My Secret Wolf

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What would you do if after 18 years you found out your mother was keeping you from yourself? That’s exactly what happened to me, and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind ever since I found out I’m a werewolf.

Fantasy / Romance
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“Elizabeth Taylor Landry get down here! We’re going to be late!”
I quickly hid my phone in the floor boards and grabbed my jacket.
“I’ll be right down mother!”

I just turned 18 last month and yesterday was my high school graduation, we were going to some carnival to celebrate. Which was just another way for my mother to show off her husband and my half sister. All of my hard work always goes unaccounted for. I was valedictorian of my class and didn’t even get so much as a “good job kid” from my mother.
Always coming in third place to her lawyer husband and my sister. I don’t understand what I did to make her just despise me, but none the less here we are.

“Is that what you’re wearing Elizabeth?” My mother’s snide comment had me reeling.
“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I asked. I was wearing a gray t-shirt and my black jeggings, and had my jacket laying over my arm, nothing too complicated.
“Oh, nothing. I guess I just thought you would dress nicely for once. We are going to the carnival after all, everyone will be there.”
“They’re going there to spend times with their family’s and have fun, they’re not going to give 2 shits what I’m wearing, mother.”
“Watch your language young lady! You may be 18 but you still live under my roof and that language will not be tolerated here!” She snapped.
“Well I guess it’s a good thing I move into my trailer next week then!” I retorted.
We climbed into the car and started driving to the carnival grounds.

Ugh I couldn’t stand her snobby attitude any longer. We lived a nice simple life from what I could remember before her damn husband came along and brainwashed her, we actually used to enjoy spending time together. How someone could treat their own flesh and blood this way, was beyond me.
I’ve had a job ever since I was old enough to, I saved damn near every penny from my paychecks. I paid for my own car, I put the down payment down on my trailer, sure it wasn’t as luxurious as this house but it was mine and away from them.
18 fucking years old and not even allowed to have a cellphone in what should also be my home, my family is literally insane!
Mother always says “who would you even talk to? We’re all in the same house!” Oh, right. I’m sorry mother, I guess that weird thing called friends is a thing of the past. I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough, just thinking about it made my blood boil.

But of course my sister Kara had a cell phone, and mother and step dad dearest paid for her car.
I might as well be invisible, I thought. As we pulled up to the carnival mother pulled me out of my thoughts.
“Everyone be on your best behavior, don’t make a fool out of me. Understood?”
“Understood.” We all mumbled. Shes too much. I’ll never understand why she thought she was above every one else after she married him. I miss my old mom, back when I was allowed to call her just mom.
Looking out the car window I took a deep breath and finally opened the door. Looking around there were rides every where and plenty of concession stands.
“I’m just going to walk around for a bit, Lyla is supposed to be here.”
No response. Of course, they were already walking away. I rolled my eyes and took another deep breath. “One more week, one more week, one more week.” I whispered to myself.

I couldn’t help feeling like I was being watched as I walked around looking for Lyla, but no one seemed to be following me. A few minutes later I finally found her, her long red hair always stood out, she was wearing denim shorts and her go to blue tank top.
“Lizzie! I’ve been calling you! What took you so long?” She shouted.
“Shhh! I’m not allowed to have a phone remember!” I whispered half yelling.
“Ah shit I’m so sorry. I totally forgot. That is still so odd to me! Anyway, how was packing?”
“Eh, I think I’m about finished. Just have to get the moving truck and load everything up, think you and Ricky could help with that? Like this coming Friday?” I asked putting my hands together as if I were begging.
I knew she’d never say no, and Ricky is her brother who’s had a little crush on me the last couple years. I always felt bad I didn’t feel the same, he’s a great guy but just not my type. Can’t force those feelings if they’re not there.
“Yeah of course! I’ll ask Ricky when I see him, he was out on a fishing trip with Dad this weekend, should be back today I believe!” She said as she wrapped her arm in mine leading us to one of the rides.
“Thank you so much! You’re a life saver.” I am so excited to get out of that house.

I still couldn’t shake the feeling I was being watched, but I just couldn’t find the source. No one in our town cared enough about me to watch me. At least as far as I knew.
“Uh.. so this is going to sound odd. But I think someone is watching me?” I trailed off a bit. I probably sounded insane. Great my families insanity is spreading.
“What do you mean? I don’t see anyone-” she stopped and nudged me a little motioning her eyes to a guy standing about 20 feet away, he turned his head when I looked over.
“Uh.. I think you’re right. Who is that? I’ve never seen him before.”
“I have no idea either. Let’s just get on the ride, maybe it’s nothing. Might just be coincidence?” We got on the ride and buckled in, it went up and spun around awhile tilting side to side here and there. I was trying to have fun but was just plain freaked out. After a few moments the ride ended and we got off.
“How about we go get some food? Maybe the hunger is just messing with my head.” I laughed trying to shrug it off. We went over to one of the concessions stands, my eyes kept darting around to see if the guy was still around but couldn’t find him and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding as I relaxed when I didn’t see him.
“2 pepperoni slices and 2 large orange slushies, please.” Lyla ordered, and we walked over to the other side to wait for our order. After getting our food we found a table to sit at and ate as we talked about Friday.
We made plans for her and Ricky to come over around 11am to get started loading the truck up, I had to pick it up on Thursday. I figured it probably won’t take too long to load and unload it since it’s just my bedroom I’m moving, I’ll have to get furniture in a few weeks.

We walked around a bit more going on a couple more rides before I called it a night. She walked with me to find my mothers car, which surprise surprise it was gone.
“Unreal! Of course they would leave me here. Can you give me a ride home?”
“Sure no problem!” She replied.
I was too annoyed to talk about much, which she picked up on and didn’t try to force a conversation, thankfully.
We finally pulled up to my house, which basically looked like every other house on the block. Same brown bricks and white windows, our only difference was the red door.
“Well, thanks for the ride! I’ll see you later.” I said as I opened the door.
“Any time Lizzie, be safe! Text me when you can.” She said as I closed the door and she drove away.

I didn’t want to go inside just yet, I could see them all sitting together watching something and knew I would only be a burden. I sat on the front steps for awhile just enjoying the peace and quiet, I could hear them laughing every now and then.
I know I shouldn’t be jealous, but I am. That used to be me laughing with my mom. It’s been so long since we laughed together, I can barely remember anymore. I wish things were different.

Finally gathering my self I walked inside, they all looked at me and Kara was the only one to say anything.
“Glad you made it home safe! I was getting worried.” She said.
Karas only a few years younger than me, we actually got along pretty well. Mostly bonding over the insanity that was our parents.
“Yeah a little heads up would have been nice, mother.” I hope she could pick up the anger and maybe hurt in my voice.
“You were off with Lyla I wasn’t going to search the whole carnival for you! Should have stayed with us if you wanted a ride.”
Ugh that callous tone made me want to scream, and I did.
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