a crew was bringing in a load of stuff from The Pup's Den for the twins.

I laid down on the bed next to Izza and drew her into my arms. She was knocked out, so this was the safest time for me to do this. I had no fear that Dex would try to do anything inappropriate. I breathed in her beautiful smell, as I held her. Appreciating her more now, that she had given me my sons. I felt so much better just from holding her and I knew my touch would help her healing. After about an hour I got up and went back across the hall not bothering to leaving the door open behind me. She has never tried to escape and I know she never would. I can't continue to keep her hidden away like this, not now. Our pups will need her.

As I entered the nursery, Kelly had just laid them in their cribs after she had gotten them diapered and clothed. Each was wrapped in a blanket one blue and one green. I noticed that the boys were identical except for their eyes. Each eyes matched its blanket cover. The green-eyed boy's eyes were the exact shade of vibrant green as mine are. The blue-eyed boy's eyes were the same pale light blue as I remembered his mothers to be.

As I walked over to the cribs Kelly asked in a whisper. "So what are their names?"

"Xavier with the green eyes and Xander with the blue eyes after my father and grandfather." I should have waited for Izza, but they are Fury heirs. The family names are important.

"Perfect!" Kelly squealed. You could tell she loved kids, and this made her want her and Jax to start their own family sooner rather than later. I shoot Jax an apologetic smile, but he was smiling back at Kelly like he couldn't wait either.

They showed me all of the stuff that had been brought for the boys. Including the audio/visual baby monitoring system that would help me keep an eye on things. There was everything you could think of. Seats, changing tables, diapers, bags, bottles, lotions, and lots of other things that I wasn't even sure as to what they were, but I was sure I would need them.

Kelly and Jax were making moon eyes at each other, so I dismissed them. I knew what they were going to do once they reached their room. Or at least I hope they made it that far.

I sat in a rocking chair that had been brought in and watched the boys sleep. I was just starting to nod off in the chair when Izza charged into the room. She was still naked and looked like the scariest thing I had ever seen in my life. She looked wild. Her hair was everywhere, her eyes were bloodshot and bulging out of her face and her canines extended. She was a she-wolf mama looking for her pups.

"If you think you can keep me away from them you are wrong." She shouted as she entered the room. "I will kill myself and your wolf before I let you do that." She pulled out a long piece of glass and held it to her wrist.

I ran to her at lightning speed ripping the glass from her hand but managing not to cut her. I dragged her from the nursery and back to her room. So happy that I had the monitor attached to me, and that she hadn't woken them up.

"Hey stop fighting me." She continues to wiggle in my arms. She is a lot stronger than she looks. "I'm not taking them from you. Okay so please don't hurt yourself." I had an arm wrapped around her waist holding her up, and the moment she knew that she would still be with the boys, her whole body gave out. I laid her back on the bed and searched the dressers for clothes to put on her. All I found were oversized men's t-shirts. Kelly never got her clothes. Of course not, I fucked this whole thing up. I grabbed a shirt and pulled it over her head and put her back under the covers. I can see now how Kelly didn't know she was pregnant. I sat on the foot of the bed and waited for her to wake up.

After about two hours she was awake again. She sat up gingerly against the headboard and just stared at me with a sad look on her face.

"So what are you going to do with me now Alpha?" My mate has balls. That's good. She will need them.

"I have a plan," I say very tentatively.

"Oh, this should be good. Let me hear it this time because your last plan went over so well." Her look is almost smug. The things I would do to her if she was not my mate.

I lowly growled. Yes, she has every right to be mad at me, but she still needed to be respectful. I saw that she was no longer the girl that flinched six months ago. A lot of things had changed in that time and she was a much stronger person.

"First I want to apologize. I know I'm a crappy mate. I never wanted to be one. I also know that you didn't ask to have an asshole like me for a mate. I am sorry that I hurt you that night, and I know that it was wrong of me to keep you trapped in here all this time. I just wasn't ready for this. I'm still not." Her blue eyes stare at me widely. I'd love to know what she is thinking. I'm sure she is planning a slow painful death for me as we speak.

She crossed her arms over her chest. The swell of her bosoms catches my eye. Bad Dev. She just gave birth. "Do you have a point to all this?" She asks her voice has a growl behind it. She is still very much in mama wolf protector mode.

"I am an Alpha. My pack comes first, followed by the Elders, but now I'm a dad. I'm also a mate. I can handle the dad part, as it's molding and shaping who they are like I would for my pack. But I'm not ready for a mate. I would like you to stay and take care of the boys. I have a whole cover story that will allow you to stay here and move about as you please. Just not by my side. I will make sure you have access to unlimited money to get whatever you need or want for both you and the twins. I promise you will never have to eat Kelly's cooking ever again." I finished with a shy smile hoping that it broke the mood a little.

"So you want me to stay here and be like a nanny for our children. You want them but you don't want me. Right?" She shifts uncomfortably in the bed. She has to be in pain. I wish I could take it away, I just can't be that close to her.

Crap how do I explain this. "It's not that I don't want you. Trust me, there is a very specific part of my body, that goes to attention every time I even think about you." She shifted uncomfortably again at this statement. "I just don't want the emotional baggage that comes with it. I know that makes me the biggest asshole in the world, but it is the truth. The man I am right now is not the man that you want as your mate. I'm not the man that you deserve as your mate. You deserve so much more. I don't know if I can ever be that man, but I promise you that I will take care of you and our pups till my dying breath. In the short time, they have been alive, they have become the most important thing to me. They are above my pack because they are the future of the pack. That is why I need you, to help me raise them into better men than their father is."

"Why did you lock me in here? Why not reject me? Why did you mark me? Why did you take my innocence, if you did not want me?" She looks away from me. I am the worst kind of human being.

"I don't want to make excuses for what I did. I kept you here because I could. I took you because I wanted you. Not as a mate. I wanted your body. If it weren't for the mate bond I would not keep away from you. My wolf marked you. He wants you as his mate. He wouldn't let me reject you and now that he marked you... It would more than likely kill you to remove it." The thought of her trying to remove my mark makes it hard to breathe.

"Maybe I'm better off dead." Izza leans her head back.

A growl rises from my chest. "I know as your mate I haven't given you a reason to think differently. I can only hope that our boys are enough reason for you to stay."

She looks away from me. "I get to keep them?" I nod in response. "If you ever try to take them from me, it will be the end of your wolf."

She doesn't add that it would be the end of her life. She is serious and means every word. "I would never. They need you. I need you for them. Can you live the lie?"

"Wouldn't be the first time I lived a lie." Her voice is barely a whisper. All

"No one will ever raise a hand to you in anger again. As the mother of my pups, you are under my protection. Anyone that hurts you will feel my wrath." It's the least I can do for her. I could never intentionally hurt her physically. My wolf would turn his back on me. In the bedroom, he likes things rough and got excited. It was impossible for him to not take her. She is his. Not mine, but his.

"I will go along with this, but we are not mates. Keep your hands to yourself. Keep whatever you do with others to yourself. I don't want to see it. When the boys are older, I want to get a job so I have something outside of here. I have experience in health care. I can be an asset at the clinic. Tell whatever lies you need to. But I am serious about MY pups. I will destroy your whole world over them."

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