All But Forgotten Mate (EDITED/COMPLETE)

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Chapter 8: The Lie

Chapter 8: The Lie (Izza’s POV)

The lie that everyone was told was partly true. That Alpha Devon had found his mate at the claiming and kept her locked up. Then six months later, he had found her giving birth to the twin boys that are the heirs to the pack. The lie starts there, with the fact that his mate died during childbirth. He and his wolf both managed to survive because he had never marked her. Since he now had two newborn pups to raise, Kelly suggested her sister, that lost her mate in a rogue attack, as someone to nanny the boys. That would be me. It explains where I came from and since Kelly was still new to the pack not many knew her family history. In case anyone found my real name from The Claiming, they decided to call me Nikki after my real middle name. I was glad, I like Nikki much better than Izza, which is weirdly what the Alpha had been calling me.

With the lie in place, I was able to raise the boys. Go about town to run errands and as time went on, I even started helping out part-time at the Pack clinic. Doctor Gabe knows my real story, so there were no issues with my name change there. It's now been almost three years since I got here. The boys are about two and a half years old. My twenty-first birthday is approaching next week, and I'm trying to find the courage to ask Alpha Devon if I can go out to a bar with my friends from the clinic.

This will be interesting, because even though I have the freedom to do what I need to for the boys and the clinic, Devon doesn't let me go around parties, clubs, and bars. All I want is a night with my co-workers to have a few drinks and dance with my girls. He is allowed to fuck anything that walks on the island, but I'm not even allowed to go to places where there is a possibility that another man would look at me. Thankfully the clinic caters mainly to the Elders and pregnant women since werewolves seldom get sick. Accidents do happen from time to time where Pack members need the clinic, so I do get hit on every now and then.

The Pack guys all think the nanny/nurse thing is hot. A woman that can take care of you and your kids is apparently a big turn-on to most men. If only they knew I could cook too. Since having the boys, I have more of a womanly shape to my body. Still thin, but with curvier hips and butt. I wear scrubs when I'm outside of the house to hide what's beneath, but that doesn't stop the horny warriors. Devon has deemed me untouchable to the pack with the lie that he doesn't need his nanny distracted. And since my mate died, in a rogue attack after I was marked, I didn't want to disrespect my mate by moving on. Unfortunately, that made it hard for me to let my wolf out because she would have died, but I still managed to get out once a month in a private area Devon had set aside for me.

I got up this morning before everyone else and started breakfast. I decided to go all out, to try to butter up the Alpha. I made sausage, bacon, fluffy pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, French toast, and coffee. I set out some juice and started making the boys' plates so that when they got up, it would be cooled, and there would be some left. Jax and Kelly came down first. They stopped when they saw the table, then sat down quickly and started to filled their plates.

"Thank you so much, sis, you are such a better cook than me." Kelly joked. We all knew what we would have to eat if she was cooking and if I never have to eat spam again, I would be so happy. Actually, since I became Nikki, Kelly's pretend sister, we have become really good friends. She knows that I want to go out for my birthday, and she knows that I did this to help get me a yes.

"Yeah, Kell none of us want Spam and barely cooked eggs ever. Morning Jax."

Jax nodded his greeting at me since his mouth was so full of food. I was afraid he may choke. When he swallowed he said, "Thank you. The Alpha has been pushing us hard here lately and I could use all the carbs I can get, just to keep up."

"Oh yeah, something going on?" I asked.

"Nothing to be worried about Nikki, just keeping the Pack in shape," Devon said as he entered the kitchen with his whore from the night before. She stretched on her toes to kiss him goodbye, and I turned away.

"Thanks for the breakfast Nanny Nikki." The slut said as she grabbed a sausage and pancake before walking towards the front door.

I let out a growl how dare that bitch eat my food.

Devon responded with his own growl. "That's uncalled for Nikki. What if she heard you. Your wolf is supposed to be gone"

I was about to respond, but I wanted to keep him in a good mood. I just replied back, "Yes, Alpha" and put my head down on the kitchen island.

He came around the counter and put his arm around me and whispered in my ear, "Sorry I do try to keep them from coming in contact with you." He gave me a little squeeze and let go. I had already made him a plate, so I handed it to him and he sat down at the head of the table facing where I stood on the island.

Kelly and Jax finished and left me alone in the kitchen with Devon. I moved to sit on a barstool on the other side of the island, still in my sleep shorts and a tank top. I stared at him as he ate, waiting for my moment. He looked up from his plate and caught me staring.

"Like what you see Izza?" Ah, we were alone, so now I was Izza. My mate was still a fine specimen of man, with muscles rippling all over the place. Being in one place with him for too long was hard. The mate bond still tries to pull us together. Like two magnets that are supposed to be together, but stubbornly move in the opposite direction of each other.

"Ummm... No. I just had a question to ask you, but I wanted to let you eat first."

"Come sit over here and tell me what's up." He said patting the chair next to him. As I went to sit in the chair he grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap, and said, "Seriously, you said no to liking what you see. I think you do. I know I like those short little shorts you sleep in. They make me want to do bad things to my mate." And this is what happened when we spend too much time in a room together. Dex starts to take over.

As I felt something stir under me, I yelped and jumped up out of his lap. I didn't get far before I was pulled back down. Dex nuzzled into my neck causing me to moan out from the contact. He ran a hand up my body groping my mounds with his left hand. He started kissing my mark. I should have known this was coming. It happens about once a month, and I so wanted to give in and let Dex have his way with me. It's happened, but after Devon gets mad at me for not trying to stop him. What was I supposed to do? I tried to squirm away, but that only caused me to rub against him. This earns me a low growl from him, which caused me to grow wet between my legs.

"Baby you smell so good right now. I love when I get you excited." He whispered in my ear causing me to shiver. He ran his hand down my body this time aiming for my wetness, but I grabbed his hand trying to stop him.

"Dexter please don't" I whimpered. "I need to talk to Devon, can I have him back." I felt his body shift as Dex went back to the background.

"Well, hello mate. What did Dex do to get you in this position and smelling like I might need to take you upstairs." Now, this was new. Devon always shied away from contact like this. I moved to get up, but he still didn't let me move. "Don't squirm. You already have us excited enough this morning. Now, what did you want to ask us? You have our undivided attention." He placed his face in my hair and breathed in.

"Ummm... So next week is my birthday. And ummm... some of the people from the clinic want to take me out for drinks this Saturday and I was asking if it's okay if I could go." As I spoke he moves his hands down my body, trailing over my curves.

"So nervous Izza. You know that the answer is no but you still asked. I do enjoy your obedience." He still continued his assaults on my body. He turned me around so I was straddling him in the chair. "Maybe though, I can give you one night. Show me that you can behave while out." He rubbed himself against me. I moaned into his shoulder. I so needed to get off his lap. He rocked into me a few times letting out a low growl in response. I can't help how my body reacts to him. As much as I don't want to be turned on, my body betrays me.

"Please." I whimpered back. Not sure what I was asking for anymore. Was I still asking to go out or was I asking him to finish me? This is so not our normal interaction. I was kind of enjoying it though. My lady parts haven't been this soaked in a long, long time.

"Please what Izza," He said kissing my mark.

"Please Alpha."

"Tell me what you want Izza?"

"I... I... I want... Please either stop or..." At that moment the boys entered the kitchen looking for breakfast. I jumped up off of Devon's lap and grabbed their plates from out of the microwave.

Once the boys were seated and eating, I noticed Devon's discomfort. He tried several times to adjust himself, but he was still very much at full attention. I was leaning on the other side of the Island bar facing them when I noticed his eyes turn darker. That's when I realized that you could see straight down my top with how I was leaning. I quickly straighten up.

Devon gave up on breakfast and walked his plate over to the sink. I felt him press up behind me. Making sure I felt the situation I left him with. "We will finish this conversation later." He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, pressing himself against me again, and walked back upstairs. I guess he's got to take care of himself before heading out to training.

I turned my attention to the boys that were now playing with their food. "So, who wants to go swimming today?"

"Me. Me." The boys exclaimed in joy. They loved to swim and were both really good at it. They didn't need floats. I did stay by the pool with them though. We headed to their room to get them in their suits and then they played in their room while I went to get ready.

I just bought a new suit. It was a two-piece bikini that was blue with bright green Polka dots. I grabbed some beach towels out of the closet and sunscreen and I was ready. I yelled for the boys to come on and ran right into Devon's chest. He grabbed me by my waist so I wouldn't fall but I dropped everything I was carrying. I turned and bent to pick them up, which wasn't a good idea, because it pushed my bum up against his hard front. He grabbed my hips and pulled back hard against him. If we weren't clothed he would have been in me. Why is he so handsy today? This is the most he has touched me in one day ever. That was part of our deal.

"You have to stop teasing me today, baby. My control will only hold for so long." His control is slipping. What does that mean?

"I didn't mean to." My voice is more of a pant. I feel breathless. Why can't I just tell him to go to hell and walk away?

"Because he is our mate. Whether we like it or not. He has pushed against the bond for too long. I want Dex. We just have to get our humans on the same page." My wolf Bella responds in my head.

"We are. The page where we are not together." I respond back to her. She is as back as a wolf in heat.

"Then why are you wearing this." He asked running his hands along my swimsuit strings. "Mmmm... You look good enough to eat." Why does his touch have to make me want to melt in a puddle at his feet? He let go of me as the boys came into the room.

"Daddy, Daddy. Nanny Nikki is taking us swimming. Are you gonna join us?" Yeah, my kids don't get to call me mommy. They call me Nanny Nikki. Don't need them calling me mommy while others are around. It would ruin the lie.

"No boys Daddy has to go to work," I answered for him. He needs to go. He needs to put that space between us that he is usually so fond of.

"I can't go swimming with you boys, but I can come out for just a few and watch you guys." He responded. Great. More time spent together this morning. I already needed a cold shower. The boys ran ahead jumping into the water and splashing about. Devon walked behind me. I had a feeling he was staring at my rear. I stopped to set my stuff on the table and Devon ran into me. Apparently, he was paying more attention to my ass than to where he was going. Again he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him. The boys couldn't see us from where we were, but I could hear that they were playing and fine in the pool.

"Now back to that earlier conversation," He said while he nuzzled into my neck.

"Dex stop it. You never gave Devon back control did you." His wolf has to be the one responsible for this.

"Not Dex, Izza. Just your very horny, turned-on mate. Your arousal is killing me. I have to go soon before I do something I can't take back. Your smell is drawing me in so strong today. I can't take it." He stopped talking for a moment to suck on my mark, while his hands moved back to my chest. He twisted and rolled my hard buds between his fingers. This caused me to moan out his name and press back into him. I need to pull away. I can't. Bella is not in full control but she is controlling me enough to keep me from running from him.

"Give him a chance." She purrs at me. "He can make you feel better than you ever knew."

Stupid conniving sneaky... Oh my goddess what is he doing with his hands?

He trailed kisses to my ear, moved his hand south, and whispered. "So responsive. And for this little treat, I'm going to let you go out for your birthday. Please don't make me regret this. I don't want to kill any of my warriors."

"Oh okay. Thank you, Alpha." I'm not even sure what I just said. I am too focused on the feel of his fingers as they slip through my folds.

He growled in my ear. The sound vibrate through me and ignited a fire in my belly. "When your Izza, I'm Devon or even better Dev. Not Alpha okay." He stroked between my legs and rubbed against me again.

"Yes, Dev." I barely breathed out. I started to pant. He continued to rub himself against my bottom while rubbing my nub. I hadn't noticed when he pushed my suit to the side. "Oh my, oh Dev." I moaned and came as quietly as I could. He rocked against me a few more times before he finally stilled. He kissed my cheek, my ear and finished on my mark.

I have never in my life felt something like that. What was that?

"It's called an orgasm and our mate owes us about a million of them," Bella responds again. I blame her.

"I have to go. I need to change and get to the grounds. That was a great start to my morning though. You need to ask me for things more often. I like the result." He smacked my ass, walked backward starting at me until he vanished into the house.

I sat on the chair watching the boys trying to figure out what the fuck all that was about. I felt oddly relaxed though. Generally, Dex tries to play with me but before he gets very far Dev stops us, gets mad, and leaves me all worked up and no way to finish. It's not that I haven't tried, I just can't finish myself. I'm too embarrassed to go to a shop and buy anything to assist. Getting anything delivered to the house is out of the question because I would never hear the end of it.

Today though both Dex and Dev wanted to play. I don't know what to do about that. Did Dev just need some time with his mate, did I just look that fuckable or does he want something else. I can't sit here and drive myself crazy about this. I gave up and dove into the pool with the boys. We played for hours.

We stayed in the pool for most of the day. Getting out only to eat and watch some cartoons while our food settled. I had set up a roast with all the trimmings for dinner when I made lunch, so I can feed the boys before I head to the clinic. I hopped in the shower at about 5:30. Kelly was home and was keeping the boys occupied with some cartoons so I could have a moment to myself. I needed to talk to her, but I guess it would have to wait.

I quickly scrubbed myself down and dried off. I French braided my hair, put on a little lip gloss and got dressed in my royal blue scrubs.

I made my way into the kitchen and called for the boys to come to eat. I was running a little late and the twins were taking their time getting to the table.

As I finally got them eating, Devon walked in with his arm around the same whore from that morning. What the hell? Since when did he start sleeping with the same woman back to back.

Devon froze when he saw I was still home. I should have left fifteen minutes ago. He looked like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. " Iz... Nikki, I thought you would have been to the clinic by now. Everything okay?" He asked not looking me in the eye. Coward.

"Jessica, why don't you head upstairs. I'll be right behind you."

"Awe but dinner smells so good. Can't we eat first?"

I lost it. I picked up the chair next to the boys and threw it at her. "I don't cook for sluts. Fuck you both. I hope you get chlamydia and die." I grabbed my bag and headed for the door.

Devon grabbed my wrist as I turned the knob. "What?" I snapped at him putting as much venom in my voice as I could.

"What did I do?" He asked.

"Wow. Men really are stupid. What did you do? You broke your own rules this morning. You touched me and kissed me and held me as if you wanted me. I should have known better. You never do those things. It made me think things had somehow changed, but of course, they haven't. You are still the same man whore you have always been. I'm just the dumbass that keeps waiting for you to change. I have to go." I ranted as I pulled my hand from his grasp. I was out the door as quickly as I could. Tears fell fast and hard as I ran to the clinic.

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